Was It Worth It? by Use1ceOnly

Author's Description:
Another take on 'How high a price?' by 'the Troubador'
Earl Conroy who had been away from home returned on a Thursday 2 days earlier than expected. He found his wife Susan missing but claiming to be home already herself. Mine is the guilty woman's take on the situation. Her guilt is never denied but her view of the situation is very different from his. I begin after he confronts her on her eventual return home on Saturday morning.
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Genre: Erotica
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Cheating

Review by Joesephus   [other reviews by Joesephus]

Reviewed: 2007-07-14 - (Review Updated: 2007-07-20)

This is a very difficult review for me to write. I had a very hard time following the story. The words were clear, but I felt like I was missing something. Perhaps it is a cultural problem because I'm not American.

However, it could also be that Use1ceOnly's view of the characters is so very different from mine. In the original story Troubadour said:

"They are attractive people, keep that in mind. They are highly intelligent, caring and feeling individuals. Keep that in mind also"

Then went one to say:

"Early, a friendly, sunny natured man with a constant smile on his face" I also saw him as considerate "As he would be arriving in Seattle after midnight he had insisted Susan not meet him at SeaTac Airport."

Use1ceOnly has painted Earl as a throw back to an earlier era where he seems to be "controlling." I think.

I say all this with some care because I think the story is much better written than it appears on the surface. I am sorry that Use1ceOnly didn't include an email address, as I'd like to discuss the story with him.

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