The Revolution - Kalliste Leaves by Prince von Vlox

Author's Description:
This is the last of the Kalliste Storytime stories. Kalliste leaves the Co-op and resumes her life.
Size: 31 KB ( ~ 5,879 words)
Genre: Historical
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Historical

Review by barron of ideas   [other reviews by barron of ideas]

Reviewed: 2015-03-18

This is the highest rated of the 15 Kalliste stories on SOL. Its a different kind of story from most on SOL, not just for no sex. This one is about the Russian revolution and other revolutions like the French revolution where intellectuals and fanatics killed the rich and powerful in the name of the people, and a lot of early revolutionaries in power struggles. Kalliste meets Lenin in Switzerland in 1916. Did I mention how long lived she is? Her origins are before the current era, what BC means when it doesn't mean before Christ. Each of the stories are about her meeting someone important historically. Or sometimes a god or goddess.

I recommend his other stories to you as well as the other Kalliste stories. Not all of his stories are on SOL. Many of his newer stories are on Beyond the Far Horizon as Bruce Britthauer, which is also the name on his published stories. Sometimes it can be surprising what you find on line. Prince von Vlox is a character in a story by Avram Davidson, The Case of the Mother-in-Law Pearl.

As a stand alone story, not considering the others in the series, the plot is not all that strong. I'll give it a seven as it is better than average for ingenuity. I saw no problems with technical quality, give it a ten. I'll go with the voting public on Appeal to Reviewer and give it an eight. Some of the author's other longer stories are nines and tens. I only get to review one story at a time but I urge you to read the rest of his stories.

Plot: 7 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 8