My Interview With Mr. Pamby by Dag123

Author's Description:
Don't miss this chance to meet Mr. Pamby - a man who's struggling mightily just to get a clue. A man who is patriotic and knows that the Government is never wrong - but in this case - could the Government have been just a little weak on being right? You be the judge!
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Genre: Humor
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Tags: Humor

Review by Threesheets   [other reviews by Threesheets]

Reviewed: 2007-12-19

This is just too prophetic not to shake you up.

I don't care who you like in D.C. but this should scare the hell out of anyone who has half a clue.

It's short, humorous, and needs to be read.


Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10