Remittance Man by Howard Faxon

Author's Description:
A young Scottish 'laird' fosters and fathers a wild tribe of the native hundred nations.This tale contains crude humor, early American terms for our dark skinned brethren and hopefully an eye into the conditions, behavior and reasoning of our revolutionary war era forefathers. PS Napoleon was here. Watch for quotes. latter chapters rely on generational progression, then shamanism.
Size: 362 KB ( ~ 68,646 words)
Genre: Drama
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Historical, Tear Jerker, Harem

Review by barron of ideas   [other reviews by barron of ideas]

Reviewed: 2015-09-20

This is a difficult story to review. I loved it, but it goes in so many different directions, with different characters at the center of the individual books or chapters). Its what I think of as a typical Howard Faxon story. He tells you how to build and make things, how to cook things, how to hunt and gather and grow food. Its also an alternate history with the native Americans keeping much of what they owned in the early 1800s. I think it is better if I let you read what happens rather than try to recite it in the review.

I give the story full marks (a ten) for plot. Lots of things happen, many, perhaps most violent. There is almost no sex, except the hero has children, as do others, but minimal discussion of how. This story could be on Fine Stories. The technical quality is high, up to the author's standards. I only saw one thing in a long story and that is very good indeed. Ok I will say. It was a "the" instead of a "then."

I am giving this a ten for appeal to reviewer. I read it before, and that was my reaction then. I recommend the story to all, and strongly to those who like historical or alternate history fiction. The author recommended it to me after I criticized one of his other stories for ending abruptly. This one could have gone longer, but ended where it did in a very satisfactory way. Read and enjoy.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10