Fraternization by Patricia51

Author's Description:
In the post-Vietnam Army, a female PFC finds herself falling in love with a Male Lieutenant.
Size: 26 KB ( ~ 4,930 words)
Genre: Erotica
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, True Story, Military

Review by Daniellekitten   [other reviews by Daniellekitten]

Reviewed: 2006-05-26

I don't think this author could write a bad story if she tried. Every one I've read has always been easy to read, easy to follow and filled with plot as well as hot and erotic sex.

I loved this story because for a moment, it took me back to my own military days and being outnumbered on base by all the men in uniform. When isn't that a girl's fantasy? Fantastic story to read, wonderfully happy ending and actually if I have one criticism, it would be it ended too soon.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10