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Ton 'a Tits Tess by Tony Stevens

Author's Description:
He was a longtime caddie with a fresh college degree and no job prospects. She was a newly minted pro golfer: big, strong, talented and rich. She was going to try to earn her tour card on the women's satellite tour. She needed an RV driver, a caddie and an all-purpose factotum. Maybe they could invade the Futures Tour as a team.
Size: 221 KB ( ~ 41,908 words)
Genre: Erotica
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Slow, School

Review by Erik Thread   [other reviews by Erik Thread]

Reviewed: 2006-05-22 - (Review Updated: 2006-05-22)

What a challenge. To make a slow-moving game, one with lots of geek-like qualities, into a story of universal interest. Tony Stevens tipped off his approach to developing his golf story with the title "Ton 'a Tits Tess."

Tess wants to make a name for herself, to be a professional golfer. She discovers a way to try out for the LPGA tour—a tough group to qualify for—would be to cut her teeth on the Futures Tour, sort of like AA minor league baseball for women golfers.

Most of the women on the Futures Tour are struggling financially to try to make it, but Tess comes from a wealthy family and her dad agreed to bankroll her for a year. Sounds like a prosaic premise with a boring game for a plain story. Not so! And you can tell from the title that something is special about Tess.

Tess is rich, beautiful, talented, skilled, ambitious—and fabulously endowed with not only money, but with two large, gorgeous tits that people imagine get in the way of her game. But she uses them to great advantage, putting mass behind her long drives. And attracting men who ogle her and call her Ton 'a Tits Tess, but not to her face.

However, her beauty and skill and wealth do get in the way of some things. Some things like Will. He's a caddie. An excellent caddie. Just graduated from college, he's sort of between situations and could imagine being with Tess—but not really. She's way out of his league.

So we have a beautiful girl, a skilled golfer who's going on the road, a caddie who's kind of shy but with a lively imagination—now we have an interesting couple of characters planted on a road to discovery and conflict and joy and disappointment and...well, it's a good story with powerful tugs at the emotions that incites hopes and dreams in the reader.

Well-written with good pacing to hold attention with effective valleys and peaks. Well-developed with enough background to make the setting alive for the reader without bogging down in excessive detail. Well-plotted with a somewhat tortuous road to the conclusion. Well-spoken with interesting vocabulary and successful humor.

This is a very good story, with some good sexy parts—but the whole story is a sexy tease, so if you like the chase as much as the capture, you will love the whole story, which is a chase. And you don't have to be a golf fan to enjoy it. If you don't know a bogey from a gimme, you will still enjoy this universally appealing tale about the dance of love.

A few miscues with spelling and vocabulary, but generally well-proofread.

Tony's stories are all well-told tales; some more simple, some more complex. But they are all well-worth reading. This is a good one!

Erik Thread

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10