Dear Diary by Old 1 Eye

Author's Description:
Fred is sent on an unusual trip. You might like to see what happened.
Size: 70 KB ( ~ 13,274 words)
Genre: Erotica
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception

Review by fuzzywuzzy   [other reviews by fuzzywuzzy]

Reviewed: 2008-01-13

Have you heard the saying "Accidents make the weirdest Bedfellows"? Well poor Fred is the epitome of the unlucky male who was dying of Diabetes, the "Sugar Disease." On top of that his wife of thirty years suddenly has had enough of their marriage, their three grown children, and decides that enough is enough, and leaves poor old Fred at the side of the road in a motorhome full of hunting equipment, guns, and Ammo.

Well lucky for Fred, because of an error by the Galactic Police force, our anti-hero is thrust onto a prison world by mistake, and he becomes surrounded by green, blue, red, and pink "women" sent as political prisoners to the prison world.

Oy, such a prison life anyone should have.

Fred's illnesses are fixed, his sex life is phenomenal...Well you get the idea, I hope!

Enjoy! And if you are a bad boy, wish for the red light at the end of the tunnel.

Oh, yes! Now how do you rate a stroke story with sex with aliens?

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9