Fag Hag by Krosis of the Collective

Author's Description:
"'I got it...I got it...' Jackie reached back underneath her and grabbed his cock. She pushed back, but by reaching down she had adjusted the angle of her pelvis and this time his cock entered her wet cunt."
Size: 11 KB ( ~ 2,086 words)
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Gay, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, Humor, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Pregnancy

Review by fuzzywuzzy   [other reviews by fuzzywuzzy]

Reviewed: 2007-11-16

Jackie ans Sylvester, are friends. Not lovers, friends.

Why, you ask, would a rather handsome young man and a sexy lass co-habit platonically? Well, you see, Syl is queer; as queer as a three dollar bill, and as far as a woman is concerned a total virgin!

So, they move to this one eyed town, where the only redeeming feature is the Goodbye Sign on the way out of town! Well, that is until frustrated Sylvester gets pissed off at the lack of assholes, willing ones that is, and poor old Jackie sympathetically offers her virgin asshole to aid Syl out.

The only thing is that somehow syl not only takes her virginity, he accidentally does the dirty on Jackie, and loses his virginity as well.

As usual Krosis' point of view is subtly humerous, and of course there is an increase in the local population!


Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10