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A Month to a Changed Woman by MWTB

Author's Description:
Her boss was a real bitch. Could her friend the hypnotherapist help her out? Golden Clitoride 3rd Place, 20065, Best Erotic Mind Control Story
Size: 54 KB ( ~ 10,240 words)
Genre: Mind Control
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Hypnosis, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation

Review by 54vette   [other reviews by 54vette]

Reviewed: 2005-01-08

Here is another "gem" by one of my favorite BDSM writers.
An excellently written short story about the type of woman we'd all like to see "taken down a notch or two".

June is a snobby rich trophy wife who treats everyone like they're totally beneath her. Her husband, on the other hand, is a good, decent guy who knows how to treat people and is always apologizing for his wife's manners or lack of.

Enter Maria, the friend of the head of the household staff. Maria hears about June and how she treats her staff and decides to do something about it.

This is where I leave it up to you to find out exactly what goes on and how it 'plays out'. I assure you won't be disappointed.

If you're not a fan of MWTB's work, you will be after this story. Make sure to read his other stories as well.


Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10