Loving Amy by Tallorder64

Author's Description:
This is a love story. Brad Pittson mournes the loss of his wife even after four years. He sells the business he and his wife had built because it held no satisfaction for him anymore. He befriends a girl and gives her a home. He finds a new reason to live and they slowly fall in love.
Size: 212 KB ( ~ 40,201 words)
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Spanking, Slow

Review by The Old Fart   [other reviews by The Old Fart]

Reviewed: 2005-12-31

Tallorder64 gets it all together on this one.

"Loving Amy" is one of those stories in which you know what's going to happen within the first few paragraphs. And you enjoy reading it all the way to the end to see exactly how it's going to come about.

Brad Pittson is a widower who had the perfect wife taken from him unexpectedly. He has everything a man could want: a successful business, nice car, beautiful home, plenty of money. Everything he could want, that is, except the wife who helped him get all those things and made them all worthwhile to him.

It's raining, of course, and she's standing outside the restaurant he goes to for his weekly dinner out. She's shivering, wetter than a dog left out in the rain and probably hasn't eaten for days. She's just under the legal age: another problem. One of the two brothers who own the restaurant, who owes Brad his livelihood by the way, makes it very clear she is unacceptable as he looks down his nose at her the whole time they're in the restaurant.

Of course, the Social Services bitch makes an appearance (and you know how I feel about those people) and can't find anything to nail him on, although she can almost taste it. She actually turns out almost human.

The Cinderella story starts and Any keeps pinching herself to see if she's dreaming. She moves in with Brad and he proceeds to be typical male – totally clueless. He even takes her on a two week cruise in the Mediterranean, believing the whole time before they leave that they will sleep in separate beds in their shared cabin.

"Loving Amy" is one of those stories with short chapters that make you want just one more until you realize you've gone way over your allotted time and have devoured ten chapters or so. There are enough misused words to make you wonder when Spell Check is going to get some intelligence and take your attention off the story for a second, but they aren't blatant. There is no sex until the later chapters. What's there is loving, so I'm not going to try to rate it. This isn't a stroke story. It's a story about Loving Amy.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10