Freed by E. Z. Riter

Author's Description:
Between two ladies in class he gets to learn quite a bit...
Size: 10 KB ( ~ 1,896 words)
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Humor

Review by Celeste   [other reviews by Celeste]

Reviewed: 2002-01-18

Ooh, this is sooo good! Lovely, lovely story this - hilarious, sexy and superbly written. Who could ask for more?

Henry and Patty are classmates, she is a constant distraction to him and he knows it. Their teacher, Ms Armbuster (I love it!) is not just a good teacher and Henry's favorite, but is very sexy, too. Henry gets quite an education from the two ladies, but not before he faces some acute embarrassment before the whole class.

In the hands of a lesser writer, this could have degenerated into farce and absurdity. EZR's has a skill and sureness of touch and he keeps the story stable, steering it deftly. The language is silken, confident, assured and taut. The only thing I really didn't like was the last line: "The end? Or the beginning?" Frankly, it's unnecessary and even a trifle childish. As it is the story ends beautifully: enough has gone before to make us want to know more, and the last sequence is deliciously tantalizing. Why spoil it? Okay, so this is a quibble, nothing more. It certainly doesn't detract too much from the power and elegance of the rest of the story.

This is a first-rate example of a situation where the controversial rating system simply breaks down. How do you "rate" a story that's so terrific? Three perfect 10 aren't nearly good enough.

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