Tales of the Seeding by WollStoneCraft

Author's Description:
A world where getting pregnant is important and a weird experience.
Size: 63 KB ( ~ 11,947 words)
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Pregnancy

Review by Celeste   [other reviews by Celeste]

Reviewed: 2002-03-11

This is a set of narratives from the different perspectives of people who are extremely unsophisticated in their sexual knowledge. We could be dealing with cave dwellers, with people on a remote island not yet conquered by "civilized people," or with aliens whose sexual accouterments resemble those of humans. What is fascinating is that the descriptions all refer to sex (sometimes in very graphic terms) without ever using either the formal (intercourse, vagina, etc.) or informal (fuck, cunt, etc.) terminology that we normally encounter in such stories. The author does an amazing job -- I caught only one mistake, where the author used the word "come" to describe an orgasm. In addition to playing with words, the author does an excellent job of building anticipation and creating a mood of mystery. I loved it. This is a really creative, ingenious story.

Plot: N/A | Technical Quality: N/A | Appeal to Reviewer: 10