The Reset Manifesto by Lazlo Zalezac

Description: When, in the course of human events, a Government of a Nation has forgotten that it is founded and predicated upon the singular sentiment, We the People, it becomes necessary for Men and Women of good conscience to stand tall and remind those who govern on behalf, by forbearance, and at the will, of We the People; that the law of the land is specified in the Constitution of these United States.
Size: 586 KB ( ~ 111,123 words)
Type: Drama
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fiction

Review by smokeaknz   [other reviews by smokeaknz]

Reviewed: 2017-05-10

Another brilliant story by Lazlo Zalezac!

It is beyond difficult to review a story that has not yet ended. It seems like a betrayal of the review reader, because anything could still happen to the story that will make the review wrong at one level or another.

Yet I am driven to write this review because the story is so good that possible readers should not procrastinate about reading every chapter as soon as it is posted.

"The Reset Manifesto" is brilliant.

The construction is interesting: we are at a funeral, and small events and actions take place. Each one takes us on a flashback to an event which has happened earlier in the life of the deceased. Each one tells various members of the family that the deceased was much more than they had ever thought.

We have to accept the brilliance of the deceased: the story would not work without it. Yet despite the author presenting everything in an almost bland way the reader is constantly thrilled by disclosures or surprises (about which the reader in retrospect should really not have been surprised).

Take a chance that this story may yet end badly and read what has already been posted. I suspect you will be hooked just as quickly as I was (and still am).

Further recommendation: no grammar problems, no typos. :-)

I want more chapters, and sooner! :-)


Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10