Uncle Ed's Surprise by Howard Faxon

Author's Description:
My mysterious inventor uncle disappeared seven years before. He was declared dead and the will was read. I got his retreat up on the lonely Michigan shoreline. The burglar alarm sterilized the grass. Within I found folders marked "Too dangerous for public dissemination".
Size: 118 KB ( ~ 22,376 words)
Genre: Science Fiction
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Science Fiction

Review by Leo   [other reviews by Leo]

Reviewed: 2017-03-12

Classic Faxon!

Howard Faxon's stories provide a point of view that eludes most writers here on SOL. You don't necessarily have to be in 100% agreement with his premise or conclusion, but the view point is unique and well thought out.

Beyond the plot, Faxon's protagonists are always decent folks, exactly the kind of person that you'd like to be, and therefore are eminently likable and someone that you'd like to be. So it is easy to put yourself in the MC's place and want to be that guy.

This story enhances Faxon's credentials as a visionary with a tale to tell. I detest the conclusions he reaches in this one and the ultimate effects on all life on this speck of cosmic dust, but he is not the only author to sound the warning klaxons. It is too bad that the details of the technology described herein are pure fantasy (at least as conventional science currently understands) as it might be humanities only 'out'.

Plot equals a 10 while the technical gets a ding for a couple of oopses. Appeal? I'd give it a 100 were it possible.

Finally, if you've not read all of Faxon's stories, you've missed out. Go. Read. And marvel at the literary treasures that Howard Faxon has shared with us.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10