The War With Depression by Jax_Teller

Author's Description:
Ramblings of a mind tormented by pain both physical and mental. The writer had a life and death experience and saw the light in the moment of death. Depression was just one of the a results of the Traumatic Brain injury. This is a story of survival.
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Genre: True
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: True Story

Review by Jetcrash747   [other reviews by Jetcrash747]

Reviewed: 2017-02-27

Have you ever met someone with a TBI? Do you even know what TBI stands for? I can vouch for the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury, this very short paper deals with the depression that can sneak up on the survivor.

'Jax_Teller' has written a very deep and emotional story, 'The War With Depression' even though it's relatively short.

I do not know if he has had a TBI, his writing says he has. Being one of the warriors who suffer from a TBI and the depression that can kill you, I strongly recommend that you read this short story. Just for the information if nothing else.

Plot: 8 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10