Play Ball! by Ernest Bywater

Author's Description:
Due to family matters a teen boy moves to the USA, where he learns to play, and like playing, baseball. He works hard and enjoys his baseball. To him it's a fun sport, but he can't resist when they offering him good money to play professional baseball. However, there's one problem, few paid ball players are true professionals. He must choose between playing in a situation he doesn't like, or walking away from good money, and playing where he likes to play for the fun. 74,200 words
Size: 388 KB ( ~ 73,576 words)
Genre: Action/Adventure
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Fiction, Sports, Workplace, Rags To Riches

Review by Jetcrash747   [other reviews by Jetcrash747]

Reviewed: 2016-06-19 - (Review Updated: 2016-06-19)

In my younger days I cut my teeth playing baseball, so the story 'Play Ball' by 'Ernest Bywater' brought back some good memories. Morris 'Mo' Walker starts out in the story at the open grave of his mother Alice Walker, a victim of a fast moving cancer. There is one more character in the opening chapter, Randolph 'Randy' Walker the father.

Mo's mother Alice is buried in Australia, so how does he end up playing professional baseball in the United States? That's a very good question, you'll have to read the story of nine chapters to find out.

Overall the story is entertaining, a young man learning how to play baseball and excelling in it. I found some of the suggestions Mo makes to the experienced coaches difficult to take, but it's just s story so anything can happen.

'Ernest Bywater' a prolific writer has created an enjoyable tale about a spring/summer/fall sport that is enthralling and delightful in every possible way, a very good read.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9