Rebirth by Lumpy

Author's Description:
John Taylor walked out of the desert a different man than he was going in. After three years of torture Taylor is now an ex-soldier with a life in shambles facing a world that gave him up for dead and moved on in his absence. Taylor is forced to pick up the pieces when he steps in to help an outgunned Federal Marshal against unknown assailants. Now Taylor is on the run and saddled with a witness marked for death. Can saving the witness's life give Taylor back his own?
Size: 282 KB ( ~ 53,476 words)
Genre: Action/Adventure
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Crime, Violent, Military

Review by manddscott   [other reviews by manddscott]

Reviewed: 2016-06-21

A soldier is taken captive after all others in his group have been killed. After being held captive for 3 years, he manages to escape and find help. Getting home, he finds that the life he had planned for is not possible, as everyone he knew before his capture had been told he was dead and has moved on. In search for his own purpose, he gets involved in rescuing a girl caught in the middle of a firefight, and goes on to out the bad guys and right some wrongs.

For plot, I give the story a B (7) so far. The main reason is that this is very obviously the first in a series of stories, and the sequels are not out yet.

For technical quality, some chapters were nearly error free while others had a number of small mistakes. Individual chapter scores range from A+ (9) down to a B- (7), yielding an average score of 8.

For personal appeal, the story also earns a B (7). It is above average, but there is little interpersonal action. The MC is slowly being developed, but the other characters introduced so far are relatively one-dimensional. This is a shorter than average story, so it does not give a lot of time to fully develop the characters. I believe that will improve as further parts of the story are written, but we will have to wait and see.

Plot: 7 | Technical Quality: 8 | Appeal to Reviewer: 7