The House at Sand Pines by Coaster2

Author's Description:
An unlikely friendship begets unlikely gifts. And then there was "The Face." Stranger things might have happened, but not to me.
Size: 241 KB ( ~ 45,701 words)
Genre: Romantic
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic

Review by Vitruvian Manuel   [other reviews by Vitruvian Manuel]

Reviewed: 2015-03-03

This is a good, solid work typical of Coaster2's real-life tough.

The Bad:

Shorter than I would like; I'd have preferred both more involvement with some of the events and the epilogue to be explanded into another chapter or two. No real conflict.

The Good:

The people are real, even the minor characters. The ideas behind it are interesting. The love story is nice and romantic, definately worth reading.

The Last Call:

Unless you want hardcore sex, I'd rate this as worth a read. Romantic, interesting, and realistic in many ways.


Plot: 7 | Technical Quality: N/A | Appeal to Reviewer: 9