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Yes, Dear by qhml1

Author's Description:
Love in a collision of worlds.
Size: 140 KB ( ~ 26,548 words)
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, TransGender

Review by Peter_H   [other reviews by Peter_H]

Reviewed: 2016-05-15

I like this story, I really like it. It's a love story between a transgender woman and a straight man. It's a story about their courtship, about her problems 'fessing up, about his problems coming to grips with it, and how their love for each other overcomes.

It's a story about a wonderful family, a big Italian family, and how they take her in. And we see a bit about her work, which is not for the faint of heart.

And of course there's a bit of drama to spice things up.

It's a captivating story, told well - er - told well in the sense of narrative. Unfortunately technically it's fairly awful. In the first chapter there are constant changes between the first person narrator and third person: suddenly "I" turns into "she" for a sentence or two, or even half a sentence, and then it changes back. The male protagonist Brian turns into a David for two paragraphs and then turns back into a Brian. The painter Pollock turns into a Pollack, and there are a few grammatical howlers as well.

It really could do with a heavy edit.

Nevertheless, I like this story, the problems it has have made for my only giving it an 'appeal' rating of 7, it would have been a 10 otherwise. Still, I recommend it highly. Qhml1 has some very interesting tales to tell.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 3 | Appeal to Reviewer: 7