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My Aunt's Neighborhood Boy's Club by Wayne Gibbous

My favorite aunt asked her lawn boy in for a glass of lemonade one day when I was there and that was the beginning. And it hasn't ended yet. I hope it never does.

Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation
| Votes: 391 | Score: 7.10
Size: 59KB | Posted:
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Richard King : HELP!

HELP! I have been looking all over the Internet and can't find anything about the subject of Birth Control In the World of Harry Potter. I assume they use the withdrawal method and abstinence. I had an idea to create a spell like a new version of 'Protego,' any ideas, folks?
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oyster50 : Okay... Maybe THIS time

A million of you pointed out that Chapters 3 & 4 of Tommy were the same. I just posted the correct Chapter 3. I hope this gets us right. Thanks for your patience.
Serial Update

Bet Your Sweet Ass by Mark Gander

This story is part of the Massachusetts Family Love Universe
A disagreement with his sister Natalie over the upcoming Democratic Primary leads to a shockingly sexual bet between her and her twin brother Nathan, which brings on more bets, and things soon escalate between the twins and their significant others, all of whom are kinky enough in their own way and all of them eager to heat things up with each other.
Added Chapter 4

in progress Sex Contents: Much Sex | Genre: BDSM
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Group Sex, Harem, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Swinging, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Nudism, Politics
| Votes: 41 | Score: 6.36
Size: 71KB | Downloads: 5370 | Posted: | Updated:
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TailWeaver : New Chapters and Stories going up

Expect a few chapters this week, finally got the two new stories to an OK initial look stage - Camp JungenNackt and the Lost Notebook of Doctor 'E'. Another chapter of Mystique is up, and two more a... more
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Futa Reporter's Wicked Wish by mypenname3000

A story in the The Futa Fairy Universe
Becca Brittany, a reporter, has one hot interview that leads her to making a naughty wish to the futa-fairy!

in progress Sex Contents: Much Sex | Genre: Erotica
Tags: Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Magic, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Fairy Tale, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Hispanic Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Squirting, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Doctor/Nurse, Public Sex, Small Breasts
| Votes: - | Score: -
Size: 41KB | Posted:
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B.J.Jones the Story of My Life by jballs

This is the story of the life of Roberta Josephine Jones. Shortened to BJ by her friends. From the battle fields Afghanistan with the Marines, loss of her life time friend, with flash backs to her wild youth. After the Marines she must find her way in the world. This story includes incest, les,rape and other adult themes. I plan for this to be a multipart serial. This is my first attempt at writing.
Added Chapter 468

in progress Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Erotica
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Nudism, Slow
| Votes: 1050 | Score: 8.04
Size: 3708KB | Downloads: 673819 | Posted: | Updated:
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Late Night Phone Calls by Gldngolfer

A cheating wife who dunnit

Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, Crime, Cheating
| Votes: 112 | Score: 6.58
Size: 51KB | Posted:
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The Lost Notebook of Doctor E by TailWeaver

Alex's blended family got along as well as could be expected, though after his father passed things were never quite the same. Still, he loved his sisters and step-mother, though as he got older, he wished they gave him a little more respect. He was not a child anymore. Neither were the experiments that he was doing, based on that old notebook he found, suitable for children.

in progress Sex Contents: Much Sex | Genre: Incest
Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Humiliation, Light Bond, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Analingus, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Nudism
| Votes: 20 | Score: 6.99
Size: 42KB | Posted:
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Camp Jugendnackt by TailWeaver

Tucked away in the hills above Grass Valley CA sits a summer camp that has stood for one hundred years. Attended by the children of a select set of families whose membership was passed down through the years, Camp JugendNackt strives to give their campers a solid foundation to survive a world filled with oppressive and incorrect ideas about what it means to be 'proper'. Becca was on her way to her first summer at the camp, a last minute addition, and the paperwork had been a bit rushed.

in progress Sex Contents: Much Sex | Genre: Coming of Age
Tags: mt/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Nudism
| Votes: - | Score: -
Size: 27KB | Posted:
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Tommy by oyster50

Tommy's a young engineer who's on a great path. after a weekend jaunt to help his mom and dad, he picks up a hitchhiker in a rainstorm. Mimi has entered his life. She's NOT what he was expecting. Maybe he just wasn't expecting right. If you know my stories, then you'll know we're not jumping right into sex.
Added Chapter 4

in progress Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Romantic
Tags: Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Safe Sex
| Votes: 525 | Score: 7.89
Size: 75KB | Downloads: 9521 | Posted: | Updated:
Serial Update

Retribution by Thornfoote

A story in the Linda's World Universe
Linda was a product of the Foster Care system. For sixteen years she was beaten and abused. Now she's an adult, the system has to kick her out on the street. During an attempted rape Linda discovers she can fight back. The Mouse Roars. A Vigilante is born.
Added Chapter 6

in progress Sex Contents: Minimal Sex | Genre: Fiction
Tags: Fiction, Crime, Sports, Superhero, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Violent
| Votes: 532 | Score: 7.81
Size: 183KB | Downloads: 14008 | Posted: | Updated:
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The Strawberry Patch by Mick2016

Paul was not looking for a woman. He'd had it with women. Until he meets Lynn and Erin.
Added Chapter 30

in progress Sex Contents: Much Sex | Genre: Erotica
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Lactation, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy, Sex Toys, Tit-Fucking, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Pegging, Nudism
| Votes: 477 | Score: 7.33
Size: 423KB | Downloads: 69331 | Posted: | Updated:
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A Damyankee in the Wild West by aubie56

This is an alternate reality. Jeff Culberson, a modern Massachusetts state trooper and his replicator, are somehow transported to west Texas of 1872 during the Indian War. He fights Comanches, weds his lady-love, spends some time as a town marshal and as a bounty hunter. He does a lot of good to make Texas a better place to live, including starting the first Normal school for women. 11 chapters.
Added Chapter 3

in progress Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Western
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Historical, Western, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Violent
| Votes: 611 | Score: 7.24
Size: 45KB | Downloads: 14644 | Posted: | Updated:
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Sauce for the Gander by REP

The Media declared me a person of Public Interest. Now they will regret delving into my private life and making my personal information Public. Part 1 of a 2 part revenge story (perhaps 3 parts if things progress nicely)
Added Chapter 5

in progress Sex Contents: No Sex | Genre: Fiction
Tags: Fiction, Humor
| Votes: 454 | Score: 6.95
Size: 164KB | Downloads: 17623 | Posted: | Updated:
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oyster50 : If I survive this..

One more set of tries with Tommy. I messed up and left out the second chapter, so now I just went back and inserted it where it's supposed to be and moved everything down one spot. There are FOUR chap... more
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Old Man with a Pen : yesterday

a particularly long and stressful day...now my right hand doesn't work...drat...the next installment is catch as catch can.
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oyster50 : Fumbling for the door...

Okay, in the ongoing saga of trying to peel a couple of nice people out of a bigger story, I have added a bit to Chapter 1 of Tommy. It's not new, it's basically more of where his story got started in... more
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Dan Bayou : Holy Crap, I Actually Hit Submit!

I must say, I can only think of one activity with the same emotional load attached to publicly posting something you have written for the first time, and hoping you get a positive response, and that's... more
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Cosmos by Dan Bayou

Metahuman Union
Coming of age of David Tanaka, a young meta who is struggling to find his place in the world while dealing with being the only survivor of his family. No sex in the first few chapters.

in progress Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Superhero, Science Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Anal Sex, First, Oral Sex, Sex Toys
| Votes: 97 | Score: 7.02
Size: 9KB | Posted:
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CW : Rose tattoo - chapters 7 & 8

Chapters 7 & 8 are now available. This will be the last update for a while as I continue working on OWWH4. Please hang in there.
Serial Update

Young Life of White Tiger by Anthill Mob

Meet Jack, who we soon discover has an unusual talent for a young man, this is a story about his life growing up. There are ten chapters which give the background on his young age, but the book really starts when he hits high school. The title of the book will become apparent the more you read. The main book will be over forty chapters. My thanks to John Fullmer for editing the main story, to make it a better read.
Added Chapter 27

in progress Sex Contents: No Sex | Genre: Coming of Age
Tags: Fiction, School, Sports
| Votes: 1484 | Score: 7.76
Size: 477KB | Downloads: 182769 | Posted: | Updated:
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Rose Tattoo by CW

I young tattoo artist meets a cougar who, along with her friends, expands his sexual horizon
Added Chapters 7,8

in progress Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Erotica
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Light Bond, Spanking, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Tit-Fucking, Slow
| Votes: 40 | Score: 6.67
Size: 64KB | Downloads: 1235 | Posted: | Updated:
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There's a force trying to subjugate the worlds from the shadows. We stand between the innocent and the darkness it brings.
Expanded Chapter 1

in progress Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Crime, Science Fiction, non-anthro, Slow, Violent
| Votes: 68 | Score: 6.95
Size: 113KB | Downloads: 1138 | Posted: | Updated:
Serial Update

The Goatherd by FantasyLover

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Harazar is responsible for watching his clan's herd of goats. Returning with his new wife from their first extended trip together with the goats, the newlyweds stumble upon an attack against a trade caravan. Armed with a bow, a sling, a staff/spear, and Harazar's feral dogs, they face the remainder of the caravan bandits. What secret is Harazar's wife keeping from him? How does the plot against the caravan affect everyone? Why are the mountains still unexplored?
Added Chapter 6

in progress Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Farming, Cuckold, Incest, Polygamy/Polyamory, Cream Pie, First, Oral Sex
| Votes:   | Score:  
Size: 272KB | Downloads: 12110 | Posted: | Updated:
Serial Update

After the Battle of Hogwarts by Richard King

You all know the characters, both Muggle and Wizards! This story starts up just days after the Battle of Hogwarts...
Added Chapter 3

in progress Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Fan Fiction
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Teenagers, Magic, Romantic, Fan Fiction, First, Petting, Big Breasts, Small Breasts
| Votes: 126 | Score: 6.46
Size: 23KB | Downloads: 5409 | Posted: | Updated:
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SciFurz : And posted

Just submitted the full episode for PENUMBRIALS: 00 First Contact. 20000 words. Tear me apart gently. ;-)
Serial Update

Gay! by awnlee jawking

A witch's curse backfires. (Codes will be updated as the story progresses.)
Added Chapter 7

in progress Sex Contents: Some Sex | Genre: Fiction
Tags: mt/ft, Humor, Paranormal
| Votes: 175 | Score: 6.82
Size: 47KB | Downloads: 10335 | Posted: | Updated:
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Jokes and Giggles by Jack Spratt

If you are having a bad day and need a lift, perhaps reading the items under this title will give you a pick up. I hope you enjoy!! Feel free to forward to friends. Be advised the jokes you are enjoying were not created by Jack Spratt but are from many sources, many are from readers. I claim no copy-right to any of them. There are bound to be some repeats, so if you find one just ignore it.
Added Chapter 961

in progress Sex Contents: Minimal Sex | Genre: Humor
Tags: mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Fiction
| Votes: 1269 | Score: 7.65
Size: 3601KB | Downloads: 1938722 | Posted: | Updated:
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CW : Rose tattoo - chapters 5 & 6

Chapters 5 & 6 have been submitted