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Anniversary Presents Husband gets more than he bargained for when he arranges a black gangbang for his horny wife as an anniversary present. He learns a lot of things, including his own bisexual desires as well as his wife's slutty nature.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female
Sex Contents: Much Sex
56 KB 7027 55 6.04

The Art Of The D.L.: A Memoir
We've all heard (and seen) the "nasty little halflings" version of events. But there's always two sides to a story...with apologies to the Master (and to any purists), here's what REALLY happened. :) Note: only a vague suggestion of sex, and that at the end.
Tags: Fiction, Fan Fiction
Sex Contents: No Sex
42 KB 938 31 8.32

Barbershop Harmony Cal and his quartet are this close to winning a big contest. His wife, more excited than usual, finds out some secret info about their toughest competition, and when Cal voices his wish that he'd give almost anything to win, will she take him at his word? She does think the lead singer of the other group is damned sexy...
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating, Cuckold, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Sex Contents: Much Sex
53 KB 2406 36 5.94

Beware What You Ask For
Nick told Jennifer that he'd like to spice up their marriage. Who'd have thought she'd like it so very much? Nick's created a monster--or at least a wild, willing bitch...
Tags: mt/Fa, DomSub, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sex Toys
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive
21 KB 1717 - -

A Christmas Tail
Nicole woke early on Christmas Day, noises in the living room. It was just Santa, but who knew he was such a pervy old elf? (I know its a bit late, unless of course you observe Orthodox Christmas, which was yesterday :)
Tags: Ma/Fa, Celebrity, Humor, Oral Sex, Masturbation
Sex Contents: Stroke Story
7 KB 1337 27 6.41

Dark Submission Maggie and Jemma are lovers, and share a secret passion for S&M, as well as vampire stories. But even lovers can have darker secrets...and darker desires.
Tags: Fa/ft, Lesbian, Vampires, FemaleDom
Sex Contents: Much Sex
8 KB 897 - -

Detachment He is an "observer of humanity", detached, impartial, uninvolved--until he takes a journey by train and meets the lovely Megan, and detachment turns to obsession and unexpected pleasure.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, Voyeurism
Sex Contents: Much Sex
31 KB 1250 20 6.49

Feeding Kevin's Obsessions Melissa and Kevin have a very open friendship. He has kinky fantasies, she acts them out. Tonight she came home with friends and let Kev watch her make creampies. He, of course, gets to lovingly devour them. Yum! This is NOT a sequel to Research Project: M!
Tags: Ma/Fa, Mult, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Cream Pie
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Posted: / (Review)
9 KB 2569 19 5.54

Getting Bitchy Poor Hugh. He wanted his darkest fantasies fulfilled, and it looks like he is going to get what he wanted! His girlfriend Katrina is getting into it, and now he has to face the wicked lusts of a Goddess. It's going to be dark, painful, and life-changing for him. You know what they say: be careful what you wish for!
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Mult, Cuckold, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Black Male, White Female, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Scatology, Cream Pie, Size, Caution
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Posted: Concluded:
99 KB 8675 26 7.13

Phone Call When you're a pervert, finding someone you can tell all about your nasty little dreams is a wonderful thing, especially if you can shock her and excite her at the same time. Our hero does just that, and gets what he deserves in the end (literally :). There's a little real sex at the end, mostly it's filthy phone sex.
Tags: Ma/Fa, BiSexual, FemaleDom, Gang Bang, Masturbation, Bestiality, Water Sports, Scatology
Sex Contents: Much Sex
17 KB 2236 - -
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