Research Project--the Original Short Story

by callipigiman

Copyright© 2009 by callipigiman

Sex Story: This is the short story I wrote for my friend Melissa "lo those many years ago", which of course has been expanded into RESEARCH PROJECT M. In this original version we see only Mel and Kevin, and her cheating is only reported and exhibited by...well, you can guess. :)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Humiliation   Interracial   .

For Melissa, who helped make the story

He was waiting for her when she got home. No, no, it wasn't some weirdo waiting to rape a woman getting home late. It was her husband, neglected, horny, and hoping to interest his wife in a nice hot round of "hide the sausage".

Melissa was a young medical student, working her way through school by spending her evenings after classes employed at the university's research hospital. She was in still in her early 20s, having excelled in high school and college and graduated from both after just three years in each. She was of average height, about 120 pounds, with long brown hair and brown eyes, a really sexy smile, and a body of voluptuous beauty. Italian in heritage, she was in the eyes of her husband, a goddess to compare with Venus. Of course, he was biased, but she was pretty damned hot.

Kevin, her husband, was a big man. 6 foot two inches, 290 pounds (though her encouragement had brought him down a long way—and lengthened his lifespan too), with fine brown hair, a goatee and a mustache. Melissa rather liked his beard because it was run through with gold and red hair and, in the recent past, the occasional white or gray hair as well. He was substantially older than she, at 42. How they had hooked up was a mystery to her friends and his, but they seemed quite happy so no one made a big deal out of it.

She was sexy, hard-working, dedicated, and was quite energetic in bed. He was thoughtful, sensitive, strong-willed, golden-voiced, and a lover of great tenderness and devotion. If Melissa had one complaint, it was that he was not greatly endowed, his cock being only average at a bit shy of 5-and-a-half inches. But she had found her own remedy for that, both in her own and in her husband's fantasies.

Now in her second year in medical school, she was honored and privileged at having been chosen by the head of research to be an assistant in a prestigious project at the hospital. That's why she was coming home late, yet again.

Kevin met her at the door, taking her into his arms and kissing her deliciously. She returned the kiss half-heartedly and yawned. "Come on babe, let's get naked and fuck!" he declared, smiling at her in that wicked way that usually made her get all gooey inside, but not tonight.

"I'm sorry Kevin, I am so tired, and it was such a long day. I need to shower to wash it all away so I can cuddle with you smelling fresh and clean, and then I want to fall asleep in your arms." Kevin grumbled, and his fingers hooked in the hem of the short white nurse's uniform Melissa wore each night for her duty at the hospital.

"Damn, you shower every night when you come home. You ought to know by now I don't mind the scent of you after a long day. You come home smelling all rich and womanly and exciting, and then you wipe it all away and give me lavender and roses—not that I don't like those, but I like a bit of woman that smells hungry for sex once in a while."

Melissa blushed a little and brushed the skirt back down, smacking at her husband's hand. "I don't want to come to you stinking," she said tiredly. "Anyway, I'm awfully tired tonight and just not interested."

Kevin began to whine a little (another of his slightly annoying tendencies). "Oh come on, Mel, it's been ages since we had sex, pleeeeease let me get you interested, I can give you a massage and rub you down and kiss you all over and trace my fingers over your most sensitive spots and come on you know I can get you turned on!"

Melissa sighed with exasperation. "I'm just worn out, honey, can't we do this tomorrow?"

"I'm begging you, babe, pleeeeeease?" And something snapped. Melissa was tired of the same whining, whimpering, begging every single night. Besides, she did have instructions from her project leaders that she was supposed to share with Kevin, and by god this was the time to do it.

"FINE," she said, suddenly angry and vehement. She reached down and ripped her husband's robe from his body and left him standing there naked, his little dick standing straight up as he tried to convince her to have sex. She looked down at the small penis and sighed again. "Good god, that is pathetic." Then she grabbed Kevin by his dick and balls and pulled him, rather painfully, into the bedroom. "You want sex, I'll give you sex, you fat, babydicked pervert."

Melissa pushed him down on the bed and stood at the foot, looking up at him. "Stroke that little worm, dammit," she demanded, and laughed humorlessly as Kevin complied with great eagerness. Then she smirked and began to pull up her skirt.

"Look at this, Kevy," she said harshly, and he winced. He hated that nickname. But his dick pulsed up harder when she said it, and she thought how interesting it was that he seemed to like the humiliation. Well that was fine, he was going to be ecstatic by the time she finished with him.

As her white uniform skirt traveled upward, Kevin stared. Slowly Melissa's sexy thighs were revealed and in the light from the lamp at the head of the bed, Kevin could have sworn that they were glistening wet. Then the skirt was up around her waist and she was looking defiantly at her husband who was staring at her bare hairless pussy. It was absolutely sopping wet.

"Uhhhhh, Mel hon, where's your panties? Ummm, and when did you shave? Aaaahh, and why are you so wet?"

She laughed then, a sweet musical laugh, but it was AT him, not with him. "My god, you never even noticed before today, did you? I could have gone on and on for months and you would have just been blithely oblivious to the fact that I was coming home from work every night panty-less and dripping with the juices of all the cocks I've been enjoying!"

Kevin stared at his wife in stunned silence. She pulled the uniform over her head and then stepped up on to the bed, pushing him onto his back. She placed her feet on either side of his plump belly and turned so he was looking up at her incredibly sexy ass. Then she squatted, bringing her wet cunt and ass to his face as she looked down at his fat body and little dick.

"Look at that, babydick," she laughed as she wiggled her ass in his face. "It looks good enough to eat doesn't it?" Then she reached down and pulled her pussylips apart. She was rewarded with her husband's shocked gasp as thick curds of cum flooded from her well-fucked hole and splashed his face. "Start licking, you fucker. You wanted sex, well this is what you get."

He sputtered as the gooey mix of her juices and other men's cum oozed across his cheeks. "I don't understand, you've been fucking other guys?"

"Of course, you dumb shit. You didn't think your pathetic little dick was enough to satisfy me, surely? I've been getting royally screwed every night at the hospital for the last two months, and let me tell you I'm sorry I resisted as long as I did!"

Kevin's tongue suddenly drove deep into her sopping slit, and Melissa squealed with delight. "Oh yes, my pussyboy cuntlapper. I knew you'd be a cumslut for me. Suck the doctors' hot cum out of me." She laughed at his muffled exclamation of surprise.

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