Feeding Kevin's Obsessions

by callipigiman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: Melissa and Kevin have a very open friendship. He has kinky fantasies, she acts them out. Tonight she came home with friends and let Kev watch her make creampies. He, of course, gets to lovingly devour them. Yum! This is NOT a sequel to Research Project: M!

Copyright © 2002 by the author

Again for Melissa, who really turns me on and brings out the Muse in me

When she came in the house, Melissa giggled. Kevin was kinky again! She knew because the box containing her thigh high boots, leather jacket, biker's cap and reflective sunglasses was sitting just inside the door. That meant Kevin was horny and feeling kinky. Fortunately for him, so was Melissa.

Of course the big question was, how nasty was he feeling? Melissa slipped down the hall to stand outside the bedroom door and listen. It was a good thing that Kevin was so verbal, even when jacking off alone. She could hear every word of his fantasy.

Oh my, she giggled again as she listened to him. He was clearly riding her favorite dildo deep in his ass and stroking his cock and going on about watching her getting well-fucked by a couple of muscular studs. One of his favorite fantasies! She listened a bit more to see if he would go as nasty as he usually did... and he did, dreaming of her sitting her well-fucked pussy and ass on his face and having him lick and suck her dripping holes until she bathed him in sweet Melissa-cum.

Her cunt was dripping almost as much as Kevin's fantasy slut, and Melissa made a snap decision. Her class that night had included a group of male friends who had invited her to a local bar for a drink, which she had declined to come home and fuck the brains out of Kevin. But since he WANTED to see her getting "a real fucking from real men"... well, let it never be said she wasn't willing to make a sacrifice for a friend!

As quietly as possible Melissa opened the closet door and pulled out one of her sexiest outfits. She took her boots and jacket too, then slipped out the door and changed in the darkness on the porch. The short skirt and tight blouse accented her full figure, and as she slipped into the leather she sighed with lust, appreciating Kevin's obsession with the stuff, and with seeing her in it.

Then she drove off to set up a night neither she nor Kevin would ever forget.

Two hours later, Melissa walked into the bedroom. She was wearing only the thigh-high boots and her leather jacket and she looked down at Kevin's fat, sweaty body and sneered.

"My what a nasty pussyboy you've been tonight, Kevy," she said, her sweet voice husky and dominant. Kevin groaned as he stroked his cock. Melissa laughed wickedly. "But that's okay. So have I. Let me show you."

Melissa stepped out of the doorway and Kevin gasped. Three naked men, two black, one white, all stroking their big cocks and all reaching out to caress Melissa's naked flesh, came into the room behind her. She moaned and leaned back into their arms.

"You wanted to see this, so I decided to give it to you," Melissa smirked. "Of course, I had to get warmed up so I spent the last two hours at the bar fucking and sucking everyone in the place."

Kevin groaned and his little dick jerked up as he sank down on the fat dildo in his ass. Melissa giggled nastily. "Ohhhhh, look guys, Kevy is turned on seeing us together. Let's give him a show!" The studs all laughed and nodded and Melissa sank to her knees, reaching for their thick, swollen shafts. She stroked two as she opened her mouth and sucked the third between her lips, twirling her tongue around it as she began to bob her head expertly up and down on the pulsing manmeat.

Kevin stroked harder and Melissa pulled her mouth from the cock and turned hard eyes on him. "Don't you DARE cum, you nasty babydick! Everything in your balls belongs to ME and you will NOT shoot it until I tell you to, do you understand?" He nodded and stared wide-eyed as Melissa turned back to the fat cocks around her.

She sucked them all, slurping hungrily on the gorgeous shafts, none of which were less than 9 inches long. Melissa couldn't help compare the massive rods with Kevy's little "sperm-worm", and did so out loud, to Kevin's red-faced embarrassment as she and the studs laughed about how there WAS no comparison.

Then Melissa climbed on the bed, and Kevin had to watch as the studs took their places around her, one sliding his cock into her mouth, another behind her, shoving his prick deep into her wet cunt, and the third worming under her to run his cock between her tits. Melissa moaned and sighed with pleasure as the cocks pleasured her, and she listened with even more pleasure as Kevin groaned and jacked his little peepee hard while he watched.

Suddenly the men were pulling her up to stand, though the guy pounding her pussy didn't slip out of her. The tit-fucker lay down on the bed beside Kevin, making sure to kick the dildo as he did so it plunged clear to its rubber balls in Kevy's ass. "Bet you like that, don't you, cocksucker?" Melissa giggled.

Melissa climbed on top of the guy and Kevin watched as his 11-inch cock stretched her pussy wide open as she sank down on it, groaning with lust. "Yesssss," she hissed, "It's so big and feels so good! Much better than any little dick I've ever had poking around inside me!" She smirked at Kevy as his plump body jerked and bucked as he jacked off, watching her.

The man who had been fucking her before stepped up on the bed and Melissa grabbed his massive prick, pulling it to her mouth, licking the head, and then sinking her mouth around it, trying to swallow it all. "Mmmmmf, wonderful," she grunted around the swollen shaft.

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