Anniversary Presents

by callipigiman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband gets more than he bargained for when he arranges a black gangbang for his horny wife as an anniversary present. He learns a lot of things, including his own bisexual desires as well as his wife's slutty nature.

Copyright © 2002 by the author

It was coming up on our first anniversary when my wife and I proceeded beyond our usual passionate but essentially mundane love-making and began sharing sexual fantasies with each other, and sometimes even play-acting them with each other. Not that there was anything wrong with our sex life--to the contrary! We had still been in the throes of our "newlywed bliss" and experimentation hadn't been necessary. Love-making had been almost always missionary (though my wife did enjoy being on top from time to time), and the sharing of regular oral sex, which we both enjoyed giving and receiving, plus lots of stroking and foreplay. We were quite compatible sexually--or so I thought. By the time the clock would tick away our first anniversary, my view would be somewhat different.

My name is Nick. I was 30 at the time of this narrative, 5 foot 10, long dark brown hair and beard and mustache, gray "puppy-dog" eyes, fairly attractive face. My heritage is red-blooded American, though I'm told we have some Greek or Lebanese or something like that a generation back--anyway, I had a slightly tanned complexion. Unfortunately, I had two shortcomings (though my wife didn't think they were, at the time). I was a bit overweight, weighing about 250 pounds--the only honest word is "fat". I also am not very well endowed: my dick is only about 5.5 inches, it might reach 6 inches when I'm positively rigid with lust, but I doubt it.

My wife is Brittany. She was 20 when this all went down. I won't say she's gorgeous because you won't believe me. She is, however, quite pretty and I still feel (even after all that's happened) quite lucky to have won her love and to be married to her. She is small, only 5 foot 6 in her bare feet, and around 120 pounds. She has dark brown hair with all kinds of red highlights which makes it look very sexy, and she keeps it permed so though she wears it hanging to her shoulders, it is somewhat curly. Her eyes are auburn. She has a firm, well-toned body from her swimming and a minimal (but highly effective) exercise regime. In fact, she has what I call an "earthy" build: quite lush and well-rounded, especially her firm ass which I absolutely worship. Her breasts aren't huge, but they are round as apples and pleasantly plump with big nipples that come erect at the slightest teasing. Her belly is nicely rounded and firm, and her pussy is both shaved and incredibly tight. She started shaving about a week before we married when she found an old "shaved-slut" magazine of mine as we were cleaning my house and getting her things moved in. She said if I liked that, she'd do it. I should also mention that about the time this story begins, I shaved too--she laughed when she first saw it, saying it made me look like a nasty little fat boy, then she smiled and gave me a really hot blowjob.

The change in our marriage started about a month before our first anniversary. We had made love very passionately and were quite satisfied, I thought, but about 15 minutes after I'd turned off the light and we'd settled down to sleep I was suddenly aware of Brittany moaning next to me. I leaned over her naked body and kissed her forehead.

"You all right honey?" I asked. Her response was to grab my hand and pull it between her legs where her other hand was busily, frantically fingering her pussy. I chuckled. "Hey, I thought you were satisfied!" She moaned.

"Nothing personal, lover," she said as I felt her fingers working in and out of her hot slit, "I'm just incredibly horny tonight and you were nice but I needed more." She had three fingers stuffed into her tight little cunt and as I gently stroked her hairless mound I felt her slip a fourth finger in and begin frantically fucking herself.

"Hey, Brit," I cautioned. "Slow down. You're going to hurt yourself!" I slid my fingers down her swollen lips and started to wiggle them inside but she grabbed my hand and pulled it away.

"NO!" she said firmly, almost angrily and I started in surprise. "I want to do it myself! You can have your hand on top of mine but don't touch me otherwise." And I lay there beside my wife, my hand on hers as she furiously finger-fucked herself to a long, shuddering cum. As she masturbated I felt her other hand slip down between her firm asscheeks and from the way she stiffened I assume she slid a finger up her anus. I should point out I had never fucked Brittany's ass because she said she was far too tight and she said even my small size would hurt too much. All she ever allowed me to do was to lick her crack from time to time. Being an ass man this was a bit frustrating, but since I love kissing and fondling ass more than fucking it, I could live with her prohibition.

Anyway, after she had climaxed she slid close to me and put her arms around me, kissing me deeply in the dark. I stroked her hair and asked, "So what was that all about, honey?" She was silent for a moment, then giggled softly.

"I had an interesting day," she said. "I had to take a bunch of papers out to Adams." I need to explain that Brittany, sweet, small Brittany, works for the state department of corrections in their main office in the city. Sometimes she has to do courier work and ferry various documents to local jails and prisons. "Adams" is a medium-security prison about 20 miles from town. Yes, she has to wear a uniform when she goes out to the jails. I think she looks pretty bitchy and dominating in her uniform--I wouldn't want to get on her bad side, even though she's not a guard.

"So? You've done that before," I said. "You've never been like you just were, though."

"I'm sorry, sweetie," she replied, stroking my chest--stroking my tits, to be honest since being as fat as I am I have a set of breasts almost but not quite as large as Brittany's (and not as sexy looking either). "It's just that... well, I've never been out there in the summer when they have the inmates in the yard... and most of them were working out... and they looked REALLY hot!" I became aware that Brittany was rubbing her smooth mound against my leg. She was hot and wet against my skin.

"Whoa, Brit!" I pulled my leg away and she whimpered slightly. "Are you saying you got turned on looking at those guys?" She giggled again.

"Yeah. You wouldn't believe how good they looked! All firm and muscular and some of them you could see the bulges in their shorts!" Brittany had her hands between her legs again, as I sat up and turned on the light.

I looked down at my wife, lying there naked, rubbing herself for the second time in half-an-hour. "I've never seen you like this, Brit," I said. "I thought we had a great sex life." Her eyes snapped open and she stared at me, surprised. Her hands came away from her pussy and she was sitting up with her arms around me in a flash.

"Oh my god, honey," she said, her tone very sympathetic, and she kissed me. "I didn't mean to make you feel bad!" What could I say?

"I don't feel bad, Brittany, I'm just surprised. I never knew you had a roving eye!"

"I don't. I mean, I have fantasies, just like you and every other human being does, but I love you and I'm all yours!" She kissed me again, deeply. I felt her nipples grow hard against my chest and I breathed in sharply as she ran her hands over my big belly and down to my limp dick.

"You have fantasies?" I asked.

"Sure," she said, gently stroking my hairless crotch. "You want to hear the one I had today? Bet it turns you on!" I was surprised by this aspect of my wife I had never seen before. Now I know it's because we'd reached the end of the "newlywed sexual bliss" phase of our marriage. Back then I had no idea where this was all going to go.

"Ummm, sure, I guess."

"Mind if I play with myself while I tell you?" She looked at me coyly.

"Ummm... go ahead," I conceded. Then, "Can I play with you too?"

"Well, ah, I'd really prefer to do it myself. Don't be hurt, ok?"

"I'm not," I said, frowning slightly.

"You can do something for me though," Brittany said with a naughty grin, laying back and stroking the insides of her thighs with her small, pretty hands. I raised my eyebrows in question. "In my second dresser drawer there's a dildo. Get it for me, please?" I guess my jaw dropped. "Don't look so surprised, lover. I bought it today on my way home from work. Get it please?"

I got it. Actually it was a vibrating dildo. I stared at the thing as Brittany pulled it from its box. It was 9 inches long and thick, a real monster (or so I thought--time would convince me otherwise). It was also black. Brittany looked at me and patted the bed next to her gorgeous body.

"Sit down and watch, love," she said. "I'm gonna tell you a very hot story and when I get done I'll suck you til you cum." What the hell, with an offer like that I couldn't say no. As I watched, Brittany ran the big dildo over her tits, and her nipples stiffened. She ran the big black rubber cock down to her pussy and rubbed it against her puffy cunt lips. When she backed off a little I could see the head of the dildo was very wet. Brittany teased herself, and began to tell me her fantasy.

It was amazing. She told me how she often fantasized about the prisoners she saw, especially the black ones. The ones that day had been bare-chested, sweaty, working out and that had turned her on. They had also watched her as she went into the administration building, and they'd been waiting by the fence when she came out. Their comments as she walked back to the car had been crude, very sexual, and had made her very horny. She wasn't totally sure but she thought one of the black men had pulled down his shorts and flashed his cock at her as she walked past. In the car she said she had an orgasm.

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