The Skeleton From the Cupboard: Sarah and Frank

by Duna

Copyright© 2013 by Duna

Cheating Revenge Sex Story: A Romantic Revenge story with modern characters of Mozart's fantastic Opera "The Magic Flute", as "Pamina, Sarastro and The Queen of The Night". However Pamina will get her Tamino as well.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   Lactation  

Pamina, Sarastro and The Queen of The Night

Stout 1759 edited for the end state that ensured my raw story became understandable and hopefully enjoyable to read.

My special thank to my first editor (who wishes to remain anonymous). My story is a far reflection of Alex_Lover's story "Revelation" but it is not a direct sequel. The story is a special honor to Thecelt's story "Special Day", mainly I created Jenny's character after that story. This story has a far friendly relativity to StangStar06's humorous story "Forever Gone, Forever You" and Papatoad's revenge story "The Dental Genes". Who is the true Daddy? However I went ahead from SS06 and Papatoad to ask in my story "Who is the true Mom?" During writing this story I discovered this story has a far similarity to Mozart's fantastic Opera "The Magic Flute". Who likes and knows this Mozart Opera, that reader will understand this relativity. The story is a Romantic Revenge Story with Adult Nursing Relationship, so I do not recommend to those readers, who do not like either aspect in the story. It is very interesting the ANR is the most monogamous pair connection and this is the reason, that the practitioners of ANR get my solidarity in my stories. Among the ANR pairs the divorce rate is low, so some marriage counselors began to use it to save marriages. The story is a special explanation for BeerMaker's story "Dawn: a Cheating Slut Wife" in my debate with Cantbuymy. My story is example as my other revenge story is "The Two Wimps" for the working grandkids revenge weapon, mainly to show it for other revenge story Authors, to use in their stories.

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