Caribbean Cruise

by Smjle

Copyright© 2019 by Smjle

Fiction Sex Story: Shy young wife goes on a cruise and meets two exceptionally attractive men. Code: MF

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Don and Sue have been married almost three years. They got married when Don graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and after Sue’s freshman year in college. Off and on, both Don and Sue jog a mile or two four or five days a week and sometimes enter 5K or 10K fun races.

Don is 25, 5’11”, 160 lbs. He is a resident engineer for a large Architectural and Engineering Company. In high school and college, Don was shy and didn’t date much due to lack of confidence. His family was low income, but the primary reason was his father’s negative comments such as “You are not smart enough.” Don’s father meant well and intended for the comments to motivate Don to achieve more. Unfortunately that doesn’t work with children because children take negative comment as truth and it affects their grades. It wasn’t until his sophomore year in high school that Don decided he could compete with the other students and his grades greatly improved so that he graduated in the top 20 percent of his class.

His father’s negative comments also affected Don’s social skills and confidence. They took longer to develop and are still a little lacking. Don attractiveness was in the top 10 percent of college students, but he didn’t believe it. Pretty college girls would say “Hi” but he thought they were just being nice. When Don finally did ask girls for a date, his lack of confidence was so apparent the girls would nicely turn him down. Those failures undermined his confidence even more which in turn would cause more failure. Don was on a downward spiral and started asking less-attractive girls. When Don lowered his standards to homely and big girls, they would accept no matter his social clumsiness and lack of confidence. Don’s success with them gave him confidence to start asking more attractive girls and reversed his downward spiral so that, by his senior year, he was able to date pretty girls near his level of attractiveness.

Sue is 22, 5’6”, 117 lbs. Sue was the daughter of a Church of Christ minister that prevented her social development with excessive rules and restrictions. Sue’s lack of confidence and dumpy clothes did nothing to make her appear sexy or enhance her sex appeal. With sexy clothes and confidence, Sue would be in the top five percent of college girls and, in normal circumstances, would be a little, but not a lot, out of Don’s league. Photo of Don & Sue:

Therefore, it is not that Sue didn’t attract guys’ attention. Regardless, of her clothes and social awkwardness, she was too pretty not too. It is just that the few guys she dated would come on too strong and too fast. However, in Sue, Don recognized a kindred spirit. Don was able to see basic looks and potential that others overlooked. Don dated Sue for a couple of months before she would allow him to remove any of her clothes, let alone have sex. Sue gave Don her virginity after they were engaged a couple of months before Don graduated.

Don insisted that Sue continue her education and she will graduate in May with a degree in social science. Sue has a big interest in the War Between the States. Also, Sue kept reminding Don how much she would like to go on a cruise. With Sue’s graduation assured, Don and Sue decided it was time to start a family so in April Sue stopped taking birth control pills.

Also, in April, as a graduation present, Don told Sue that she was going on a cruise in June, it was a total surprise. Don had made all of the arrangements: A four day Caribbean cruise from Wednesday to Sunday. Also, on the trip back, Don had arranged with the travel agency to stay an extra day in Atlanta, Georgia. They would arrive in Atlanta Sunday evening, and Monday they would take a scheduled tour of a Civil War museum, a battlefield and other sites.

Don wasn’t as interested in going on a cruise, but he was planning on going and had booked the cruise at special rates which were not refundable. However, the senior resident engineer retired just before the cruise and Don was the only resident engineer for a major construction project. With just another four months until the project was completed, the company wasn’t going to assign another resident engineer. Therefore, Don could not go until after it was completed. However, since the cruise had already been paid for and was not refundable, and knowing how much Sue wanted to go on a cruise and how special it would be to her, Don encouraged Sue to go and told Sue she could take another lady in his place. However, the timing for was not right for the lady she asked, so Sue went alone.

After Don told her about the cruise, Sue was determined to go looking her very best. Sue hadn’t run much during the winter so she decided to watch her diet and increase her mileage. After a few weeks she increased her time and distance until she was jogging three miles four or five times a week. By the time Sue left for the cruse she was a trim and firm 115 pounds. Sue agreed when Don told her that she never looked better. Don was so pleased and excited that he rewarded her extra efforts with several expensive and sexy dresses. Before she left, Don helped Sue pick out and buy a couple of bikinis. He insisted that Sue pack a stylish party dress and bikini along with what he considered her nicer dresses. Don was so proud of Sue.

Don had decided that since she was so very good looking, that if she was going on a cruise she could at least wear the clothes that enhanced her very good looks. With her complexion, excellent muscle tone, innocent look, and depending on how she dressed, many people would guess Sue to be seventeen or eighteen, and in high school. However, in other clothes, Sue might look closer to her age. Regardless, normally Sue does appear to be younger than her true age of 22.

At the airport Don watched as Sue checked her luggage. Then he kissed her and said, “Sue, I love you and I’m so proud of you. You’re sexy and so very good looking. You have a marvelous body and don’t you dare think, dress or act otherwise. It’s so much easier to have fun when you are proud and dress to look good. I want you to make this a fun cruise, and to have a wonderful time.”

“I’ll try, it just takes time,” she replied. Growing up with her over protective, religious, and conservative Church of Christ minister father, Sue always thought of herself as dumpy and dressed accordingly. However, over time, Don’s compliments had helped her self esteem. Sue wondered if Don realized how much her self-esteem and confidence had already improved.

“Sue, I think you would feel more comfortable and enjoy the cruise more if you have someone to talk to. So try to get-acquainted and make friends with some nice lady so you will have someone to visit with during the cruise. The cruise will have a get-acquainted party and dance. I think you should plan on going. You can visit with the ladies, have a couple of drinks, and try to have fun. Also, you should dance a little.”

“Perhaps no one will ask,” Sue said, remembering times when she didn’t get asked.

“Well, there will probably be more women then men on the cruise, but I don’t think you will have much competition. Anyway you can have a good time if you just visit with some of the ladies, listen to the music and have a couple of drinks. However, if you wear your new party dress, I’m sure you will get asked to dance unless you are so reserved that the men are intimidated by your good looks. If you would like to dance and if it seems that no one is going to ask then it might be necessary for you to smile and do a little flirting to give someone the confidence to ask.”

“Maybe I will flirt a lot,” Sue threatened facetiously. Sue knew she might be nervous and, in that case, flirting would be difficult for her.

Smiling at her response, Don gave Sue a hug and whispered, “Hun Bun, you have my approval to flirt as much as you want to.” Don wanted Sue to learn to be more outgoing and perhaps to flirt a little more. Don would feel a certain amount of pride in knowing that other men would also think that Sue was desirable.

“Maybe I should do some serious flirting,” Sue said to her herself in exasperation. Given the right situation and with her growing confidence, Sue might flirt a lot. However, Sue believed that she probably wasn’t going to do much flirting. Nevertheless, for just a moment, she was irritated that Don could be so certain that he didn’t need to take her threat seriously.

“I have to go now,” Sue stated.

Don gave Sue one last kiss and said, “I love you and I will miss you.” Don watched until Sue passed through the security gate and was out of sight.

Sue’s seat was 26A, a window seat just a few rows past first class.

The flight from Dallas was uneventful. To pass the time, Sue read from a romance novel she had purchased for the trip. When she changed planes in Atlanta, the airline had overbooked the seats available in coach so Sue and a couple of other passengers were seated in First Class.

Sue was already thrilled about her trip, but being seated in first class only intensified her excitement. After Sue took her seat and buckled up, the gentleman next to her said, “It’s a nice day for traveling.” Before nodding her reply, Sue glanced at the handsome gentleman seated next to her. Sue judged him to be in his late twenties and maybe 6’‑1” or 6’‑2”. He appeared to be an athletic and very self-assured individual with brown hair and dark brown eyes. There was a natural undomesticated animal magnetism about him that was intensified by an expression that gave just a hint of his sensuality. He reminded Sue of 007 from the original James Bond movies. Sue wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that Greg was the starting QB in high school and graduated from Princeton.

“Would you like anything to drink?” the stewardess said, interrupting her thoughts.

“Do you have champagne?” Sue replied.

“Certainly,” the stewardess answered. “And Sir, will you be having anything to drink?”

“I’ll have some champagne too.” He replied.

After the stewardess left, Sue took a sip of her champagne and then glanced at the gentleman setting next to her.

“Have you been to Miami before?” he asked with a sexy smile that showed his sparkling white teeth.

Before replying, Sue took another sip of champagne. She felt her heart pound and wondered why she was so nervous. Finally Sue said, “No, I’ve never been to Miami.”

Sue found herself intrigued with the mysterious stranger. His good looks and captivating charm only enhanced her excitement. He was obviously intelligent and well educated, but he also appeared daring, untamed and dangerously sexy. “I wonder who he is,” Sue said to herself.

“My name is Greg, I’m Greg Nelson.” Sue was startled to hear his name as if he was answering her mental question.

“Does he know what I’m thinking?” Sue was flustered and embarrassed by the thought that he might know her thoughts. “Hi, I’m Sue,” she finally replied after slowly taking a sip of champagne and regaining her composure.

“Well, I’m very glad to meet you,” he said.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Sue replied.

Sue was already thrilled about her cruise, but flying first class, drinking champagne and meeting this handsome stranger was having an intoxicating effect that escalated her excitement to a new level.

“I’m going to be looking at some property to develop, and maybe I will get to spend some time on the beach. It’s fabulous at this time of the year.”

“That’s what I’ve been told,” Sue replied.

“Will you be in Miami on business or pleasure?” Greg asked, with an accent on the word pleasure.

“I’m going on a cruise,” Sue answered apprehensively.

“Fantastic, how many days will it last,” he asked.

“Four days, the ship leaves at noon tomorrow and returns on Sunday.”

“Then will you be staying in Miami overnight?” Greg asked.

Sue nodded her reply and wished she wasn’t so nervous.

Greg was delighted with her answer. If he played his cards right, he might get to spend the night with this sexy good looking woman. He felt his manhood jump at the thought of making love with this lovely lady.

Greg had noticed Sue before she boarded the plane. She was setting by herself and he assumed that she was traveling alone. He was especially delighted that she was seated next to him. He correctly surmised from the fact that she was one of the last passengers to enter the plane that the only remaining seats were in first class and that otherwise she would be flying coach.

Greg assumed from her ring that Sue was married. This especially pleased him. He preferred having sex with married women. Single women can be so difficult. Most of them think they must play hard to get and after sex they have so many expectations for greater involvement. However, with a married there are few expectations or complications. Married women don’t engage in so much game playing, they are usually not looking for lengthy involvements and they can’t afford to cause problems if they become pregnant.

Greg also prefers married ladies because he gets especially excited over the prospect of sex with another man’s wife. It seems so daring and he gets an erotic thrill of conquest from the unauthorized borrowing of a man’s most prized possession. And, if he knocks her up, that is even better. He loves to give another man’s wife the best sex she has had in years and have her to return the favor, when in her unbridled passion, she willingly pleases him in ways that she withholds from her husband. Then when she is begging for more he quenches her frenzied lust with powerful thrusts from his rigid manhood as they repeatable explode in glorious euphoria. Then after he is completely spent, his gratification is complete by seeing her glow in blissful contentment as she cuddles in his arms.

Greg realizes from Sue’s demeanor that she is naive and may not have had sex with anyone besides her husband. Sue is the type that Greg selects—young, pretty, and little or no experience other than her husband. And, virtually no risk of an STD. Greg knows that, after dinner and a few drinks, this naive married lady with time on her hands who is already excited about her trip and new adventures should be easy to seduce. Especially, since she is away from home on an un-chaperoned vacation and free to act without answering to anyone. He knows the conditions are perfect to make her extraordinarily susceptible—first to his charms and then to the forbidden pleasures and thrill of sex with a stranger.

Greg feels his excitement growing at the prospect of seducing this lovely lady. If the timing is right, before tonight is over, he feels certain that he can arouse Sue’s passions and carnal desires until she surrenders herself to him. He anticipates the pleasure of slowly removing every article of her clothing and titillating her every desire. Then when the intensity of her passions are at a fever pitch and totally under his control, he will enter her with his magnificent manhood and stroke her need until her pleasure blazes into ecstasy. However, as Greg will discover, Sue will not be that easy.

In order to provide Sue with the proper environment, Greg starts making mental plans for Sue to stay in the ‘Grand Palace’ hotel. The Grand Palace is an exclusive and very expensive hotel. Also, it was one of the properties that Greg owns. Greg knows he should be able to convince Sue into staying there. All he needs to do is to wait until they are better acquainted so she can be comfortable with his suggestion.

Greg is good at conversation and a good listener and within a few minutes Sue was at ease, relaxed and enjoying the conversation. As they talked, Sue discovered that she was attracted to this good looking and provocative gentleman. Almost below the level of her conscious awareness, Sue felt an excitement that left her with a curious feeling of anticipation.

“Do you have hotel reservations?” Greg casually asked after Sue finished her second glass of champagne.

“I am staying at the Hightower Inn,” Sue replied.

“That is not a very good part of town. I can probably get you a room at the Grand Palace. That’s where I’m staying. It’s a very nice hotel in a good location and I know you will feel more comfortable if you stay away from the more seedy parts of town.”

“I’m not sure I can afford it, and my room already paid for.”

“That’s no problem; the manager is a good friend of mine. I’m sure he will let you have a room there for the same price and he will arrange to collect from Hightower Inn. I’ll call from the airport and make sure.”

“Well, that will be nice,” Sue replied. She was a little uncomfortable with the offer, but she certainly didn’t want to stay in some shabby hotel in a seedy part of town. So if Greg could make the arrangements for her to stay in a better hotel she certainly would be happy to accept.

At the airport, Sue listened as Greg makes a phone call. After he hung up he confirmed that she would be staying in the Grand Palace, and at no additional cost. Also, that the limousine would be there in about twenty minutes to take them to the hotel.

The Grand Palace was very classy. Moreover, the manager and staff gave Sue special treatment. First Sue was reassured that the payment to the Hightower Inn was acceptable and that there would be no additional charge for her room. Then she was given passes to the shows, the Governor’s Club, and complementary full service in the salon. Sue was especially pleased when the staff escorted her to one of the penthouse suites. The suite had two large rooms with all the extras including a large screen TV and a large round luxurious bed. It also provided a lovely view of the ocean.

After about thirty minutes Sue heard a knock on her door. It was Jane Black, an assistant manager of the hotel and Greg’s private secretary. Sue had met her earlier. Jane was a classy and well dressed lady in her upper twenties.

“May I visit for a few minutes,” Jane asked.

“Of course, would you like to come in?” Sue replied.

“Thank you,” Jane replied as she walked toward the sofa.

“Please have a seat.”

“Thank you,” Jane replied as she took a seat on the sofa.

After Sue sat on the easy chair, Jane said, “I hope you are finding everything satisfactory. We like for our guests to be comfortable and we hope you will be happy with the accommodations. Also, I want you to feel free to call me or any of the staff if there is anything you need.”

“Everything is perfect, I really like it here,” Sue replied.

“Is this is your first trip to Florida?”

“No, I visited my brother once in Jacksonville and I would like see Disney World sometime.”

“Well I have been there several times and I think it is fabulous. If at all possible I think it is one place you must see.”

As they visited, Sue found herself liking Jane. Jane was friendly, self assured and was comfortable to be with. After a few minutes Jane invited Sue to visit the salon with her. Jane’s description made it sound wonderful, so Sue was delighted to accept.

When they arrived at the salon, Jane pointed out a well dressed lady in her late thirties and said, “That’s Beth. She’s the manager of the salon.”

“Beth, I want you to meet Sue. Sue is one of our special guests and I’m counting on you to help make her visit as pleasant as possible.”

“Jane, we will do our best and Sue I’m glad to meet you,” Beth replied.

“Well, I’m glad to meet you too,” Sue answered.

Sue ended up spending three hours at the salon and was treated like royalty. At Jane’s suggestion and with the encouragement of Beth, Sue agreed to join Jane in the large and private hot-tub. It was about six feet in diameter. Jane climbed in and motioned for Sue to sit on the opposite side. Beth set the timer for thirty minutes and said, “I’ll be back in thirty minutes.”

At first Sue thought the water was almost too hot and said, “I think the water may be too hot.”

“It only seems hot for a couple of minutes. But as soon as you get used to the temperature it is very relaxing,” Jane replied.

Jane was right and after a couple of minutes it began to feel really good. As she continued her conversation with Jane, Sue felt her muscles relax as the hot water seemed to melt her tension away.

After about thirty minutes Beth returned with some towels. Sue noticed that she felt weak and her skin had reddened to a pink glow.

As they were drying off Beth suggested that Sue would enjoy a body massage by one of the salon’s masseurs. At first Sue tried to decline, but encouraged by both Jane and Beth Sue finally agreed.

Beth handed Sue some new slippers and another towels and said, “Put these on and wrap the towel around you.”

Wearing only the towels and slippers, Sue allowed Beth to lead her to massage room. Beth prepared the table and asked Sue to lay face down. After Sue lay down, Beth removed the slippers and folded the towels so that only Sue’s bottom and was covered.

Sue was nervous and feeling a little exposed when Beth said, “Now just close your eyes and relax.”

“I’ll try,” Sue replied.

In a couple of minutes Sue felt two warm and strong hands on her shoulders. Opening her eyes, Sue could see that the hands belonged to handsome, muscular young man in his mid twenties.

Noticing Sue’s embarrassment, Beth said, “Sue I want you to meet Tom. Tom is one of the best at giving massages and he will take good care of you so just relax and enjoy the massage.”

Not knowing what else to say or do, Sue just replied, “Well, okay.”

After Beth left, Tom said, “I think your whole body is blushing. But I do this all the time so you shouldn’t be embarrassed. Besides you are better looking than most of the ladies that come in here.”

“Thank you,” Sue replied. Sue was feeling exposed, vulnerable and almost wished there was somewhere to hide. Typically, Sue would want to be a fly on the wall so she could observe rather than participate in erotic behavior.

“You body has excellent muscle tone. I always find my job more enjoyable when a lady has a good body like yours. Do you exercise often?”

“Four or five days a week,” Sue replied.

“I like it when a lady has that much pride in herself. Now I want you to close your eyes, relax and enjoy the massage. I don’t want you to think of anything except how good it feels.”

“Well, okay,” Sue answered.

Gradually, Sue began to relax. Tom was an expert at giving massages and Sue found herself enjoying the special oils and the feel of his hands, both strong and sensual, on her body. For thirty minutes Tom worked on Sue’s body. Slowly, but repeatable, going from her neck to her toes and back again, Tom could feel Sue’s muscles relaxing as he kneaded them with his hands.

After Sue seemed to be totally relaxed Tom allowed his hands to go under the towel as he massaged between and all the way to the top of her thighs. As Tom’s fingers approached her pleasure center, the sensations was causing Sue’s passions to be aroused. For a moment, Sue wondered if Tom was being overly familiar but, realizing that he was a professional, she decided to free her mind of all suspicious thoughts. Soon she was completely relaxed and enjoying the attention and pleasant sensations.

“It’s time to turn over and lay on your back,” Tom said as he adjusted Sue’s towel to completely cover her torso.

After Sue complied, Tom massaged body oil into each of Sue’s arms placing them at her side when he had finished.

“Just close your eyes and relax,” Tom said as he folded the top of Sue’s towel until her breast were just barely covered.

With a very light touch Tom applied oil to Sue’s shoulders and the top of Sue’s chest. Tom allowed the tips of his fingers under the towel as he very lightly caressed the top of Sue’s breast. Sue was very aware of the sensual sensations. Beneath her towel she could feel her nipples harden into twin peaks as, occasionally and ever so slightly, they were grazed by the tips of Tom’s fingers. Sue found herself blushing at the thought that Tom might be aware of her reaction to his sensual caresses.

Next, Tom gave his attention to Sue’s feet and legs. Sue could tell that the towel just barely covered her torso and wondered if Tom could see everything from his angle. With her hands still at her sides, Sue pulled her towel slightly down but not enough to expose her breast. Then again telling herself that Tom was a professional, Sue closed her eyes and allowed herself to relax and ignore the feeling of being exposed.

Using very light pressure, Tom applied small amounts of oil to Sue’s feet and legs. Then repeated that starting at Sue’s feet, Tom slowly and sensually massaged the top and both sides of each of Sue’s legs. When Tom’s hands reached the top of Sue’s thighs, his fingers would almost brush against her furry triangle. At first Sue tried to ignore the teasing sensations but, in spite of her efforts, the erotic sensations were arousing her passions until she almost burned with desire. Sue wondered if Tom had any concept of what his caresses were doing to her.

Tom knew exactly what he was doing. He was an expert at giving sensual massages and as a result he had a lot of repeat customers. However, Tom was giving Sue extra time and attention. He knew that Sue was a guest of Greg Nelson and therefore she was being treated extra special. But, even if she had not been not Greg’s guest, Tom would have considered Sue special and worth the extra attention.

Finally Tom said, “I’m finished, you can sit up now. I hope you enjoyed the massage.”

Sue sat up and wrapped the towel around her. “It was wonderful,” Sue replied smiling.

“Well, then maybe you will come back some time.”

“Maybe,” Sue answered.

“Wait here a minute,” Tom said. “I’ll go get Beth.”

When Beth returned, she handed Sue a robe and the slippers.

“You can put these on,” Beth said.

As Sue complied, Beth explained that the staff would shampoo her hair, and give her a manicure and pedicure. Also, they would style her hair, and give her a facial treatment and makeup.

During the next couple of hours, Sue really felt pampered. At times, as many as three staff members would be working on her and no one would accept a tip. While in the salon, Sue learned from one of the staff that Greg was part owner of the Grand Palace and was worth about twenty million dollars. Also, she learned that most of his time was spent on his businesses in other cities and that he was in Miami about once a month.

It was almost five o’clock when Sue returned to her room. Sue noted the message light and called to receive her message. Sue was informed that she was invited to join Greg for dinner in the Governor’s Club and to expect a call in a few minutes from the chef for her order.

When the chef called, Sue informed him that she was a vegetarian but she did eat fish. He made several exotic suggestions and then complimented her on her selection. After a few minutes Greg called and said to expect him about seven.

After trying on several dresses, including her new party dress, Sue finally decided to wear her mini-dress. After all it was summer time in Florida.

However, after wearing the dress for a few minutes, Sue thought that maybe she should change into a more formal and less revealing dress.

It was about 20 minutes before seven, and Sue was still trying to decide if she should change to another dress when Greg knocked on the door.

“You are gorgeous,” Greg said when Sue opened the door. Greg was obviously so delighted with her dress that Sue was glad she hadn’t changed to a more conservative dress.

They were seated at a private table next to the dance floor. The service and food was excellent and the band was very good. After the meal and two glasses of champagne Sue agreed to a slow dance. Greg was an excellent dancer and for the next hour they danced and sipped champagne.

Sue was attracted to Greg and as they danced she was being increasingly turned on by his sensual magnetism. Sue knew that Greg was expending a lot of time and effort in his endeavor to pursue her and she found his attention intoxicating and exciting. She believed that Greg must consider her to be very desirable and she was convinced that he wanted to sleep with her tonight. He made his intentions known by his little innuendos. To his credit he was not being overly assertive and he was allowing Sue to feel like she was in control. Sue knew that Greg could have anyone he desired and she was complimented by the knowledge that this sexy good looking man wanted her body.

Sue appreciated being able to set the pace and the extent of their involvement. Greg did not pressure her or to indicate in any that she was under any obligation to continue. Sue felt so much in control that even Greg’s physical response to her sensuality seemed non-threatening. As they danced together, Sue experiences a naughty thrill when she pressed against his enlarged desire. Normally Sue might have ignored Greg’s innuendos and reaction, but he was so charming and her passions were still aroused by Tom’s sensual massage. As a result she was reacting favorable to Greg’s seductive insinuations with positive feedback.

Sue was slightly intoxicated from the champagne, when Greg invited her to his suite to watch a movie. Sue knew she was flirting with danger to accept, but Greg was so charming and she was having too much fun being with him to let the evening end so early. Sue had no intention of surrendering herself to Greg or giving in to her own desires, but the night was still young and the champagne gave her the courage to accept and ignore the risks.

When they arrived at his suite, Greg unlocked the door and invited Sue in. After he closed the door, Sue looked around the suite. It was similar to hers. Against one wall there was couple of easy chairs. A sofa and a couple of lamp tables were on the opposite wall. In between was a table with a bucket of ice, a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses. Through an open door Sue could see a King size water bed and a big screen TV.

Looking at his watch Greg said, “It is still a few minutes before the movie starts. Would you like a glass of champagne?”

“That would be nice,” Sue replied.

“I’ll open the bottle, but first come here,” Greg said smiling.

As Sue stepped forward Greg took her hand and pulled her into his arms. Within the next 24 hours Sue would be ovulating and so her body was naturally excited with a subconscious desire to have sex. Sue and most people don’t know it, but females of most advanced birds and mammals cheat because there is an evolutionary advantage to having their babies sired by males superior to their mate. Therefore, when ovulating many, if not most, women will cheat if giving a low risk of discovery opportunity with an exceptionally good looking and superior male. It’s a female’s duty to give her babies the best genes possible.

Under the influence of her subconscious desires, Sue was thrilled with this dangerously sexy and good looking man, so she didn’t resist much when Greg kissed her. As their bodies pressed together, Sue could feel his growing desire and she was delighted with the effect her body was having on him. Sue’s knees were weak when she finally separated her lips from his. Still holding her close, Greg caressed Sue’s neck and face with his lips. Soon they were kissing again and Sue allowed Greg’s tongue to explore her mouth wickedly. As their mouths pressed together Greg caressed Sue’s body with his hands. Sue tingled with excitement as she felt Greg lift the back of her dress and caress the back of her thigh and bottom.

“My God, he’s in my panties,” Sue suddenly realized as Greg inserted his hand down the back of her panties and panty-hose.

“Get your hand out of my panties and behave yourself,” Sue said as she pushed Greg away.

Finally, after so many years, Sue was living dangerously and enjoying every minute of it. However, Sue knew that she had better cool it. Otherwise, she and this sexy devil would soon be totally naked and bouncing wildly on his waterbed with lustful abandon.

Sue felt a powerful temptation to just go ahead and surrender to her sensual urges. Instead she said, “I would like that glass of champagne now.”

Greg opened the bottle and filled their glasses with champagne.

As their glasses touched in a toast Greg said, “To a lovely evening with a beautiful and very special lady”.

“Thank you kind Sir,” Sue replied. It was obvious that Greg was sincere when he said it. She could tell from his little smile, his expression and the way his eyes lit up when he looked at her. Sue considered it a compliment to be treating with such high regard. Sue was feeling so special that she didn’t consider the predicament she was getting herself into as Greg led her to his bedroom and turned on the TV.

It was only after he turned off the lights in the other room and invited her to set next to him at the foot of his bed that she realized there was nowhere else to sit. Sue had allowed Greg to lure her into a very precarious situation. As she contemplated her situation while sitting on the bed next to him, Sue was very aware of the implications, but she decided that it would be awkward to leave or to remain standing. And besides, she was in control and would not allow things to go too far. Sue was certain that Greg wouldn’t force her to get undressed and have sex, but she was feeling a little guilty because, after all, she was married and without a doubt, her actions indicated that she certainly could be willing to cheat on her husband.

When she sat down Sue could feel the titillating action of the waterbed in response to her movement. She appreciated the sensual effect of the waterbed, but there was something provocative from the rhythmic oscillations of the water that almost frightened her. At first Sue kept Greg at a distance, but after a few minutes she relaxed and allowed him to kiss her. Sue kissed him back and soon they had repositioned themselves until they were laying on the bed and pillows. Sue let Greg remove her shoes and then she allowed his hands to roam over most of her body. Only when he tried to untie her dress or get his hands up her dress would she stop him and tell him to mind his manners.

Greg soon realized that Sue was not going to be easy, but he didn’t mind. He was enjoying the challenge and her difficulty just made him more determined. It would be worth his extraordinary efforts when he finally seduced this sexy lady. And, it would be even better if he gave her a baby. Greg could feel the already enormous bulge in his trousers as he relished the thought of slowly stripping Sue naked and stroking the flames of her passion until she was burning with carnal desire. Then he would have the immense pleasure of gratifying her lustful passions as he ravished her with deep thrusts from his rigid and splendid manhood.

To seduce Sue, Greg realized he needed a less direct and a more sophisticated approach. To fully implement his plan it would be necessary for Sue to remove her panty hose.

Greg stacked two pillows at the center of the headboard. Then directing Sue to the pillows he said, “Sit up and I will get you another glass of champagne.”

“I would like that,” Sue replied as she propped herself up on the pillows.

After refilling Sue’s champagne glass Greg sat at the foot of the bed and started gently massaging her feet while Sue sipped on her champagne. Gradually Sue relaxed from the influence of the champagne and Greg’s exquisite kneading.

When Sue appeared completely at ease Greg removed a jar of lotion from the night stand and said, “Sue if I use this lotion I can give you a much better and more relaxing foot massage. Would you mind removing your hose?”

“Well, I’m not sure I should,” Sue replied.

“Oh! Go ahead. I promise that you will be glad you did. I give the best foot massage. You may use the other room to remove your stockings.”

Deep down Sue knew that she should not agree to remove her panty-hose. Instead, she should leave and end this sexy and erotic game. For a moment Sue contemplated her options. Normally she would not be a risk taker, but she was excited and, since she felt like she was in control, she could stop at any time.

“Okay, but I am only agreeing to a foot massage and nothing else,” Sue finally answered as she went to the bathroom and closed the door.

Sue guessed Greg’s intentions were more than just a foot massage, but she was having fun playing this sexy game. Also, she missed the more intense attention Greg was giving her earlier and knew she needed to make this little concession or Greg would stop trying and the game would end.

When Sue returned Greg whistled softly and said, “Pretty lady, you have the nicest legs I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Thank you kind Sir,” Sue replied.

As her eyes readjusted to the dim lights, Sue noticed that Greg was wearing a floor length kimono. She could see that he had removed his trousers and she wondered what he was wearing under the kimono. As she approached the bed Sue could see that Greg’s stiff shaft was spearing his kimono. Sue felt a touch of excitement at the realization that Greg was wearing nothing at all under his kimono. Her indecent thought caused Sue to feel a hot flush as her hot blood rushed to the surface causing her skin to blush all over.

Already minus her shoes and panty-hose, Sue realized that she getting in bed with an extremely seductive and almost naked man. Sue knew that, if she agreed to any further concessions, she was in danger of succumbing to the seductive temptations of this good-looking devil; however, she just wanted to stay just a little longer. Sue was feeling wild and reckless, and she was having so much fun being adventurous that she decided to ignore the risks. “After the movie I’ll leave,” Sue thought as she sat on the bed and allowed Greg to lift one of her legs.

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