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Reviews by yialanliu
About yialanliu:
I am a person who loves long stories. My reviews are similar to acrence in terms of our enjoyment due to the development that can be achieved in a longer story. I typically only read stories that are of novel length and longer. Also, I am definitely not adverse to sex but sex is not a requirement for me to enjoy a story.

One caveat I do have is that I do not review a story I did not thoroughly enjoy choosing not to give a negative review. I believe if I have nothing good to say, then I won't say it. While you may disagree with this, I have seen my share of 1-1-1s that have no merit and I choose not to partake in giving bad reviews considering how much effort is given to each story by an author.
Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Synergy colt45 2011-06-19 10 10 10
Five Little Words Risq 2011-05-29 10 10 10
The Making Of A Gigolo (1) - Tilly Johnson Lubrican 2011-05-03 9 10 9
The Vase Maxicue 2011-05-01 10 10 10
Magestic gwresearch 2011-04-24 10 10 10
The Collar Around the Heart Old Softy 2011-04-24 10 10 10
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