HandyMan: Favorites

1: My Second Life by wcoyote
An on going story of getting to go through High School again but on a good way.
2: How Ronny Throckmorton Was Saved From The Indians by Lubrican
A great story of Indian life, with a twist.
3: Klutz by MisguidedChild
A great, funny, romantic story.
4: Summer Camp - Book 4: Wren by Nick Scipio
A long term serial
5: No Time to Grieve by Vulgus
A sweet story of a young woman who suffers a great tradgedy, how she comes to a happy end and the sexual awakening that gets her there.
6: Community by oyster50
The continuing composit story of "Christina", "Cindy", "Nikki" and "Susan" along with their families, their friends and the "Community" they build.
7: Community Too by oyster50
A continuation of "Community" and a darned good one. This continuation involves the original girls and grows to include others. Oh to go to Auburn.
8: Aftermath by CJ
Interesting post apocolypse story. Barely complete as is and open for expansion.
9: April Showers by Russell Hoisington
A bittersweet story of need and romance.
10: Getting Into The Scene by Lubrican
A high school drea.m.
11: Mi Vida by oyster50
Another story by Oyster50 in his Smart Girls Universe. It follows his typical formula of a middle aged man and a young smart teenaged girl. She is in some difficulty and he finds himself helping her with only the best of intentions. The two are drawn together and develop a romantic connection. This particular story has a twist in that the teenager is not a U.S. citizen and English is not her native language. Oyster50 has a smooth and easy writing style that is easy to follow. His story lines although improbable and unlikely are not impossible, making them believable and prompting of imagination and dreaming.
12: Jolene's Slavery by obohobo
A short but enjoyable story of what can happen and how higher status does not necessarily mean better circumstance.
13: Youth Training Center by StoryMaster
If I had a daughter and if TYTC existed and if I had the money to pay for it... Woulda, coulda, shoulda!
14: Discovery by Lance Sterling
A story of growth and maturing with a sweet ending. Not much sex here but what is, is tasteful and loving.
15: The Dildo That Erased Claire Bonneville's Memory by Lubrican
This is not your typical Lubrican story. This story has a very unexpected and entertaining twist.