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It’s a question of who...

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I have created the Prologue and now the question remains, which authors do I invite to participate. If you know of any quality authors on the SOL site who don't rely on tricks (magic/MC/fantasy worlds/etc...) and you think they would be someone I should invite, please nominate them! I will then contact them.

I am creating a Universe for a multi-author saga.

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This will have nothing to do with my work as an author. While I have written the prologue and the initial bible for this saga, I doubt I will post any of the stories. Rather I will act as a clerk.

Those authors who want to post a story in the Series will be given access to the universe, one at a time! So my job will be to manage the first come first server process and to work with the authors to make sure we keep the 'bible' current.

If you are an author here and want to see a copy of the initial bible, which I have yet to get posted as Lazeez and I are not fully set up yet, drop me a note here and I will provide it.

Here is the synopsis:
This is a multi-author, time-sequential saga of the thirty-one years of the Disciples. Each story will start as the previous story has ended. Each author will add to the saga new pieces to the saga that will be carried on by the following authors. The Disciples are Faith, Hope and Felicity. They are of this world. The lives of a small select number of people will be forever changed. Will it be for better or worse? Even the Disciples don't know.

Reader complaints and an information update

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For those who are complaining that they can't find my work on ASSTR, it is at:

For those of you who are demanding I just update the stories here and come back to SOL, allow me to explain again what I have explained here before.

SOL does not permit the format needed in my stories. These include footnotes, links to (non-sexual and non-infringing) material (text and photos), various fonts, margins and colors (used in reference to textual content of included emails, and SMS text conversation). I understand the nature of how this site works. It is simply not compatible with my needs. This is NOT a compliant on my part. I am only acknowledging the fact.

SOL does not permit any sexual content related to individuals younger than 14 years of age. (Some of my work here is grandfathered in but new stories of that type are not allowed.) I understand and respect the Webmasters need to adhere to the laws where he functions. This is NOT a complaint on my part. I am only acknowledging the fact.

And so, no, I cannot update the stuff that is here because the updates include the newer format requirements I have. And, no, I cannot post anything new here, for all the reasons above.

My new Novel can't be posted here

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I wish it could.

I know many still read my older and uncorrected works here. I do wish I could update what is here to reflect the updated/corrected versions and post new works. Such is not the case.

So this is just a note to announce my new novel Fifteen is available in HTML, PDF, ePub, mobe, and azw3 formats on the ASSTR website under my author's site VeryWellAged.

I am well into another story.

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Unfortunately it will not be posted here. The need for footnotes and embedded hyperlinks makes that impossible. I am sorry for those of you who who only want to read what I have here.

My ASSTR site has remained up all these months even though the landing page on that site was down. I have been able to upload to it, and have cleaned up and reposted revisions of older works, though I did not have a new novel ready.

I still don't. It isn't ready, but it should be long before Christmas and maybe even before the fourth Thursday of November. I have seven chapters written but am not close to being complete yet. And then of course, there is the proofing and editing.

As I am not fighting for scores, and total hits. I will not post until it is complete.