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Time and experience introduces what has and might have happened time after time. Live long enough and there are so many might haves that it is time to put some of these down on paper.

Years ago my mother told me that if she doesn't go to the dictionary at least twice while reading a book, it was hardly worth the read. While I do not purposely set out to force that in my writing, I do have an extensive vocabulary. Rather than assume I need to write down to my reader, I give it to you as I have it. Many of you will see nothing you need to look up. But if you do need to go to the dictionary, please think of me writing a fan letter to William F. Buckley years ago after reading the word "tergiversate" in a newspaper column. It was wonderful and while I rarely use it, it was a gem of a find.

All the fictional stories, while truly fiction, are constructed from the real world (with the notable exception of the USA story, which is only partially so constructed). They are not, how the author, in the state of erotic fantasy, wishes his world to be, but rather as it actually functions today.

Footnotes! Yes, in some of these stories there are footnotes at the bottom of the chapter where needed. The author’s desire to bring you into a world you may have never experienced before leaves him needing to explain things on occasion. Rather than interrupt the flow of the story, he has reverted to footnotes.

All the places, roads, and locales referenced in these stories exist. They are described as accurately as possible for the time-frame of the story. On occasion over time, things do change, and there are times when a story references a place that no longer looks as it does in the story. That is because a place might have experienced later construction, or renovation. Practices change due to rule changes, or such. While the characters are fictitious, the situations they find themselves in are or were real/possible at the time referenced. As such, while these stories are fiction, the world the stories exist within is very real.

The author is not recommending any act, which is illegal, and is not therefore promoting acts mentioned within these stories. However, the author notes that the world is as he describes it especially in relation to matters related to the Philippines and its inhabitants.

The world is filled with sufficient actual possibilities that the need, miraculously, to enlarge breasts, stop time, jump galaxies, or drink the blood of others, is simply unnecessary to find the most extreme of sexual possibilities/realities. Wherever there is extreme economic distress, side by side with economic excess, one will find quite literally anything the heart, the mind or the gonads desire. Those other things are genres by themselves and for their own interests, but are ephemera when investigating sexuality within the human condition.

Sexuality has been redefined by feminists over the last 50 years in almost a militant way.* It is bifurcated into issues of control and subjugation or “purified” as a loving joint venture by equals for whom there are no real hidden demons. This horseshit has become the norm from which we value the realness of ‘true love’ and ‘clean, acceptable’ sexuality. This crap is pure political drivel. In the “Philippine” stories, which the author has written, the realities of economics, safety, privilege, and race in relation to sexual relationships are completely true. While the actual characters fictional, the basis for these stories is not.

*Prior to the feminists, sexuality was equally distorted and hypocritically described by concepts of “church” influenced morality. Between the two, our society is truly fucked up when thinking about sex.