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Kelly Matlock's 50th Birthday Party

August 29, 2018
Posted at 12:34 pm

I have been running into some serious writer's blocks recently. So I did what I have done before and reread and rewritten and reposted one of my original stories.After 28 years of marriage Corey Matlock gives his wife a 50th birthday gift of something she had been fantasizing for the last three years, a gangbang with four men. The guest of honor that night at the Ritz Carlton Hotel is Warren Thatcher her high school sweetheart who she had never forgotten. Will the spark be reignited? I am happy with the rewrite which has reignited the start of at least one sequel.

Once again thank you my readers for showing interest in my stories.

Peter Duncan

Those Waldron Women

June 27, 2018
Posted at 2:41 pm

Chapter two tells of Krissy and Rebeccah's past, how Krissy aided her husband in his clothing sales business by having sex with his customers. Then how Rebeccah maneuver her mother into having sex with her next door neighbor.

Teacher's Pet Chapter 3

May 21, 2018
Posted at 1:54 pm

For those of you who have read IN QUEST OF INCEST you will find much of this material in Chapter 3 of Teacher's Pet. For those of you who have not read IN QUEST... For me it makes more sense to include this episode In TEACHER'S PET rather than leaving it as a stand-alone story. With the exception of Charlotte Speaks the characters in this story exist from THE PASTOR'S WIFE.

Scholarship Obligations

May 16, 2018
Posted at 2:50 pm

Thanks to readers who recognized this story as one I wrote on another site years ago I have taken it in a new direction which is getting traction with a lot of readers. In perusing the site I remembered writing the story and remembered losing interest. Because I edited it and posted the first chapter on SOL two readers gave me some pointers as to why they had lost interest. Taking that to heart I threw the old Chapter Two out and redirected into what they now consider a much more meaningful story. Thanks for the heads up.

Peter Duncan

Scholarship Obligations

April 9, 2018
Posted at 7:05 pm

I have just submitted Chapter 1 of a new story Scholarship Obligations. Mindy Anderson loses her husband and finds out that they have been living over their heads for years. Her children are attending Headley-Colville Private Academy. She meets with Elizabeth Jones, Principal of Headley-Colville who advises her that she can't keep both children at the school. She offers the possibility of a scholarship for the other child. But the scholarship obligations include Mindy becoming a member of Elizabeth Jones' harem.