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Peter Duncan: Blog

Five Poems

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I used to post poetry but decided to delete it. A number of you have asked what happened to my poetry. Actually I've written quite a bit more of them. So I will start posting them again with "Five Poems" being the first.

All For One and One For All Chapter 3

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Aggie goes to Fred and Alice's apartment while Polly goes home with Corwin. Alice stays with Paul...all starting their experiments with their friends' spouses.

All For One and One For All

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Whenever I hit the wall and get writer's bloc I reread an earlier story and usually revise it. I found in this story that it was both too long and incomplete in its sexual progression. So I rewrote what is now Chapter 1 and added an improved version of what is now Chapter 2. I will add at least another chapter to tell the story of the other two wives, Polly and Alice, one who has accepted the idea of being part of Paul's harem while the other two husbands are over seas fighting the war, The other (Alice) who needs further convincing to join the sexual group.

Please Give Me Something to Remember Me By Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 is up.

Pastor Joshua Cross's wife Eve has sex with three male guests who are doing some temporary work in the church before heading to California to become migrant workers.

Eve has a hysterectomy which ends hers and Joshua's sex life in their marriage.

Mary Jane Rushnek becomes the church book keeper and begins and affair with her boss the Pastor.

Voting, criticism, advice

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From the time I began writing here I have always been gratified by input from my readers, I have often been criticized which I have welcomed and quite often go back in what has been criticized and try to make it better. I both welcome and look forward to criticism and advice and feel that I have become a better writer as a result. Within the last few days however I received a vote which has totally deflated me. I posted the fourth chapter of "Please Give Me Something to Remember me by," received votes that elevated my score to 7.76 then received a score of 1 which took it back to 7.26.

I had received criticism that suggested that my story could achieve an 8 if I made a few changes, which I did then wrote the last chapter. As I saw the votes come in elevating my story to the highest level I have yet a achieved, then a 1! Laughs, I don't want to be a whiner but I just have to vent my frustration to people who understand what an author goes through here. Had I received a reason for the low score I would have at least welcomed the criticism but to be slapped with such a score with no reason just deflates me. I am wondering whether I should continue the story. Will I get another 1? and from whom?

Just wondering if other people have been having the problem here.

Regards, Peter