Peter Duncan: Profile

I am 73, married (48 years), have a happy monogamous marriage, and posess a curious sexual mind. When I retired, in 1999, I began writing as a hobby,beginning with poetry--I wrote over 200--then segued to short stories of a biographical nature. I wrote a five hundred page manuscript for a book that I submitted and am still rewriting.

At the encouragement of an on-line acquaintance I began writing erotica and have posted numerous stories on other sites. I write erotica to improve my writing as well as to provide myself with sexual stimulation and satisfaction. I hope that readers will enjoy my stories. My writing explores varous genres which express my fascination with the power sexuality plays in shaping human lives.

I thank two friends, who read one of my earlier series and have encouraged me to continue pursuing the story lines. They have not only provided moral (or immoral) support but have spent countless hours reading and helping to edit my work.

My first posting here, Church Friends, Chapter One of, is a vast improvement on a series I posted elswhere. I try to write each segment using approximately 6000 to 10000 words. I encourage criticism and will update and repost stories showing the improvements of this kind of editing.
Peter Duncan