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If I decide to take Cocksockett and turn it into something larger, I shall make the title The Rape of Calvin, perhaps it is that the person being raped is a man rather than a woman that causes me to get such bad scores? I suspect it is. Anyway, I'm not complaining per se about getting ones on a story that essentially violates most of my readers' sensibilities but I hope that everyone who voted low on this considers if instead of finding a young man in the grasp of a torturer who was bent on turning her out as a prostitute would you vote the same way?
If so I respect your vote. If not, I don't respect your vote, because in essence you let your concept of how the world should be color your vote.
Anyone who thinks that what is described in the Cocksockett series couldn't happen is fooling themselves.
That's all I have to say.

Short Short

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I just posted something, and though it weighs in at just barely 1000 words I didn't tag it as flash. There is no ultra short designation, so as usual it gets the fiction tag. Be ware that it is another Cocksockett story so, is not for everyone!
Have a good day.

The Deluge

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Continues, as I posted a short story today. Of course given the subject matter it got the obligatory 1 vote. I expect one votes whenever I post something with that subject matter, especially given how dark this one was. I came close to tagging it horror... Maybe I should have?

Three one votes?

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I guess philosophy class isn't well thought of here either! :D

The loud voice...

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And the silence... I'm not sure which is worse for an author. In some ways I feel like the audience has spoken and Cocksockett is a bridge too far for those who read my work. I'm not sure what I'll work on next, 'cause the sewer that is my mind keeps bubbling up more wickedness to put Denae through... NOT that I advocate such behavior, but it seems that I have it pushing it to the front of my imagination lately. Why? I don't know. Maybe it is because of the loud voices saying just how evil men are... in the world today. Not particular men, but men in general. And frankly I like men, and I like women.... Somewhat unequally I admit.