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Another piece

February 9, 2018
Posted at 2:35 am

As I noted in my last blog I'm working on something and posting at I've posted a new chapter, If you would be so kind as to take a look if you're interested in TV-TG type of stories. Any comments would be appreciated as well. Either here or there.

For my fans

January 25, 2018
Posted at 11:22 am

If you're interested in anything else I may have written, here is something I've experimented with: Just remember that Whateley is a genderbender website and know what sorts of tails might ensue!


December 30, 2017
Posted at 10:58 pm

Well this year looks like it will be far less prosperous than last. I guess I'm incurably paranoid. I look at online (almost the only kind any more) job application forms and just freeze. I don't want to do them, they terrify me. Also, because if I don't regularly use a site the whole username/password thing is useless as I forget the passwords and usernames I choose, even though the first is usually a variant of my name and the second I try to make relevant to the site itself... I have to use a password rather regularly to recall it (why I never bought into bitcoin though I think the idea is excellent) because to write down your username and password is almost as bad as using your first and last name and 123456789 as your username and password. (which for all you hackers out there I do not do!) So I'm at an impasse so far as getting a job or even getting back to school... :-( I do not see 2018 as being at all happy or prosperous. Indeed I see the end of the line and it looks like a blank wall approaching at light speed.

Have you started reading yet?

October 9, 2017
Posted at 7:35 pm

Today I handed out a very rare rating of 10 for a story. As I understand that it is complete already I didn't feel too bad about rating Colin Barrett's The Dolphin at 10 already. So if you're still reading my blog, I suggest you stop and go read what Colin has posted!

The importance of a map

September 16, 2017
Posted at 8:59 am

I live in redneckville, or a rural area. I got a call on Friday (yesterday) from the agency that I sometimes work through while searching for a job. I got an address and directions (but not terribly good ones) from the agency and set off for where I thought they said to go... About 55 minutes later I ended up calling the client and asking for clarification. I was not even really in the neighborhood, except that I'd gone North and East of where I live. Except for the Sacramento river, several ravines the 5 freeway etc, et al between myself and there I'd guess the actual location is not too much off from due East or possibly even a bit South East of where I live. All this to say that I should have downloaded a map to begin with so that I could check my understanding of the area.
And what does this have to do with writing?
Well recall that I was previously discussing the necessity of knowing the end? As with getting from place to place, knowing the actual location you want to go and having a set of way points is a vast help to writing.
And further: What does this have to do with my writing here?
I do believe (and if I haven't I am now) I've made clear that I'm lost as far as how to effectively close out It's a Helluva Job I would hate to have it end up feeling as incomplete as On Dog Creek Yet it is sitting there on my page with an incomplete flag on it, that is causing me to strongly regret starting to post it...
So I am looking into something besides writing prompts (I probably have 6 ideas a day that I never get on paper) so that I can take a vague idea and start writing out maps for turning them into stories.