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I write a lot about incest, but not exclusively. My other themes are young love, first time lovers and sexual discovery. Almost everything I write involves pregnancy or the risk of pregnancy, because that's my own personal turn-on. This is fantasy, folks ... for fun. It almost never works out well in real life to do things this way. Read, and get yourself off, but don't try this at home.

Blues17 Stories

The "Blues" stories are stand alone stories, not in the same town, and not with the same characters. They share a kind of angst that the characters feel as they find themselves in situations they feel are abnormal and maybe even frustrating. But they forge ahead with life, trying to make the best of difficult situations ... trying to find a way to escape the blues in their lives.

Lost Memory5 Stories

Stories in this series have the common thread that someone loses his or her memory for one reason or another, and then has to cope with exploring and living their "new" life.

Making of a Gigolo16 Stories

Bobby Dalton was raised by a single mom, and had seven sisters. It was only natural that he'd understand women a bit better than the average man, and that he'd have a knack at knowing what women needed. His talents, along those lines, would draw some women to him. He didn't plan on it happening dozens of times, and he didn't think of the consequences. His story is told in a series of at least a dozen stories, which should be read in order.

Master's Project8 Stories

Bob got this bright idea that people who were married for a long time looked alike. There could be two reasons for it, so he set up a Master's project in which he interviewed a whole passel of married people. Some supported his theory. Some didn't. Then there were these interviews where odd things happened ... things he didn't plan ... sexy things ... and Bob found himself in roles he hadn't imagined he would ever be in. Follow his exploits as he describes these odd interviews, one in each "book" of the series. The ending will be a surprise, especially for Bob.

Naughty Nursery Rhymes7 Stories

Stories based on nursery rhymes we heard when we were little. These are no G rated little moral lessons, though. This is Jack and Jill, and many others like we dream of them when we hit puberty.

Tumblr5 Stories

This series has to do with pictures that ended up on a blog, either intentionally or not, and in which someone who knew the person in the picture saw it. Each story is about how seeing that picture changed someone's life, creating a romance where none had existed before that.

Twisted Fairy Tales8 Stories

Stories based on classic fairy tails, updated to reflect adult interests and situations. Some of our favorite characters, acting like we wished they'd act.

Uncle Bob44 Stories

I have gotten mail like this: "How many sisters and nieces does this guy have, anyway?!" Uncle Bob is a sort of amorphous kind of guy who changes from story to story. So do the women he interacts with. The stories are not about the same man or woman. So, if you see the same names being used from one story to the next, it isn't about the same person. I have collected them into a series because a lot of people say they like Uncle Bob and "his" shenanigans. They are usually about Uncle Bob seducing somebody, or being seduced.
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