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Lubrican: Favorites

1: Best on Board by Belinda LaPage
Man, oh man, what a slick read. Sweet and slow, expressing the agony of nervous progress that morphs into the incredible, confident passion. Vicky's a nice girl, despite her seemingly casual acceptance of Bob as a sexual partner. My motto is: "Casual, meaningless sex is nothing more than complicated masturbation." This story, however, gives me serious pause in that conviction, because while it has all the hallmarks of casual, meaningless sex on the surface, her description of events and what they are feeling, brings meaning to their joining that makes it anything BUT casual. And then there's the almost certain, yet only hinted at the possibility that there will be a future together for these two young people. So many possibilities are left in the mind of the reader.
2: P I And Magic by Volentrin
Volentrin had an imagination that fired mine. Justice is a strong component of his stories, and they have an epic flavor that keeps me reading, even when I should be doing other things. I miss him, and the stories he never got to write.
3: The Accidental Gigolo by Marsh Alien
Marsh spins a tale of people who could be your next door neighbors, and brings them under the microscope. Instead of their flaws, you see their capacity to enjoy life, whatever that takes, and change people's habits along the way. It's hot, it's fun, and it's very well written.
4: Strangers on the Tokyo Commuter by Tony Stevens
All of Tony's stuff is superbe. In this one he pulls off writing from a female's point of view in a way that most male author's can't manage. And it's patriotic too!
5: First Cake by just-this-guy
This is a perfect story. He got the self absorption of teenagers perfect, the dialog perfect, and the sex perfect. The sequel, "Second Cake" is just as good.
6: The Old West by L.A. Wicker
This is just a hot story, with great sex and a wonderful setting.
7: Revenge Of The Nerd - Original version by RPSuch
The teaser doesn't do this story credit. It is a study of how a woman can grow, in spite of herself, and become better than she'd have ever hoped to be, without actually trying. It was wonderful.