Lubrican: Profile

I started my author's life known as "Beating Off Bob", and published over a hundred stories under that name. For various reasons, I changed that to Lubrican in November of 2007.

I'm just an average guy who likes sexual fantasy because it never has a headache, is never too tired, and pushes all the right buttons. I think of my stories like movies such as "Lethal Weapon" or "Gone in Sixty Seconds". Nobody in their right mind actually wants it to come true, but it sure is fun to watch.

I write both short "stroke" stories, intended to be quick and hot and fun, as well as longer stories where we can examine more fully developed characters as they move through a real plot.

A common thread through all my stories is my personal fetish: pregnancy. I think pregnant women are beautiful and I think, subtracting our current societal mores, that women who become pregnant should be our most prized citizens. Nature made women capable of bearing children relatively safely around age 15. Who am I to fight nature?

If you're interested in what makes me tick, surf on over to my blog. I have responded there to complaints and questions in some cases. There's also a bit of philosophy about why I write what I write, how I write what I write, and things I think are important when writing or reading what is, let's just admit it ... smut.

As a philosopher, I love to argue, so feel free to make whatever comments you think are germane to the subject. Hearing from readers, whether they say nice or not-so-nice things quite often helps me write better stories.

Another way we can interact is on Facebook, where I have a page under the name Robert Lubrican. Perhaps I'll see you there.

Thanks for reading,