Test Drive

by Carlos

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Married professor can't afford the car she wants. But her lover has taught her 'good for the goose'? When anyone miss a slice off an open loaf?

He studied her as she drove. Must be 50 but great legs. He noticed the pleated skirt riding higher when she shifted gears.

‘you only like manual transmission’ he asked

‘Yes I like control.’ She let that just lie there.

He watched as she down shifted going into turn. The skirt went higher.

She was not really paying attention. Her lover was in Carribean. He made her wet yesterday just with phone message.

As she thought about the game she was writing the chapter in her mind. She really like it when he threw up in parking lot with jealousy. She loved he was jealous!! Maybe make him more jealous with story. Getting wet just thinking of the tease.

“So Dr. Smith do you like the car?”

“I love it but it is too much for my budget🙁”

‘ Maybe we can work something out’ he said.

She didn’t hear him so lost in fantasy world. ‘Sorry what’

I said maybe we can work out something. It’s my wife’s car and left it up to me to sell, as a beefy paw landed on her knee.

She looked at him for the first time ... fat, forty, and sweaty was her first thought. But she felt a loss of her precious control. She shook her knee to knock his hand off but he clung on.

‘Maybe I’ve set the price too high’

‘How high’ she asked? The double entendre was not lost on either, as both sets of eyes went to her leg, and his fingers moved north pushing the hem...

‘Maybe I could knock off $5000’ as his fingers massaged her inner thigh, moving to the hem of her dress only about 10 inches from her panties. She shifted again but didn’t try to shake off hand.

This was the car she wanted. 5 yr old Volvo with straight shift and Bluetooth and color white. The color was important when parked in the ‘wrong place’. That thought made her gush.

She looked again at him.

Not getting any prettier! But $5000?

‘Why don’t you pull in this rest stop. Maybe we can negotiate’

I can control this she thought. Maybe get by with BJ? As she pulled in she was flooded with memories of another rest stop. Was this wrong? He truly was disgusting but his hand had just disappeared under her skirt. With a blush and shame she parted her legs more. He immediately took the signal and plunged his hand to her crotch rubbing her mound that was wet ... to her shame.

He was stunned with his success. How could he have access to such beautiful married doctor? He drove one finger then two into her wet snatch. He felt her bear down on his hand hard. He moved toward her.

She felt his thick lips moving on her face. Trying to avoid this she thought. His tongue forcing between her teeth, maybe not forcing as she swallowed it, his tongue.

Riding his thick fingers she heard the fumbling with a buckle. She reached down and pushed his hands away to do it herself, her fav.

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