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Old Man's Musings

As we age, we often look back at life, and wonder what it was all about. Did we learn any of those life lessons that everyone tells the kids about? And what happens next. Old guys and girls think about a lot of stuff. These are my thoughts.

The Protector

Stories in this Universe pertain to the battle between Joe (God?) and his Adversary. They each have agents that battle on their behalf. Joe’s agents are called Protectors. The Adversary’s agents are simply known as Red Agents. Note: Stories are no-sex, or minimal-sex! Agents are human; not superhuman, but they all have some attributes in common. All agents are a little faster physically and mentally than normal humans. They are a little stronger, heal faster and are luckier than other humans. They don’t age which usually isn’t noticed because agents tend to die quickly. Protectors can see auras but Red Agents cant. Auras colors reflect the relationship and degree of relationship with Joe or the Adversary. The aura is also a recording of everything a person thinks and does in their lifetime. That recording is all a person takes with them when they die. Red Agents are ruthless. They don’t care who dies or what is destroyed. They revel in death and destruction. Protectors need to limit who dies because of the impact on Joe’s Garden of Souls.
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