MisguidedChild: Favorites

1: The Future of Miss Powers by Lazlo Zalezac
Read this story if you want something that will engross you, and make you think.
2: Island Mine by Refusenik
This is the best story that I have read from this site, including my own. The characters are likable. The story pace keeps you wanting to read the next page. And it's plain, fun to read.
3: Enter the Darkness by Celtic Bard
Excellent story teller. Excellent story concept.
4: A Fresh Start by rlfj
Good story concept. Good Story. Good pace. A lot of action, but not too crazy. A lot of humor, but not overdone.
5: The Five Billion Dollar Man by Mad Wolf
Well written. Has some mystery. Focused on the story line instead of nonstop sex.
6: Traveller by Bastion Grammar Jr
Good story. I couldn't stop reading until I finished.
7: Aw Fuck Me! by Grey Dragon
Good story premise and Grey Dragon is able to hold to the story line. He also doesn't fall into the trap that a lot of sex equals a good story. He does need help with editing, but he has a good story.
8: Flight of the Code Monkey by Kid Wigger
because it's a good story