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Crossroads - Chapter 24 of Convergence is posted.

January 6, 2017
Posted at 11:28 am

Four chapters left in Convergence, unless I find something I forgot to wrap up. The ending chapters are always the hardest. A great story can be ruined by a hurried ending. All the story lines need to be finalized. All the plot holes need to be closed and the question about 'what next' needs a satisfactory answer.
Wish me luck! :)
Until next time ...

Beyond the Terror - Chapter 23 of Convergence is posted

December 23, 2016
Posted at 10:26 am

Beyond the Terror - Chapter 23 of Convergence is posted.
Chapter 22 is reposted due to minor changes required for Chapter 23.
Merry Christmas for those that celebrate Christmas. Happy Hanukkah for our friends of Jewish persuasion. For those not wanting to celebrate the birth of a man that changed human history, and don't want to join in the celebration of lights, I wish you a good winters solstice and hope your fortunes improve with the renewal of life in the new year.
Until next time ...

Chaoter 22 - Condemnation Posted

November 22, 2016
Posted at 8:09 pm

Chapter 22 - Condemnation of Convergence is posted.
I reposted Chapter 21 because of minor changes needed to accommodate Chapter 22.
Happy Thanksgiving, for those that celebrate it.
For all you old guys and girls, ask yourselves this question. Looking back at life, did you ever think you would make it this far? :)
Until next time ...

Chapter 19 - Sand in the Hourglass is posted

August 19, 2016
Posted at 11:38 am

Chapter 19 of Convergence is posted. I would like to thank everyone for their patience.
One of the issues faced when posting chapters as they are finished, is occasionally changes need to be made to earlier chapters to prevent plot holes. Chapter 19 - Sand in the Hourglass required a revision to Chapter 3 - Strike Back. Chapter 3 is being reposted due to that revision.
I would like to thank Manddscott for his review. I liked it because of the nice things he said :), but also because his review gave me information to help me improve the story and my writing. Thank you, Sir.
My goal is still to post a chapter every two or three weeks. That target is very ambitious, with my current schedule. I may often miss that self-imposed deadline, but that is my goal and will reach it as often as possible.
Until next time ...

Convergence - Chapter 18 - Demon's Trap Posted

July 21, 2016
Posted at 4:21 pm

Chapter 18 of Convergence is posted. I would like to thank everyone for their patience. I've received a bunch of questions that I'll try to answer.
1. Will the story will be completed? Yes! Just not as quickly as you and I would like. I'm only getting 6 to 8 hours a week to work on the story. When posting weekly, I was had about 30 hours a week. Peripheral answers to questions related to completing the story:
1a. No, I do not have canines in my family tree.
1b. I cannot use my cranium as a rectal thermometer.
1c. My 'musculature' is too short to fornicate with myself.
2. Must I make every chapter a cliff hanger? Well ... I would like to, or as nearly as possible. I'm writing this to be a story a person would sit down to read from start to finish ... not as a serial production. When reading the story as a book, I hope it works better. Peripheral answers to questions related to cliff hangers.
2a. See 1a above.
2b. See 1b above.
2c. I am the sum of my parts! I am not simply the anal portion, despite some readers and my wife's opinion.
I will try to get the next chapter out quicker, but I can't promise. I will get it done as quickly as I can. I hope you enjoy 18 - Demon's Trap.