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aubie56 A Mat Sullivan and Sarah York story (11)
Bill Lang is a shootist. He steps in to help a friend and his beautiful wife save the ranch and runs into a mysterious plot. Is he fast enough and good enough with his guns and his brain to survive?
Tags: Historical, Violent
Sex Contents: No Sex
Posted: Concluded:
262 KB 38407 761 7.76

The Shootist
aubie56 Join Hiram Percy Thomas as he grows up and learns to be a successful “shootist” in the late 1800s. With a name like that, he had to learn to be tough and quick with a gun. Follow him as The Twin Oaks Kid works his way up the ladder of his profession until he finally gets the best job of all! There is no overt sex described this story, but off-stage prostitution does play a significant part in it. The spelling is modern, so it should be easy to read.
Tags: mt/Fa, Historical, Humor, Violent
Sex Contents: No Sex
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179 KB 38119 1109 7.76

The Trail to Perdition
woodmanone A Story in the The Trilogy and More Universe
After a family tragedy Tom Boone becomes a Deputy U.S. Marshal and travels from one type of hell to another doing his duty.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic
Sex Contents: No Sex
110 KB 11355 1074 7.75

A School Teacher's Fate
aubie56 Ann Olson was a school teacher who decided to go West in 1868. She had no prospects, and she hated Philadelphia, so she went looking for greener pastures. Join her on her great adventure.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Historical, Humor, Oral Sex, Slow, Violent
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Posted: Concluded:
89 KB 21806 730 7.75

Ambush at Willow Run
aubie56 This is another story suggested by a real incident in Texas in the 1860s. A doctor is murdered by a gang of Union Army veterans, and his daughter is out for revenge on the damyankees. Her specialty is a Le Mat combination 9-shot pistol and 18-gauge shotgun (a real Confederate cavalry weapon). Join her as she combines being a doctor and a superhero.
Tags: Historical, Humor, Violent
Sex Contents: No Sex
Posted: Concluded: / (Review)
219 KB 33292 941 7.75

The Hangman Cometh--a Revisit
woodmanone A Story in the The Trilogy and More Universe
A continuation of the life and times of famous gunfighter Tyler Rawlings.
Tags: Fiction, Western
Sex Contents: No Sex
55 KB 7519 679 7.73

The Walker Colt - Billy's Tale
Andyhm A The Walker Colt Story (1)
The Walker Colt was a beautiful weapon. It has a history that has fused itself into the very fabric of the pistol. Bob is asked to restore the pistol, and Billy Pruitt was the first man to own it. This is their tale.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Historical, Western
Sex Contents: Some Sex
79 KB 8074 682 7.73

How Ronny Throckmorton Was Saved From The Indians
Lubrican Captured by Indians as a boy, he grew up as an Indian. When a white woman and her three children are captured by his arch enemy, endangering the tribe, he undertakes getting them back to where they belong. Along the way, though, they must abide by his customs, including his attitude toward sex. Rape is part of the story, but not a code.
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Petting, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Posted: / (Review)
99 KB 24028 784 7.72

Protection Fer Who?
aubie56 A Jeff Burnside Story (2)
Jeff and Jane Burnside cope with Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers in Missouri in 1863. And they haven't even met the Union Army, yet. Join them and their friends as they try to survive with a growing family in the Wild West of the time. Caution: This story uses dialect throughout.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Historical, Humor, Violent
Sex Contents: No Sex
Posted: Concluded:
141 KB 20985 538 7.71

A New Life
Hastings Alien transports retired NCO to 1867 Arizona
Tags: Ma/Fa, Western, Aliens, Time Travel
Sex Contents: No Sex
Posted: in progress Updated: / (Review)
122 KB 100379 1944 7.70