Coma: the Sequel

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2014 by DG Hear

Romantic Sex Story: I woke up from a coma. Would reality match my dream? I need to know.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Cheating   .

At the end of my story 'Coma' there was a twist thrown in. I will begin the sequel from that point. If you haven't read 'Coma' you might want to read it first to better understand the story. A big 'Thank You' to Linda62953 for editing my stories.

I woke up and suddenly realized I had no idea where I was. I looked around the room and it looked like a hospital room. What was I doing here? Was I dreaming? I tried to sit up and fell back down due to being dizzy. I quickly found the nurses buzzer and pressed it at least a half dozen times. A nurse came running into my room, "You're awake! Oh my God!" she looked nervous as she grabbed her phone and called in the doctor before I could even say anything.

"Where am I? What's happened to me? How did I get here, I can't remember anything!" I screamed out.

"Just stay calm Mr. Wright, the doctor is on his way. He'll explain everything to you. You were in an accident," she seemed nervous, but I didn't know why.

"Where is Annie? Someone please find Annie!" I screamed out.

The doctor came in and I heard the nurse ask him why I was asking for Annie? How did I know Annie was my caregiver?

Was this real or was I dreaming or having a nightmare again? I had no idea what was going on. Was it all a premonition of what was to happen to me?

I looked up and there stood Annie, just like I had dreamed about. She was so beautiful and said, "Hi Justin, I heard you woke up and got here as fast as I could. Everything will be all right now."

I was lost for words. I remembered my dream like it had just happened. I didn't know what to say. If I mentioned my dream to the doctor or Annie, would it change the outcome? I fell in love with Annie in my dream and we ended up getting married. Would it change if I talked about it? Did everything in my dream really happen? What about Julie? Did she cheat on me or was that just part of my dream?

I decided it would probably be best not to tell much of my dream to anyone. I needed to find out if it was a premonition or just a dream.

Annie said she'd be back after the doctor examined me. He told me to calm down and said he'd answer my questions as soon as he ran a few tests. He squeezed my hands and asked me if I could feel it. He then pricked my feet and toes. I pulled back saying, "Ouch!" It made the doctor smile. I had to wonder if he was a sadist or something, smiling that he'd caused me pain.

It was still very similar to my dream. Damn! I wished I would have paid closer attention to everything I'd dreamed. I was hoping for a future with Annie and didn't want to mess things up.

"Mr. Wright, you were in a car accident and have been in a coma. I have a few questions to ask you. What do you think the date is today?"

I told him that I wasn't sure but I believed it was December 23 and asked why he was asking me this?"

"I'll explain it to you in a few minutes but I need to ask you a few more questions. "What is the last thing you remember?"

Now this was a problem. Should I tell him about my dream or what I remembered about my accident? The truth and my dream were getting mixed up in my mind.

"I'm not sure what you mean. I remember being in my office and I think I got in my car last night, but I can't remember why." I decided to ask him about my wife. "Where's my wife Julie? I think I remember her singing and she kissed me goodnight. Wait, that might have been a dream. Damn! I can't remember. Get my wife please; maybe she can help me out here."

The doctor said, "Mr. Wright, the date is March 29, 2014. You've been in a coma since Dec. 22, 2013. You were in a terrible motor vehicle accident and have been in a coma since you arrived."

So far it was somewhat like I remembered. Then he asked me about Annie. He said that the nurse had said I'd asked about Annie. Shit, I didn't want to tell him about the dream so I told him I believed I'd heard someone singing to me while I was in the coma and I heard the name Annie.

"Did you recognize Annie when she came in here?" asked the doctor.

"I'm not sure. I didn't get a good look at her. Who is she?" I asked, wondering if he would tell me she was my caregiver, just like I'd dreamed.

"She's a registered nurse. A nurse is assigned to coma patients to take care of their needs, whatever they need. Annie volunteered to be your caregiver."

I asked again about my wife, Julie and the doctor told me that Annie would talk to me about the accident and call whomever I wanted her to contact. He did tell me that she had been my caregiver ever since the day of the accident.

The doctor left and Annie came back in. She pretty much repeated what she'd told me in my dream. "Hi Justin, I came in the moment I heard you'd woke up."

I decided for now, to go along with what I remembered in my dream. "I know you! We went to the same college, didn't we? Your name is Annette. How come I can remember you, but not what I last did? Can you tell me what happened and contact my wife Julie and my parents?"

"I'll tell you all that I know. First of all, I contacted your parents already and they'll be here first thing in the morning. I called your wife and left her a message on her phone. I'll try to explain what I can to you, but we need to take it slow."

"What can you tell me about Julie? Does she come here regularly to see me?" I was pushing it a little; I needed to know what was real and what wasn't.

"Justin, I prefer not to talk to you about Julie, if you don't mind. Your parents can discuss it with you tomorrow."

"Why? Please, just tell me if she's been here to see me," I asked.

"She came in the afternoon, the day after your accident. She stayed maybe fifteen minutes, argued with your parents and then left. There was an older man she called 'Rob' who waited for her in the visitors lounge. She stopped by a few times the first couple of weeks. She argued about your care with the administrators. After that, she came in maybe once a month looked at you and left. I'm sorry, but I won't lie to you."

"Thank you for being honest with me. Is there any chance I can get something to drink? My mouth and throat are really dry."

She gave me a sip of water and a small glass of ice chips. Later she brought me a can of ginger ale. She told me to take small sips, so my stomach would get used to something being in it again. She explained that I would be on mostly soups and soft foods to start and would be starting some physical therapy that day to help rebuild my muscles.

The doctor came back in and ran a few more tests. He told me everything was looking good and that I was a very lucky man. I sure didn't feel that lucky, laying there in bed. He was interested in my memory and of what I thought were dreams. He said very few coma patients who woke up ever mentioned having or remembering their dreams.

"I don't know Doc, I remember hearing someone singing and reading to me. I assumed it was my wife but it could have been Annie. I have this song in my head that I heard repeatedly. Right now, I can't even remember what it was. Does Annie sing?" I asked. "I know Julie never sang that I know of."

The doctor said, "As a matter of fact, Annie has a great voice and is always singing. I don't know how, but maybe you did hear her."

The doctor left and I must have dozed off when I heard a male voice. It was Tony, I remembered him from my dream. I wanted to see if he followed my premonition.

"Hey there Justin, nice to see you're awake. I'm Tony and I'll help you get those muscles back in shape. For today, you'll be taking it pretty easy. I'm hanging a bar above your head and all you have to do is reach up and hold on to it. Hopefully, you'll be able to pull yourself up into a sitting position. Take your time and pretend you're doing pull ups. Don't overdo it."

Needless to say, I overdid it and my arms ached. Annie came in with a lotion for aches and pains and rubbed it on my arms. She helped me sit up and I was able to eat some soup. I have to admit my arms hurt but I had to play a little macho in front of Annie. I knew she'd seen right through my charade when she shook her head.

I wanted so bad to tell her about my dream, but I knew I had to wait and find out about Julie. She did ask me what made me say her name to the nurse when I woke up and I told her that I did have a dream during my coma and I don't know why but she was in it. It made her smile.

The next morning Tony was back with a wheelchair and told me Annie had said I overdid it yesterday, just like in my dream. Next, he was supposed to tell me about our plans today and that's what he did.

"Well, we're going to get you to stand today," he said to me. "Hopefully you can help hold yourself up. That's why I wanted you to exercise your arms yesterday." He helped me into the wheelchair and we went down to the therapy room.

He helped me stand up and I wrapped my arms around the two bars. Wow, it hurt like hell trying to hold myself up. It hurt even more than it did in my dream. After about a minute, I had to sit back down. Tony would let me rest for a couple of minutes and then I would have to stand again. This went on for about a good hour. It was becoming easier and I even smiled. As I exercised, Tony and I talked.

"How well do you know Annie?" I asked.

"She's been here about two years. She has to be the nicest woman alive. Everyone loves her," Tony replied.

He told me they never dated even though he'd asked her out. It was odd asking him questions that I already knew the answers to. He did say that they'd went out in a group before to a lounge and that Annie could really sing.

When I asked if she dated, he told me she'd dated a couple of interns but it didn't last. She was hung up on an old boyfriend from college who dumped her for another girl. If my dream was holding true, I was that guy. I asked Tony if he ever met my wife and he said he hadn't but word was, she was a looker. I just smiled and shook my head. She sure had the body and dressed like a slut looking back and thinking about her.

If she hadn't gotten pregnant, I doubt I would have married her. All I wanted was to do right by her, seeing as I got her pregnant. So far, I found out she didn't show up the day of my accident. Guess I'll have that talk with my parents and see if she's the slut I was told about in my dreams.

Tony took me back to my room. Annie came in and asked how things went. Tony said that I did great and would be on my feet in no time. Shortly after I was settled in, my parents came in to see me. They smiled at Annie as she left to do her rounds and both of them came over and hugged me.

Mom was crying and even Dad had tears in his eyes. The last time I talked to Dad, we'd argued. It my dream, it seemed like it was yesterday but now it seemed like months ago.

We did the how are you; and them saying they were happy to see me wake up. I asked about Julie and my dad got mad almost instantly. I must have hit a nerve because my dad got mad and told me Julie was a cheating wife and took me for everything I had and she wanted me dead. My mom had to calm him down.

"What do you mean she took me for everything I had? We're still married aren't we?"

"In name only," my dad said. "I'll do my best to explain it all to you. Are you sure you're up to it? It's a really messed up situation."

I had a good idea what dad was going to say and he explained it pretty much like in my dream. I let them know that Annie explained my condition after the accident and was told Julie rarely came in to see me.

"Son," said Dad. "When we saw you after the accident you were in a coma. You were pretty messed up. Annie said you were on life support to keep your heart beating and to help your lungs receive air."

"The next day Julie arrived with some guy as old as me and said she wanted you taken off life support. She said you'd always said you never wanted a machine to keep you alive."

Dad explained that Julie got a lawyer and fought with the hospital over my being on life support. I now knew that the things about Julie in my dreams were true. She was a conniving slut that took me for everything that I owned.

I knew my next talk with Annie would be to find out if Julie had the abortion and about her nude day vacations. Over the next few days, a lot of things happened. I was trying to remember what all happened in the days before my accident and in my dream. It was hard trying to remember what I'd said to everyone in the dream.

Tony worked with me and I was now walking with crutches but taking it slow. We talked and I must have said a few things differently because Tony told me more about his personal life with the women. Like me, he was a player. He'd have sex with anything that moved. I sure was glad that Annie didn't date him. I didn't want to bring up Kelly until Annie brought her up.

My parents came in everyday and told me more things about Julie; none of it was good. Most of it I remembered from my dreams. They told me my job was still there waiting for me and that my secretary Cindy was handling it quite well but didn't want the responsibility of management.

Back to Annie, she was there every day to see me. I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed when she removed my catheter. She smiled at me and said it wasn't the first time she'd saw my private areas. She gave me sponge baths regularly. I thanked her time and time again for all she had done for me. How do you thank someone for saving your life?

Annie would stop by after her shift everyday and talk with me. We talked about my life with Julie and why we got married. I told Annie that I knew everyone considered me a player. My parents were wealthy and I got most everything I wanted. I explained about my parents not trusting Julie and all the things they told me. When I mentioned Julie's miscarriage, Annie just stared at me. That wasn't like her so I asked her what was the matter.

"Justin, Julie wasn't the honorable woman you thought she was. I'm sorry but you deserve to know the truth. I don't know if you remember when Julie and her girlfriends went to Myrtle Beach for a few days."

"Yes, I remember, they went two years in a row just to get away from the class work. She asked me to go but I had to work at the dealership and couldn't go," I replied.

"She didn't want you to go and knew you had to work. Why do you think she went with three of her girlfriends? They went to party. It was the nude day party at a private beach."

"How do you know this?" I asked. It looked like Annie was to tell me about the nude day party just like in my dream. I wasn't sure if I was sad or happy that it was true. I would be a cuckold but also free to pursue Annie.

"My friend Kelly was one of the three girls that went with her the second year. Kelly started working here and we became friends, and she told me all about it. I didn't know anything about what happened until you were brought in, due to the accident. Do you really want to know what went on? I'm not really comfortable with telling you." I wanted to know.

She told me the story about Kelly at the nude day party and I asked her what she knew about Julie. She told me pretty much what I remembered in my dream.

"Kelly said it was Julie's idea to go the second year since she enjoyed the first one so much. Kelly took photos of Julie with her cell phone. Believe me; you don't want to see them. Julie was so out of it that she didn't even know Kelly took the pictures. She was with as many as three guys at once. Julie is a very sexy woman. Every guy wanted a piece of her, and Kelly said, they got it. When they were done with her, she didn't look so sexy. According to Kelly, she looked like a drunken whore who had just gotten gangbanged."

"Did you see the pictures?" I asked.

"Yes," said Annie. I was probably looking dejected as Annie said, "Maybe, I shouldn't have told you about Julie, I'm sorry."

"No, I'm glad you did. I needed someone to tell me the truth, but now there is something I need to tell you."

"What is it Justin? You look awfully pale all of a sudden."

"What I'm about to tell you could possibly change my life and yours forever. Do you believe in premonitions or dreams?"

"I don't know what you mean," she looked concerned.

"I had a dream, a premonition of what would happen when I woke up. Everything that you have told me and everything that my parents have told me, I've already heard. I really care for you and I couldn't keep it from you. The only problem is by telling you, I might have changed the outcome."

Annie looked nervous, "Are you telling me you think you lived through this already, kind of like the movie, "Groundhog Day?"

"Yes and no. I only lived through it once, but by telling you, I may have changed a few things and it could change the path of my dream."

"In your dream, what was I going to tell you next?" asked Annie.

"That you didn't say that Julie was a slut, even though she was and that you don't think she had a miscarriage either, but can't prove it. You think she had an abortion."

"You said she'd gone to a Family Planning clinic and during the procedure she had complications and was brought to the hospital and they finished with the 'miscarriage'."

"Oh my God! That's scary, Justin. How far in the future does your dream go?"

"I can't tell you. I don't want the future to change. The more I say about my dream the more changes it might make."

"But when I talk to you, you know what I'm going to say. It's as if you are reading my mind and knowing my thoughts. Justin, I have to think about this. I'll talk to you later."

As she was leaving, I asked her to please not tell anyone about my dream. She looked at me and left the room. I had to wonder if I'd made a big mistake. I didn't want to change the future of Annie and me being together but I to be honest with her as well.

After Annie left, I started looking through my calendar book that Cindy had dropped off for last December. I noticed two calls from a Norma Wilson, both in late December. I notice the last one was on December 22, the day of my accident. I decided to call her and maybe she could shed some light on the twenty-second.

I called Norma and our conversation went the same as it was in my dream. I was going to the motel and catch Julie and Rob having their affair when I'd had my accident. I did find out that Rob was a wealthy man but was going to lose half of his wealth to Norma.

I guess Julie was in it for the money. I wondered if she would stay with Rob or take him for what she could and then leave him, too. I figured that was her plan for me.

I wasn't sure where I was going from here, but I followed my dream and called my lawyer and started divorce proceedings. I wanted out of this marriage as soon as possible. Ken, my lawyer came to see me the next day. I explained the entire situation to him and he said he would get right on it.

Annie came back in to see me and I explained everything I had found out from Norma. She smiled when I told her I had talked to my lawyer and had already started getting a divorce. She told me she had some news for me but that I probably already knew it from my dream. I was doing better than expected on my rehabilitation and would be released from the hospital in a couple of days.

"Annie, I told you about the dream because I care for you. I don't remember every little detail of my dream. I need you to trust me; you're the best thing in my life."

After my discharge, I would still have to come in for an hour or so each day and work out with Tony. I could also start eating most anything now, but not to overdo it. Now I had a new problem. Where was I going to live on such short notice? I couldn't move back to Cleveland with my parents. I was hoping to get back to work within a couple of weeks.

Annie told me not to worry about a place to live. She would find a place for me close to the hospital. "Where did your dream say you would live?" asked Annie. I had to wonder if Annie would still let me move in with her.

"Annie please don't do this. I can't help what I dreamed. I told you because I trust you and care for you."

"I'm sorry Justin, but it's like whenever I talk to you, I feel you know what I'm going to say. I'm glad you told me and trust me but I wish you wouldn't have told me. It's kind of spooky/weird."

"As I said, I don't remember every detail or conversation and some things change because I don't remember everything, just like telling you about the dream. It's changed the way you talk to me."

After Annie left, I was up and moving around using a walker but I could get by with a walking stick when necessary. I was still a bit unsure on my feet. I was eating lunch when low and behold, who comes in to see me but, Julie. She didn't seem the least bit happy to see me.

"Your lawyer called and said you want a divorce." That was the first thing she said to me. No hello, how are you or glad to see you're finally awake. Of course, she wasn't happy, but she could have lied to me like she's been doing for the last couple of years.

"Yes, I want nothing to do with you. You've been cheating on me since I met you," I told her. The conversation went just as I remembered.

"Who told you that, Miss Prissy, your housemaid? Maybe it was your parents, who never liked me. Let me say one thing; I'll go down fighting. You'll be paying some big alimony for what you put me through. You owe me for sticking around."

I couldn't believe what she was saying to me. I was pissed when she mentioned Annie. "Annie is twice the woman you'll ever be. You go fucking your boss and move him in to my apartment. I know you were with him the night of my accident. Instead of coming to the hospital to see how I was, you stayed at the motel and fucked him." I was saying it loud because I was pissed.

"I know his wife kicked him out and is getting a divorce. I also found out that you fucked about a dozen guys at the nude day party you went to, two years in a row. You're nothing but a fucking slut and I have the pictures to prove it."

"Who told you that? That's a lie! It's all Bullshit! You're bluffing, you don't have any pictures." She looked a bit worried.

"Pictures don't lie and I got my hands on a lot of them. You fucking two and three guys at a time and letting a half dozen guys come all over you. I even have some of you with two black guys at the same time."

"You'll get a chance to see them at our divorce hearing. I'm sure Rob would be interested in seeing his slut girlfriend at play." I know I over played my hand, but I just got pissed. I sure hoped Kelly had the pictures I saw in my dream.

"You wouldn't dare! You leave Rob out of this."

"So, I see you're admitting it and afraid you might lose your meal ticket. Sign the fucking divorce papers and maybe no one else will see these pictures. I do have a question I would like answered. Was the baby that you aborted even mine?" She looked like she had seen a ghost, got up and left the hospital.

I need to mention something about my dream. Time isn't overly relevant to me. I may say a few days later or a week later but I'm really guessing here. If you read me saying something out of order here it's because I kept mixing up my dream and reality. It really confuses me. I'm trying to live my dream the way I remember it, so I end up marrying Annie.

It was the day I was released from the hospital that my lawyer said that Julie agreed to the terms of my divorce. I asked him what terms, since I didn't have anything.

"She doesn't get any alimony and she has to pay half the credit card bills that she ran up, since it was a joint account. I know she took the money out of your savings account but you can't get any of that back. Since your name was taken off the apartment lease, you have no expenses there.

"All she asked for is that no pictures of her in compromising situations be shown. You never told me about any pictures so I just went along with it. This is a pretty easy settlement. The only thing is, she wants a 'no-fault' divorce and proof the pictures exist."

I told Ken I would get him the pictures and he told me it was the last time I would have to even talk to Julie. I could be free of her in less than a month. I knew I had to talk to Annie and see if she could get me any pictures of Julie off Kelly's phone.

Annie came in after my lawyer left and asked me how it went. I explained the terms of the divorce. I asked her if she could talk with Kelly and get me the photos I needed. I hated asking her, but I didn't know any other way. She said she'd see what she could do.

The reason that she came in to see me was to tell me she had my living problem taken care of. I gave a little smile and she looked at me. "What? Oh, I forgot, you already know. It is a nice efficiency apartment a couple of miles from here. You can take the city transport and it will drop you off at the corner."

I know by the look on my face that I was stunned. "What is it Justin? Isn't that what you saw in your dream?"

"No, not really, but thank you for finding me a place. I really do appreciate it." I knew by telling her about my dream that I must have screwed things up pretty good.

"Justin, where did you think you were going to stay? Were you going back to your parent's home for a few weeks?"

"It's not important and the place you found will be great. Thank you!"

"Justin, where did your dream say you were going to stay?"

I kind of gave a sick laugh. "I had dreamed that you invited me to stay with you. I'm sorry; I guess I was excited that I would be with you."

She stared at me and said she'd be right back. She came back about a half an hour later and told me that she'd canceled the month-to-month lease for my apartment. She said that I could move into her apartment. She had never thought about it, but it made perfect sense for me. It was only a half mile from the hospital and the hospital's hospitality bus went right by her condo and I could ride it to therapy everyday. She said that way she could make sure I ate right. She was surprised she'd never thought of it.

I didn't know what to say. This angel saved my life, took care of me and now offered me a room in her home. "Justin, I care for you very much and consider you a good friend. I just want to help you out, till you get back on your feet. No strings attached."

I wasn't about to argue with her and thanked her for everything. I promised her I would do all I could to help her out and try not to be a burden to her.

I went to therapy and Tony said he heard of my good fortune that I was staying at Annie's place. "I knew she liked you," said Tony. "Don't hurt her and always be honest with her. She's one of my best friends. I've never known her to let someone stay at her place. You're one lucky guy."

Annie put me in a wheelchair to wheel me out of the hospital and to the hospitality bus. She helped me on and we headed to her place. I was both excited and nervous as we pulled up to a gated housing unit. This was one ritzy area. We got off the bus and the guard at the gate smiled as he greeted Annie. Everything was just as I had dreamt.

"This must be Roy," I said to Annie.

She gave me that look about reading minds and turned to Roy and said, "Roy, can you give my friend Justin and I a lift to my condo? He will be staying with me and going to rehabilitation therapy every day."

"Anything for you Annie," he said with a smile on his face. He gave me a look that said, 'you better not hurt Annie', but acted nice enough.

Her condo was just as I remembered in my dream. I don't remember every detail but I knew my way around as Annie showed me the different rooms. I was doing my best not to push the fact I knew where everything was.

I found myself saying. "Annie, why are you doing all this for me? Help me understand. We were lab partners and never even hung out with the same people. As I understand more about my life, I'm finding out you've done more for me than anyone ever has. I understand my parents helping me but why are you doing so much?" I guess I just wanted to hear her say she loved me as much as I knew I loved her.

"Justin, you must know by now that I had a big crush on you in college. I would often dream about us being a couple. Needless to say, that dream was crushed when you married Julie. That didn't mean I no longer liked you. I've seen what you've been through and I couldn't stand by and do nothing. Those feelings I had are still there. Now, let me show you around."

I saw the hot tub and remembered if all went according to my dream, it would be the place where we first start making love. I must have had a smile on my face because Annie looked at me and said, "You're remembering something aren't you."

I looked at her and just said, "Wishful thinking."

I didn't have many clothes, hell I didn't have much of anything right now. Annie handed me a couple of shopping bags. She had went and bought me a couple of outfits so I would have something to wear. I had called my parents and told them where I would be staying and they were blown away. They said they would bring some of my clothes and I could go through them and see what still fit me.

Annie said she would make us some dinner. She told me to sit down and relax. I couldn't do it; I got up and went into the kitchen to help her out. It made her smile; I loved to see her smile.

We talked about how we would do things. It was mostly, play it by ear as we went along. She would get up in the mornings and leave for work. She usually drove but sometimes used the bus. She did tell me I had full use of her place but I had to clean up after myself. I laughed when she said she wasn't my maid. We both started laughing.

She put on her PJ's and I had on a pair of shorts. I sat in the easy chair and she sat on the couch with her feet under her. We watched TV but I spent more time looking at her. She really was an angel. She looked, acted and talked like one. I had to wonder why she wasn't with anyone. Maybe it was true like in my dream that she'd had some bad experiences.

It was getting late and we headed for bed. Annie said goodnight and I watched her close her bedroom door. I lay on my bed and went to sleep thinking about Annie.

I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not, but I heard that voice singing the song I remember hearing while I was in the coma.

Forgive me for wanting you so

But one thing I want you to know

I've loved you since heaven knows when

There! I've said it again,

It came back to me, she told me it was the song she sang a lot while taking care of me. I stepped out into the hall about the same time, Annie came out of her bedroom dressed for work. "Oh, hi Justin, I hope I didn't wake you."

"Did you just sing a song while you were in the shower? You sure smell good."

"Thank You," she smiled at me. "And yes, I'm always singing. Why? What's the matter? Did it bother you?" asked Annie.

"God, no! It was beautiful. It was the voice and song that I heard singing to me while I was in the coma. I told the doctor about it but I don't think he believed me. Did you sing that song to me while I was in the coma?" I remember saying the same thing to her in my dream.

"Why yes, I sang it quite often. Sometimes I would sing to you and other times read to you."

"What is the name of the song?" I asked.

"There! I've Said It Again by Bobby Vinton. Do you like it?"

"Yes, I love it. Will you sing it for me sometime?"

"Maybe, but not right now, I have to leave for work. I'll see you later at the hospital. Don't forget to call the hospitality bus to pick you up. Also, if you call the guardhouse Roy will drive you down to the gate. Take care, ok."

I don't know why I did it but I leaned over and kissed her, just as I did in my dream. I know it surprised her. She turned and went to leave without saying anything.

"Annie," she turned toward me, "I ... I'm not sorry I kissed you."

"I'm not either," she said, as she walked out the door.

Over the next couple of days, I went to therapy and Tony and I talked. He asked me how it was going with Annie and I told him it was great but there was a little tension. He told me to talk to her and let her know how I felt.

My parents came by and brought me some of my personal items. When Annie came in, they hugged and kissed her. Damn, they loved her too. They offered to take us out for dinner and Annie accepted.

They asked Annie about a restaurant and lounge they had seen on the way in. Annie told them it was a local hangout for a lot of the hospital staff and the food was good, so we went there. It was the karaoke bar I'd remembered in my dreams.

Since my parents said they would be in town just the one night, Annie insisted that they stay at her place. She said they could have my bed and I could sleep on the couch, which converted into a bed. Dad started to say something but mom interrupted him and said they would stay. Mom said it would give us all more time together. They were taking me to the dealership the next day so I could order a vehicle to drive and I could talk with some of the people I worked with who were wondering how I was doing and when I was coming back.

It seemed Annie knew almost everyone in the restaurant as they all greeted her. There was a DJ playing some soft music for the patrons. He waved at Annie and she smiled back at him. I felt a bit jealous that everyone was friendly with Annie. When we were about done with our dinner, the DJ made an announcement.

"May I have your attention please? I know this isn't karaoke night but we have with us tonight a three-time winner of our monthly karaoke contests. She hasn't been here for a few months so with a little applause maybe we can get her to sing for us. Annie Peterson, come up and sing for us, please!"

The people started clapping and my parents and I joined in. At first, Annie shook her head no then looked at me and asked me if she sang in my dream and what did she sing. I told her she did and that she sang, 'There, I've Said it Again, by Bobby Vinton'.

She whispered to the DJ and he got a song ready for her. She began singing, but it wasn't the same song; she changed it.

When I want you in my arms,

when I want you and all your charms

Whenever I want you, all I have to do, is

Dream, dream, dream, dream.

When I feel blue in the night,

and I need you to hold me tight

Whenever I want you,

all I have to do, is dream.

I can make you mine,

taste your lips of wine,

any time, night or day

Only trouble is, gee wiz,

I'm dreamin' my life away

I knew she was singing to me since it was a song about dreaming. She later told me it was, 'All I Have To Do Is Dream' by the Everly Brothers.

I need you so that I could die,

I love you so, and that is why

Whenever I want you, all I have to do,

Is Dream, dream dream dream, dream

When she finished everyone applauded and asked for another song. She thanked everyone but told them maybe next time. She came back to the table and gave me a smile. "Did you expect another song?" she kind of laughed. I knew she wanted to be able to surprise me so I wouldn't know everything that was coming next.

We all went back to the condo and talked awhile. Everything was as in my dream; Annie said she had to be up early to go to work. Mom mentioned that they would be taking me to the dealership. She thanked Annie for her hospitality and letting them stay there. I let Annie know that I would see her at the hospital after my exercises.

After dad got up, we headed for the dealership. It was nice seeing all the people I worked with. Cindy was the first to give me a hug and I shook hands with most everyone else. I was asked when I was going to return and I told them it would be a couple of weeks. I would probably start back on half days, but was excited just to come back.

My parents and I went into the office and ordered a new vehicle for me. It would be in the following week. After saying my goodbyes, my parents dropped me off at the hospital. I thanked them for everything and headed into the hospital. The last thing they said was to say bye to Annie for them.

Tony told me I was doing great and it would probably be the last week I would need to come in. He said I should take short walks and do a few daily exercises. He asked me about Annie and I told him we were getting along fine. He said he and Kelly still wanted to double date with us.

It brought my thoughts back to Annie and I wondered about her past. We've never discussed her sexual life, but she was quite aware of mine. I remember what she told me in my dream that she just hadn't found the right guy.

I had lunch with Annie and took the bus back to the house. Two days a week Annie went to classes. She wanted to become a nurse practitioner. I did my best to try to have something made for our dinner on school nights. I knew she was tired from being on her feet all day. After the first week, I convinced her to use her hot tub. Damn, she was built! She had what I would call the perfect figure. The real hourglass shape and that flat sexy tummy.

She always wore a bathing suit even though I told her we could go naked. It always made her laugh. "You'd love that wouldn't you big boy."

We never kissed since the first day when I kissed her before she left for work. I've tried and she told me, "No, that I was a married man." She knew I had filed for a divorce, but she still said no. She actually said to try again after my divorce.

My attorney said there was a slight hold up. When I asked him what it was he told me Julie had a lawyer look at the divorce papers and said she should have insisted on seeing the pictures I'd said I had.

That evening after she got home we ate dinner and got in the hot tub. I began rubbing her feet and she looked at me and said, "What's wrong Justin?" She could read me like a book.

"Julie wants to see the pictures before she agrees to the divorce."

Annie got out of the hot tub and took a manila envelope out of the cupboard. It was the four pictures she'd took off Kelly phone and had them enlarged. She'd put them in the cupboard in case I needed them.

She handed me the folder and asked again if I was sure I wanted to see them. I told her I didn't have any feelings for Julie other than spite. I looked at the pictures knowing what they were since they were the same as the ones in my dream. I thanked Annie for getting them for me.

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