Cheating Wives

by Barneyr

Copyright© 2014 by Barneyr

Flash Story: Synopsis: A man finds out his wife is not what she was for almost twenty-three years, faithful. Now she has cuckolded him with her boss, what is he to do? This is one of the last two cheating wife stories that I have written. I will go back to romantic, or drama stories after these two. BR

Caution: This Flash Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Cuckold   .

Why is it that every one of these cheating wives is every man's wet dream? I know my wife isn't every man's dream woman. To me, yes she is, she is beautiful, sexy and can raise a hard on me with just a look. However, to others, she is a dumpy housewife. She is forty-three years old, 5'-4" and weighs probably 150 or 160; she has mousy brown hair with some touches of grey, but I see what her love of her children and me is inside her; her personality. It was for me for over twenty-three years but now who knows.

Why you say, is it not love for me? I guess I would have to say that I just found out that she has been cheating on me for about a month with a coworker. Why, I have no idea; in spite of everything I know about her, how she can even do it to me and say she still loves me. I have given her everything she has ever wanted, well at least what she asked for or hinted at. I figure that at forty-five and still having sex about three times a week should tell her something. We have a nice house; the three kids are out of the house now with the last one, Barbara in college two states away.

I'm Don Pride and my wife Dorothy, and I have been married almost twenty-four years coming up in five months. We have three children, Melody our first, who is married and living in Tulsa Oklahoma. Then there is Don junior who is in his second year at Texas Tech and then Barbara, who is in her first year at Kansas State University.

The house is almost paid for; both cars are free and clear. Yeah, hers is a three-year-old Camry, and my five-year-old Dodge Ram is still in great shape and runs great. So what have I done that she is not happy with me or our life? I can think of only one thing. She is approaching the change and probably feels unloved and not attractive anymore. Maybe on the outside she may not be everyone's dream woman, but she is mine. Well, she was until I saw her coming out of the Red Roof inn a yesterday with Karl Silver, her boss.

I was stopped at the light after seeing a client when I looked over to the motel, and I spotted her and Karl coming out of the motel room. I probably wouldn't have thought a bit about it, until he leaned into the window of her car and kissed her with a scorcher. Well, it looked that way to me; he even moved his arm in the window, and it looked like he tweaked her nipple. She grabbed his tie and kissed him like I remember from our dating days just over twenty-one years ago.

The light turned and I had to move, but I surely didn't want to. I couldn't afford to have the cars behind me to honk their horns and cause a scene. I went about halfway down the block, pulled into a parking space, and had to catch my breath. I hadn't taken a breath since I saw my Dorothy and her paramour in the motel lot. Once I could breathe normally again I called in to work and said that I had something that didn't agree with me for lunch, and I needed the afternoon off.

Then I did some checking at the motel, and found out they meet there every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 2:00 and they usually left about an hour later. I got that information from the desk clerk for a nice portrait of Ulysses S. Grant. It's always the same room and Karl reserves it when he pays for the room for both days the next week on Thursday when he leaves. I asked if I could rent the room for the next Monday and that Thursday evening. The clerk, asked my reason, I said I just wanted to see the place they had found as their love nest.

The clerk said to me, "Now I can't let you have the room if you are going to wire it for sound and video. I mean that would be illegal. Now if you want the room to be able to rest and try to overcome your anger from finding out about your marriage, then I can definitely rent you the same room."

"Yes that's it; I need to think about what I need to do about my marriage and what better place to do that than in their love nest. I promise that I wouldn't try to do anything illegal in there."

"Good then Mr. Ah..."

"Mr. Grant will be sufficient."

"Thank you Mr. Grant, see next Monday."

I left and knew that my life was over as far as a marriage was concerned. Now I had to see if I could find some small cameras and a recorder. I went to my friendly Radio Shack to see if they had what I needed and lo and behold they had just what I needed. They had what they called nanny cams. These were small cameras with a flash drive type of memory or that could be recorded to you smart phone or a separate recorder. They were installed into many different items, like teddy bears, clock radios, photo frames, and desk lamps. They also had just the mini cameras that would fit inside a vent or a fake smoke detector. Man they had everything imaginable either in the store or from their catalogue. I picked up a fake smoke detector, and a mini-cam that I could place on the desk lamp in the room. I then downloaded the app for the monitors on my smart phone. I was all set now to finally have proof. I knew it couldn't be used in court, but who cared; I would have evidence that she couldn't deny and that would be the end of it.

Now I had to get the rest of my shit together. I could take her off my life insurance, my health insurance and try to get her off the joint bank account. To do that, I would have to open a new account and transfer some of the money over. I could take half of our savings, which was only about four thousand for me and my last paycheck out of the checking account. I paid all the bills on my computer at home so Dorothy had no idea what was there as long as her debit card worked she was happy.

Thursday evening went fairly well. I tried to keep myself in check and treat the lying, cheating bitch like I always did. Kissing her when she came home was the first of many tests that night, but it seemed I was a better actor than I thought. My next move was to try to act like the stupid clueless husband I had been for the last month. I wasn't sure that I could even look at my wife without getting angry and blowing the whole thing. Was I mad at her? Hell yes I was. Could I put up with her cheating anymore? No, but I had to keep my cool. I had to play act like I was totally clueless about what I had seen today.

On Friday, I called a lawyer who was recommended to me by a friend that had been raped in a divorce. He gave me his wife's lawyer's name. I called and got an appointment for Tuesday morning. His secretary emailed me a list of things I needed for the meeting and what I would have to do to divide our assets. So I tried to pull all that information together so I would be ready. I also opened a new savings account at another bank, and then I would transfer the money Friday night when I did the bills.

If I stayed busy with the yard, and cleaning and polishing the vehicles for this weekend, later maybe I could make it through until next week when I would have proof of her infidelity. Friday night I usually stayed up and paid all the bills that had come in that week, I did that and then transferred some more from the checking to my new account. I could at most have a savings account right now until we got divorced. Some new federal law said that your SSN could just be used on one checking account now. Another slap in the face of the average man from our illustrious politicians. I'd be willing to bet that they have multiple accounts all over the nation as well as overseas in numbered accounts. However, don't get me started on our crooks in power over in DC.

I did manage to stay away from Dorothy for most of the weekend. She tried to initiate sex on Saturday night, but I said I was too tired after doing the lawn and her car. I said I would take a rain check, and maybe we could try for Sunday or Monday night. That was when I realized that I had been getting some sloppy seconds on the nights we had sex on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. Hell I might even be slurping out old Karl's leavings on those nights. That was enough to put me off sex for a good while.

Monday afternoon I went over to the Red Roof Inn and paid cash for my Monday evening stay, and I tried to wire the room, so I could see the bed pretty good. I then left and went home. I told the wife that I was tired and may be coming down with something as a few people at work were out sick today. Maybe I caught something from them last week, and I was now sick with whatever they had.

I went to bed early, and I started out with a justified sleep, but I woke about three, then tossed, and turned the rest of the night.

I really felt like shit the next morning and Dorothy said I should stay home today, and not try to overtax myself if I was truly coming down with something. I had an appointment with a family lawyer for eleven and said I would stay home unless I felt better, and then I would go into work.

I had plenty of sick time and a lot of vacation time since I was rarely sick, and it was hard to get both of our employers to agree on some time off for vacations. Now that I think about it Karl may have been the instigator of that because Dorothy and I hadn't had a vacation or time off together except for the weekends in about three months. She was traveling some too. She had always done that, but about three months ago she started going more often. She said it was because of her new position, but I didn't see much of a rise in her pay for her new position. Maybe this had been going on longer than just a month. Well, I would find out soon; that's for damn sure.

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