The Other Guy

by Barneyr

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Cheating Wife Sex Story: I thought I would try to write a story told from another point of view - the other guy. I hope that this will satisfy everyone.

Caution: This Cheating Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .

My name is Jason Lee, and I'm a certified genius with an IQ of 168; I have seven degrees three of which are doctorates; I'm also a 'died in the wool, card carrying' 100 % nerd. I'm six feet one inch tall and weigh 158 pounds. I also wear thick glasses, and I'm terribly shy around beautiful women, although I have a bit of an advantage over most men. I have an eight-inch penis, and I know how to use it.

Now what does all this have to do with anything, probably nothing. However, it does explain why I'm the other guy.

I graduated high school at 13, entered college, and got my first degree in Business Administration, by the time I was 15, and then by 24 when I finally left college for the great big world out there, I had additional bachelor's degrees in, Industrial Security, and Physics. I also had a Master's Degree in Information Technology, and doctorates in Electrical Engineering, Advanced Mathematics, and Computer Science. I own my own company, Lee, and Associates, and we are mainly a consulting firm for almost any field of endeavor for businesses and individuals.

I met the woman of my dreams while in college while I was working on my masters in Information Technology. Her name was Lisa Burton, and she was a junior struggling with her studies in math and accounting at the same college where I was attending. I was tutoring students to derive spending money while I was at school. I had several scholarships in a few fields so my tuition, books, and most fees were satisfied, but I still needed money to be able to live on. I hated dorms, since I always got some jock or party animal as a roommate and that was not conducive to my studying habits. So tutoring allowed me to gain enough money to afford a cheap studio apartment not far from campus.

I had put a sheet of paper with my qualifications for tutoring on as many bulletin boards as possible all over campus with my phone number in little tear off strips, and I was bringing in well over $5,000 a month in additional money when I met Lisa. I was 21 when I met Lisa. She called me hoping that I could give her some time to help her with her problems. As it happened, I did have a couple of openings in my schedule where I could tutor her.

When she showed up at my apartment, I was totally flummoxed. Here was this 20-year-old gorgeous blonde model that took my heart and soul into her eyes and locked them away forever. Beautiful women have always intimidated me, but this creature captured my heart, and I acted like a shy child. Yea, several of my tutored students were jocks and cheerleader types that needed help in one subject or another, and at first I had a hard time tutoring beautiful girls. I was just too intimidated. However, I knew in order to make any money at this game I had to be able to talk to and interact with these women. So I developed a failsafe mechanism for me to picture them in a muumuu and fifty to a hundred pounds heavier. For years, public speakers have tried the trick of seeing their audience in their underwear to stave off stage fright. So I theorized that if it worked for them, this should work for me. And lo and behold it did. When some young thing leaned over in front of me and showed me some cleavage, I thought of a dairy cow and her udders and no more sexual thoughts or shyness. This system always worked for any beautiful woman until Lisa. The only picture that came into my mind with Lisa was her, and I, naked in bed and making love.

Now you might think that at 21 and being the nerd to end all nerds, I would still be a virgin. Remember not all of these nubile young females that needed assistance were from rich families that I could get money from for helping them along their academic life. No, some of them had very little resources in which to pay me, but they did have one thing of value to me. They could teach me about how to please women. I lost my virginity to a college senior, who needed help reviewing for her finals. Since she had limited resources, she said she would trade services, i.e., I would tutor her, and she would teach me about sex. This was a great opportunity for me to learn about sex, except what I could gain from reading or porn from the Internet. When Bernadette Peterson first saw me naked, she suddenly threw herself into her work of tutoring me in the ways of love. I guess my iron hard eight-inch cock waving in the breeze convinced her that she had a lot to teach me, and it seemed like a very one-sided bargain. I was 17 at the time.

In the month that I helped her review the subjects for her finals; I learned many ways to satisfy the daughters of Venus. I have since that time, repaid her kindness to so many women, I have lost count. Well not really, at the time I met Lisa; it was 57 different women I had tutored in their college subjects, and they tutored me in the ways of love. However, all of those women did not prepare me for Lisa. She took my breath away; I regressed back to the shy nerdy 12-year-old boy; when Marilyn Fiske, asked me to the senior prom. She did it on a dare, and I hemmed and hawed, and damn near pissed my pants when she asked me. I just stood there with my mouth opening and closing making like a fish out of water. I remember I stammered out, "Yo ... you want mmmmme to goooo to ... the da ... da ... dancccce wit ... with you?"

"No Poindexter, we wanted to see if I asked you, if you pissed your pants. I guess we were wrong. See ya Poindexter." And she turned around and left giggling and then laughing with the five girls with her. Needless to say I was the laughing stock of the whole school for about two weeks.

I was finally able to welcome Lisa to my apartment by gestures alone. Once we introduced ourselves and I gave her my fee paper, things calmed down some. Once I knew what subjects, she needed help in; I could throw myself into the tutoring. It was after the third session that I asked Lisa for a date. I did reserve either a Friday or Saturday night available for dates, as many of my students preferred to stay in those nights with me; God forbid that we be seen outside of the normal tutor – tutee relationship. Their reputation would be ruined if they were seen in public with a nerd such as me.

I felt deep in my heart that Lisa was different, so I asked her for a date to go to a movie on Saturday evening. It was a Tuesday evening when I asked her, and she responded with, "Jason; I would love to go out with you, however, I do have a steady boyfriend at the moment, and I don't think he would approve. Maybe some time later we can get together. If I can pass these subjects, I will be able to stay another year and who knows what will happen by then."

That was one of the gentlest putdowns I had ever received from any girl. I was smitten from then on. After five sessions Lisa was up to speed and no longer needed my help. We saw each other around on campus, and she did send a couple of girls my way for tutoring, but I lost touch with her, but I had heard that her boyfriend at the time became her fiancé shortly after her last session. I figured that she was the one that got away.

During my time after college, I took many martial arts classes due to my tall and lean stature. I wanted to be able to defend myself since my outer appearance would seem to make me a target for anyone who wanted what I had accumulated. I became a fourth-degree black belt in a couple of different arts and graduated on to Krav Maga. So although I looked to be a prime target for bullies, I was one dangerous dude.

Fast forward seven years to the next time I met Lisa. I went to Gates Manufacturing for a consultation on a manufacturing operation, and I met Lisa in the accounting section when I was setting up how and when I was to be paid. I certainly remembered her and she remembered me too, which was quite a shock. I had met several other men and women whom I had tutored over the years and none of them recognized me.

I immediately noticed the name Lisa Darby on her desk nameplate. I did remember that she was going with a Steven Darby in college, so I assumed that she married him either during her senior year or shortly thereafter. We talked of old times for a couple of minutes when she whispered to me, "Is it true what the rumors were about you? That you are a very skilled lover with a unique a ... unusually large..."

"Yes Mrs. Darby, that is quite true, however, I do not plow another man's field."

"I see, but would you plow someone's field if it was authorized, by the owner?"

"Are you implying that there is a standing agreement between the owner and that the field in question could be tilled and cultivated by others?"

"If you're asking if we have an open marriage, yes. And I would like to repay my debt to someone who helped me far more than they were aware of."

That's how it all started. What I didn't know was that Steven and Lisa didn't have an open marriage, she was looking for some outside excitement. They were approaching their seventh year together as man and wife and the sex was getting boring. Add to that, Steven was traveling a lot and leaving Lisa home alone and you get the typical situation for cheating. Needless to say I never knew until we were found out that she was just cheating on Steven.

We set up a time and place, my town house, in the city, and a schedule for when she would come to see me and we could get it on. She became obsessed with me, and that is how we got caught.

At first, she only set up dates when her husband was gone, but four months later she was visiting me in the evening after her work and telling her husband that she was having a drink or two with the girls after work. That was her downfall. I think if she had kept it to Friday evenings after work and not stayed for a double, we probably would have never been found out.

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