A Family Affair

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2014 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A power outage changed his life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

The tearing apart of my family came about because of a power outage.

Maybe once every couple of months or so there will be a power outage in the area where we live. They last anywhere from a minute or two to several hours. As everyone knows power outages affect electrical and electronic devises. When our alarm clock loses power it resets itself to 12:00 a.m. and the LEDs start flashing to alert you to the fact that power has been interrupted.

If this happens in the middle of the night you of course don't know about it until you wake up and find that the alarm didn't wake you when it was supposed to. That was the case on the Tuesday morning that my world turned to shit. I woke to see the flashing lights and I got up and got my watch off the dresser to find that I'd overslept by almost an hour. I had an important meeting that morning and I could not miss it.

In my rush to get ready to go to work I overlooked taking some normal precautions like locking the bathroom door when peeing to keep an inquisitive four year old from walking in on me. I was standing in front of the toilet taking a whiz when I heard:

"I don't got one of those" and I turned and saw Laura, my four year old daughter standing there watching me. Then she said the words that turned my worlds upside down.

"Uncle Billy has one of those too. His is bigger."

That statement stunned me. I forgot that I was standing in front of my daughter holding my cock and I asked:

"How do you know Uncle Billy has one too? How do you know his is bigger?"

"I see it when he comes to see mommy and I know it is bigger because mommy says so."

"When did mommy say that?"

"Yesterday. Yesterday she told Uncle Billy that his was bigger than yours."

I suddenly realized where we were and I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. What Laura had just said rocked me to the core. If she was right and I had no reason to doubt her since in her innocence she had no idea of what she had seen and what it meant. She was just stating what she had seen and heard, but to me the words and their meaning were clear as day.

My wife was cheating on me and she was doing it with my brother!

And it was apparently so common an occurrence that it didn't register on Laura as a special occasion to her and I didn't get a "Daddy, daddy; guess what? Uncle Billy came over today."

I suppose that deep down I knew it was denial, but I was telling myself "Keep cool Rob; don't fly off the handle. After all she is only a four year old and she probably misunderstood what she had seen and heard." Besides, I'd seen Billy naked enough times to know that he wasn't bigger than me. I knew for a fact that I had him beat in both length and girth.

I hurriedly dressed and when I got down to the kitchen Beth had the coffee made and she asked me what I would like for breakfast. I told her I'd have to take a pass on breakfast since I'd overslept and couldn't afford to miss or be late for the meeting I had scheduled. I filled my travel mug with coffee, got a kiss and then I was out of the house, in the car and on the way to work.

As I drove toward the salt mine I rolled what Laura had told me over and over in my mind. Beth was a stay at home mom, but she did have a job. She worked out of the house doing medical billing for a group of doctors and clinics. My brother Bill worked the afternoon shift at the box factory so the two of them had basically all day to play from Monday through Friday.

If what Laura said was true, and yes, denial was fading fast, they had from the time I left for work until the time I got home to play. Roughly eleven hours give or take thirty minutes. Probably less since Billy would likely give me an hour to be gone before he came over and to be safe he was probably leaving an hour before I got home. No, that wasn't right. He had to be to work by four so he would need to leave by three thirty at the latest. That would still give the two of them more than enough time to do their thing.

I really, really wanted to hang a u-turn and go back and park down the block to watch the house and see what happened, but I just could not afford to miss my meeting. My spying would have to take place the next day.

The drive in to work gave me too much time to think and the more I thought the worse things got. The thoughts of Billy and Beth doing me dirt were bad enough, but the thought that they were doing it in front of Laura or at least not making an effort to hide it from her really had me steamed.

That thought brought on a couple more. Like maybe they didn't care what she saw and heard and might mention to me. Maybe they wanted her to eventually clue me in. But to what end? They both knew me well enough to know how I would take it when I found out. Could they possibly want the confrontation they knew would occur? If it was that why not just tell me what they were doing?

It was too much to think about. I had to ask myself why Billy was fucking Beth when he had Annabelle at home. Annie was one hot looking sexy lady and even though I would never have stepped out on Beth I had entertained some very lustful thoughts about my sister-in-law. I had to force it out of my mind. I needed all my wits about me in the morning meeting.

I managed to get through the meeting and the rest of my work day without a problem although the thoughts of my home situation were never completely out of my mind. They were back in full force as I drove home from work.

I wondered why it was going on. I'd seen no lack of love or affection on Beth's part. We still made love three or four times a week. She snuggled and cuddled the same as she always had. Looking back and thinking hard on it I couldn't see where I'd done anything to upset her enough to make her do what she was doing.

That thought brought me up short. Why the hell was I trying to see if it was my fault? It didn't matter what I might have done it was still no excuse for Beth to piss on her wedding vows. No sir! The fault was all Beth's.

The drive home gave me some time to consider what to do. Actually not much thought went into that. It was cut and dried. Catch them in the act and then dump Beth. And that would be the hardest part. Beth and I had been together since the ninth grade and I loved her dearly. I didn't kid myself. I was smart enough to know that my love for Beth was not just going to go away just because she was gone. It would take some time to get over her if I even could.

When I walked into the house Laura came running up to me yelling "Daddy's home, daddy's home." I scooped her up and gave her a hug as I carried her into the kitchen where Beth was fixing dinner. As we came in to the room Laura was calling out "Mommy, mommy, daddy' home." Beth gave us a big smile and said:

"So I see." And then she said to me, "Dinner will be ready in about five minutes."

She walked over to us and gave us a hug, kissed me on the cheek and went back to preparing dinner. I put Laura down and went to the bedroom where I took off my three piece suit and put on a pair of work-out shorts and a t-shirt. Beth was putting dinner on the table when I got back and we sat down to eat. Beth asked me what I was going to do after dinner and I told her I was going to get some yard work done.

"Don't use up all your energy out there. You will need to have some when you come to bed" and she gave me a wink.

I said that I'd save her enough and while I was saying it I was thinking:

"What's the matter? You didn't get enough from my brother today?"

I wasn't going to refuse her offer because that might make her wonder since I had never ever said no when she wanted to make love. I needed to keep things natural and normal until I had a good grip on what was going on. Besides, it wouldn't be making love, at least not on my part. Given what I now knew and what I was now thinking all it would be to me was a fuck. Just some sex to pass the time.

I cut the grass, pulled some weeds out of the flower beds and did some general cleanup before calling it a night. Beth was already in bed reading when I finished showering and got in bed. She put the book down and pushed the sheet off of her as she said:

"Hurry up lover; I need it. I've been horny all day."

"Yeah! Right!" I was thinking as I moved between her legs, but then again maybe she had been horny all day because her daytime lover hadn't stopped by. Daytime lover? Yes indeed! I had already beaten down and exiled denial. Laura might have misunderstood what she had heard Beth say, but she was looking at my dick in my hand so she knew what she was talking about when she said she had seen my brother's cock when "He came to visit mommy."

Beth was her usual hot and lusty self as we screwed and I again asked myself how she could be that way with me while fucking my brother. I got Beth off and then had mine, but when I got off and settled down to go to sleep Beth said:

"You aren't done yet lover. I told you I've been horny all day."

She knew what she had to do to get me to answer the call again and she moved down, took me in her mouth and went to work. Usually that led me into pulling her into a sixty-nine and returning the favor, but not this time. Not with me knowing that my brother might have played there earlier in the day. Beth did not comment on it which was a good thing because I'm not sure that I wouldn't have told her why and I wasn't ready for that confrontation yet.

Beth did get me up again and I did my duty and when it was over Beth snuggled up to me and said, "I love you baby" and we both drifted off to sleep. I don't know how well Beth slept, but I didn't sleep for shit. The thoughts in my head just wouldn't let me be.

Thursday I was up and out of the house before Beth got out of bed. The last thing I needed that morning was a cheerful Beth sending me off to work. I would only have thought she was cheerful because she was expecting her daytime lover to stop by for a visit.

The first thing I did when I got to work was check the Yellow Pages to find an attorney close to work. I picked one who offered a free initial consultation and called to make an appointment. I was told he had an opening at three that afternoon and I took it.

It only took me ten minutes to get the bad news. Didn't matter why I divorced my wife she got half of everything and could get alimony from me. She would also more than likely get custody of Laura and of course that meant she was going to get child support as well. The only ray of hope he could offer me was that there was a possibility that I could show Beth was an unfit mother because she was cheating in front of the child.

"But I won't kid you. You could have a hell of a time trying to prove that to a judge. I know your daughter told you what she saw, but she is still only a four year old and a judge might discount what she said because the judge might consider to be too young to really understand what was going on.

"Then again you might draw a judge who will give credence to what she says. A lot will depend on the investigation that Social Services will conduct. If they believe the child it will go a long way toward helping your cause."

"I thought on it for about two minutes and then I told him to go ahead and draw up the paperwork and I'd call him and tell him when I wanted Beth served.

Dinner was waiting when I got home from work and I tried very hard to keep things 'business as usual' and I think I pulled it off. Beth gave Laura an ice cream bar for dessert and as she handed the treat to my daughter she winked at me and said:

"You'll get your desert upstairs."

I of course wondered if Billy hadn't made it by today so she had to settle for me. Then I had to say "Whoa up there" to myself. Beth wasn't being any different than she had always been. She liked making love and we had been doing it a lot since the day we married. It was not uncommon for us to do it two, three or even four days in a row. There had been times when it had been everyday for a week or two.

That thought led to another. Was she fucking Billy because she needed more than I could give? I seemed to be able to do the job in the evenings and on the weekends, but was my wife a nympho and she had to have it during the day also? It really didn't matter as far as I was concerned. Cheating was still cheating.

Thursday night was another 'twofer' night and again I made no move to pull Beth into a sixty-nine. If she noticed she didn't mention it.

Friday at work I was too busy to spend much time thinking about Beth and my problem. Just after lunch I met with my boss and told him I needed to take Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the coming week off to take care of some personal business and he had no problem with it.

My biggest worry on my way home from work was on being able to get through the weekend without giving Beth any idea that I was on to her.

Friday night Beth made no move toward love making and I of course wondered if it was because Billy had been there that day and had given her enough.

Beth woke me in the morning with a blow job and then when she had me where she wanted me she mounted me and rode me cowgirl. When it was over I started to take a shower and Beth surprised me by joining me which led to me taking her from behind as she leaned forward against the wall.

Then, as was our usual habit, we took Laura and went to the IHOP for breakfast. The rest of the day I stayed busy in the yard, garden and garage until Beth called me in for dinner. After dinner I played games with Laura until her bedtime and then I read to her until she nodded off.

When I got to our bedroom I found a naked Beth reading and when she saw me she put the book down, got on her hands and knees and then looked back over her shoulder to me and said:

"Woof woof."

It was as blatant an invitation as I had ever seen so I moved in behind her and gave her what she wanted. I fucked her hard until we both got off and then I plopped down beside her on the bed. She snuggled into me, mumbled "I love you" and drifted off to sleep. I laid there staring up at the ceiling and wondered how she could say that to me while fucking my brother.

She meant it. I could tell that she meant it, but it just didn't make sense to me.

Sunday I found enough to do around the house to keep me away from Beth. I got through dinner okay and then watched some cartoons on TV with Laura until her bedtime. It was Beth's turn to read Laura her bedtime story and I made sure that I was in bed pretending to be asleep when Beth got there.

Probably a dumb move on my part since I had no idea when I would ever get pussy again after I busted Beth. It was a weird thought on my part, but I just didn't think it would be right to play the part of loving husband less than twelve or so hours before I caught my wife with another man's cock in her and I fully expected that to happen sometime in the morning.

The morning was normal in that I got a goodbye kiss and a "Miss me?" when I left the house. Then it became anything but normal. I hit Wal-Mart and got a large thermos and then Stopped at the B&B Café to have it filled with coffee. I bought the local paper and a copy of USA Today and then drove back to the neighborhood.

There were four vehicles similar to mine in the neighborhood so mine parked at the end of the street wouldn't cause anyone visiting my house to give it a second thought if they saw it. I settled in with my coffee and the newspapers and waited to see what would happen. If Billy didn't show up that day I'd still be there watching on Tuesday and Wednesday and if nothing happened on those days I would make new plans.

It was getting close to one in the afternoon and I was starting to think about giving up on the day's stakeout when Billy's GMC pickup pulled into the driveway. He got out of the truck and went into the house without ringing the bell or knocking which told me that that he knew he was expected.

I gave it twenty minutes and then I drove up and parked in front of the house. I quietly let myself in the front door and just as quietly closed it behind me. I took a quick peek around the entryway wall to see if Beth and Billy were in the living room and they weren't. I moved quietly through the downstairs without finding them and a glance out onto the patio showed they were not there either. That left the upstairs and all that was up there were bedrooms and a bathroom.

I moved quietly up the stairs and not doubting for a second what I was going to find I turned my cell phone camera on. The first bedroom at the top of the stairs was Laura's and her door was closed. The bedroom at the end of the hall was the spare bedroom and the door was open and even from the stairs I could tell that it was empty.

That left the master bedroom and its door was closed.

I cautiously turned the doorknob and eased it open and found what I had expected to find. Beth was on the bed in the doggie position and Billy was fucking her from behind. They were facing away from the door and didn't see me as I took four pictures of them. When I hollered "Hey!!" they both turned to look and I got two more shots before dropping the phone in my pocket and going after Billy.

My brother was four inches taller than I was and maybe fifty pounds heavier and he had petty much bullied me when we were younger until I got tired of it and laid him out with a baseball bat to the head when I was thirteen. He left me alone after that, but it was pretty much understood that he could kick my ass if it got to the fair fight stage.

But that didn't matter because I was full of hate and rage and I went after him with blood in my eye. He was pulling out of Beth's ass when I threw myself at him. I caught him just right and my charge carried him of the bed and he hit his head on the wall. That stunned him enough that I was able to get in several damned good shots at his crotch with my foot and after that all he was was a punching bag for me and I proceeded to stomp his ass unmercifully.

Until I felt a sudden pain and blacked out.

When I woke up I was on a hospital bed and when I lifted my aching head I saw Beth sitting in a chair watching me.

"What happened? How did I get her? Why the fuck are you here" I asked.

"I hit you in the head with the table lamp. I was afraid you were going to kill Bill and I had to stop you."

"Oh, right. Couldn't have me depriving you of your lover."

"Fuck you Bobby! I did it to keep you out of jail. If you would have killed him you would have gone to jail for it. Laura needs her daddy here and not behind bars."

"I'm sure Billy will give you dozens of thank you fucks for saving him."

"Not hardly. I used the same lamp on him when he was going to stomp your ass while you were out cold on the floor. I hit him harder than I hit you and he is in a room down the hall with a fractured skull."

"You haven't answered my question. Why the fuck are you here?"

"Because you are my husband, you are hurt and I need to be here for you."

"Bullshit Beth! If my being your husband counted for anything you wouldn't have been on my bed in my house fucking my brother."

"I guess we will need to talk about that, but it will have to wait until you come home."

"Now is as good a time as any."

"No it isn't. You are hurting and it is too soon. You need time to get over your rage before we sit down to talk. They are going to keep you here for a bit for observation. We can talk when you get home."

She got up and said, "I'll let the nurse know that you are awake" and she left the room.

A minute or so later the nurse came into the room and just behind her a doctor came in. I was told I had a mild concussion and they were going to keep me overnight. If everything looked okay in the morning I could go home. Then the doctor said:

"If you feel up to it there is a policeman here who needs to talk to you."

It had to happen sooner or later so I told the doctor to send him in. Mike Bolla was a detective and from him I learned that Beth had called 911 to get an ambulance for me and Billy and the paramedics had called the cops. He asked me for my version of what happened and I gave it to him. He shook his head and said:

"We have a unique situation here. Your brother was in the house with your wife's permission so he had every right to be there and feel safe there. He can press charges against you and you will no doubt be found guilty. He can also press charges against your wife for what she did to him. That one is a little more cloudy since she says she did it to protect you. A judge and jury would probably accept it.

"You could also press charges against your wife, but the same would apply since she says she did it too keep you from killing your brother. That means that of the three of you your brother, outside of having a fractured skull, walks away from it. Your wife could possibly, though not likely, go to jail for her actions. You, on the other hand, don't stand a chance of walking if your brother presses charges.

"Normally in a case like this you would be arrested and held until your brother recovered enough to make his wishes known or until you could go in front of a judge and be granted bail. However my boss doesn't want to handle this in the normal manner. I've been instructed to leave it for now and limit my actions to telling you not to leave this jurisdiction without clearing it with us. Do you understand?"

I shook my head yes while thinking that it wasn't my place to tell Bolla that his boss was Beth's uncle and he said:

"No head shake. I need to hear you tell me that you understand what I just told you."

"I understand."

He stood up, walked to the door and turned to face me and then said:

"I hope that it turns out well for you" and then he was gone.

The nurse came in and gave me a couple of pills and I went to sleep.

I woke up when they brought me what they laughingly called food. I picked at it for a while and after the tray had been taken away I was asked if I was to having visitors. I asked who and was told it was my wife and daughter. The way I was feeling I would have said no if it was just Beth, but I couldn't say no to Laura.

I sat up even though sitting up caused my head to start pounding and when Laura came into the room she ran to me crying out "Daddy daddy."

I hugged her and then had to answer a ton of questions. When she asked why I was in the hospital I looked at Beth and she winced when I said:

"Daddy fell down and hurt his head sweetie. It is getting better and I'll be home to tomorrow."

When the visit was over I got hugs and kisses from Laura and when Beth came over to kiss me I turned my face away from her. She whispered:

"I know you don't believe it Bobby, but I do love you."

They left and I fell back on the bed, looked up at the ceiling and cursed my brother for what he had done to my family.

In the morning Beth and Laura were there to drive me home and of course with Laura in the car Beth and I didn't talk. Not that I was in any mood to talk anyway. What was there to say? I'd caught her red handed so she couldn't deny it. I did believe her when she said she laid me out to keep me from killing Billy, but only because of what I had learned from the nurses.

Beth had done a lot more to Billy than whack him in the head with the lamp to keep him from attacking me. She had apparently used the lamp on other parts of his body as well. He ended up with two broken ribs and damaged testicles as well as a fractured skull.

I knew I would have to talk to her eventually, but I just wasn't ready to do it.

When we got home there was a furniture company truck parked in front of the house and there were two men carrying something inside. I glanced over at Beth with a questioning look on my face, but she didn't say anything. When we got into the house I saw that the two men were setting up a new bed in the master bedroom. I'm not dense so I knew what Beth was doing, but getting rid of the bed I'd caught her fucking Billy on wasn't going to help the situation at all.

My head was still hurting so I took a couple of the pain pills they had given me at the hospital and went to the guest bedroom and sacked out. Beth woke me for dinner and I was grateful for the fact that Laura wanted to be the center of attention. Beth and I still needed to talk, but I was still too wound up to do it. I needed to calm down a bit first. Calm down a lot actually.

Naturally since that is what I needed that is what I did not get. We had almost finished dinner when the doorbell rang and I got up to answer it. When I opened the door Billy's wife Annabelle pushed by me and into the house. I closed the door and turned to find her standing there looking at me.

"Damn it Bobby; why haven't you been answering your phone?"

I remembered dropping it in my coat pocket before charging Billy, but I didn't know where it was now. Most likely it was wherever my coat was. That prompted the thought "Did Beth get rid of the phone or delete the photos?' I'd have to find out, but for the moment I said:

"I've misplaced the phone Annie."

"I want to know what the hell is going on Bobby. Bill is in the hospital and he is all messed up. The story I got is that you put him there."

"I guess in a way I did."

"What the hell did you do to him Bobby? A fractured skull and he may lose both of his testicles to say nothing of two broken ribs and some other damage."

"I came home and found him in the bedroom fucking Beth and I pretty much lost it and went after him."

"Bullshit Bobby! He would never cheat on me."

"Come on into the kitchen with me" I said and headed for the kitchen. After a moments hesitation she followed me and I told her to have a seat while I parked Laura in front of the electric babysitter. When I got back to the kitchen I said:

"Annie wants to know why Billy is in the hospital. Why don't you tell her Beth? Maybe she will believe it coming from you."

Beth looked away and I said, "Come on Beth; Annie wants to know and she doesn't believe me."

Beth started crying and got up and ran from the room.

"Son of a bitch! It's true? She was screwing my husband?"

"Afraid so. I've got pictures if I can find my cell phone."

"How long has it been going on?"

"No idea. I just found out about it last week and I took a couple of days off work to try and catch them at it."

I told her what I'd walked in on and what the aftermath had been.

"And you are still here with her?"

"I just got out of the hospital this morning. I haven't had a chance to do anything yet."

"What are you going to do?"

"I've already seen a lawyer and started the divorce paperwork. Other than that I haven't decided. I going to try and keep Laura and the house, but if I can't I'll have to find someplace."

"No you won't. I've got plenty of room now that I'm going to kick my cheating ass husband out. When you find your cell I want a copy of the pictures. Who is your attorney? Maybe if I use him we can get a group discount."

That made me smile and Annie said, "I'm serious Bobby. You can move in with me."

"No I can't Annie. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of you and you know it."

"So? It would serve the both of them right if we did get it on."

"Probably, but it would complicate the divorce. Maybe even give the two of them grounds to counter sue. This state is no fault and I don't have to give a reason, but I'm going for adultery so I can try and get custody of Laura. You and I staying together probably wouldn't look all that good to the court or the Child Protection Office of Social Services."

"Well the invitation is open Bobby. Both of them."

I told her I'd get the pictures to her when (and if) I found them and I gave her the name of my attorney. She left and I went out and watched cartoons with Laura until it was time to put her to bed. I read to her until she fell asleep and then I went looking for my phone.

I saw two possibilities. The paramedics might have taken the coat off me when they checked me for vital signs and left it on the bedroom floor when they took me away or it could have been taken off of me at the hospital. If it was the latter it should be in the bag of things I brought home with me when I was released.

I checked the bag first and the coat and phone weren't there. If my coat was removed before I was loaded on the gurney and hauled away Beth probably would have picked it up and hung it in the closet. She sure wouldn't have left it on the floor with the furniture guys coming. If that is what happened would Beth have had the presence of mind to get the phone and delete the pictures or toss the phone? The only way to find out was to go into the bedroom where she was hiding from Annie and look in the closet.

I went into the bedroom and found Beth sitting on the edge of the bed apparently all cried out. She watched me as I went into the closet and opened the door. My coat was there and I checked the pockets and found the phone. A quick check showed that the pictures were still there. I put the phone in my pocket and turned to leave. Beth cleared her throat and asked:

"What are you going to do?"

"That's a silly uestion to ask. You should all ready know what the outcome of my finding you fucking my brother would be. I've all ready seen an attorney and he has started on the divorce paperwork."

"I don't want a divorce Bobby. I love you and you know I do."

"Just not enough to keep you from fucking around on me right?"

"I wasn't fucking around on you Bobby. Your asshole of a brother was blackmailing me."

"Blackmailing you?"

"He found out something about me that I couldn't let you know about and he told me that if I didn't have sex with him he would tell you. I love you Bobby and I had to give in to him to keep from losing you. If you ever found out what I'd done you would have left me in a heartbeat."

"Well it doesn't matter now so what is this deep dark secret I could never know?"

"I can't tell you?"

"Can't or won't?"

"It doesn't matter; they are both the same. You can't ever know."

"Not even if there was a remote chance of saving your marriage?"

"If there is a remote chance knowing the secret would kill it. You can't ever know Bobby. Not ever."

I shrugged and left the room. Just to be on the safe side I hid the phone before going to the guest bedroom and going to bed.

I'd only been in bed twenty minutes or so when the bedroom door opened and Beth came in and sat down on the edge of the bed. I lay there quiet and she finally said:

"I know you doubt it Bobby, but I do love you. I love you more than life itself and I swear to you on all that I hold sacred that I only had sex with your brother because it was the only way I could see that I could keep you."

"If that is true why were you telling him that his cock was bigger and better than mine and that he fucked you better than I ever did?"

The last part was a shot in the dark, but it seemed likely that if she was telling Billy his cock was bigger than mine (when she knew it wasn't true) she would be telling him other things too.

"I said those things because he wanted to hear them and I needed to keep him happy. I had to do whatever was needed to keep him from telling you what he knew. He didn't screw me any better than you. He wasn't even half as good and his dick definitely isn't bigger than yours. All in all I could never see why Annabelle stayed with him.

"I need you Bobby. I can't lose you. I just can't. I'll make it up to you Booby; I swear to God I'll do everything in my power to make it up to you. Just give me the chance. Please Bobby; just give me the chance."

"You'll do everything except the one thing you absolutely have to do. Before I can even give a seconds thought to staying with you I need to know what it is that you were so desperate to hide from me. The thing that was so bad you were willing to fuck my brother to keep me from knowing."

"I can't tell you Bobby; I just can't tell you."

"Then we have nothing to talk about Beth. Please go. I've got a long day in front of me tomorrow and I need my sleep."

"Please Bobby; just le..."

"Get the fuck out of here Beth! Just get the fuck away from me!!!"

She started crying again, but she got up and left.

The next morning I was up before Beth and Laura and I got my cell from its hiding place and headed for the Waffle House for breakfast. I hadn't noticed when I checked for pictures, but I had several missed messages and two voicemails from my dad. No surprise there. He had no doubt found out about Billy being in the hospital and had heard that I'd had something to do with it. I could bet that he was just dying to hear the story.

I wasn't going to give it to him. He would have to get it from my brother. He wouldn't believe it coming from me anyway. As far as my parents were concerned precious William could do no wrong. He was obviously my parent's favorite and I could never figure it out.

I'd out shown him in damned near everything. I'd been a straight A student and my brother barely held a C average. He held his grades up just enough to be allowed to play sports and I outclassed him there too. He was two years older than me and had been on the football team, mostly as a bench warmer, for a year before I started high school. I made the starting line up as a wide receiver in my first year. I made All State in my junior and senior years and received a full ride scholarship at State. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Management and found a great paying job and my brother ended up working second shift at the box factory, but Billy was still their favorite.

I'd known that since I was old enough to know about those things, but they never bothered me because I knew I was better than him at most things, I was never in doubt that my parents loved me too it was just that Billy always got just a tablespoon more. I was going to have to return his calls, but I'd wait until he'd been up long enough to have his first dozen cups of coffee.

Even though I was on a day off I still went into work and used my computer and printer to make several prints of Beth and Billy playing and then I called Annabelle to see if she was home. I caught her just as she was leaving for the hospital. I told her I had the copies she wanted and she told me that she would be home around five that evening. I told her I would stop by sometime between five and six.

I spent the rest of the morning opening a new checking account in my name and moving assets. I left checking alone, but took half of our savings and five of the nine CDs we had in the safe deposit box. Beth had two credit cards in her own name and I had three in my name only, but we had three more in both of our names and I cancelled them.

At eleven I called my dad and the call went pretty much the way I expected it to go. Why wasn't he called when Billy was sent to the hospital? What in the world could be so bad that I'd put my own brother in the emergency room?

"We are family for God's sake Bob and as a family we can work things out without violence."

"Sorry dad, but it was the family part that had a lot to do with what happened."

"What does that mean?"

"You will have to get that from my ex-brother."

"What do you mean by ex-brother?"

"Just that. He is no longer kin of mine. You can almost bet on the fact that I'll be going for his throat any time we find ourselves in the same room together."

"It can't be that bad."

"Oh yes it can."

"You need to come by the house Bob. We have to get to the bottom of this. We can't let it get any worse."

"Sorry dad. There is no fixing this. I'll stop by later tonight or some time tomorrow, but right now I've got a ton of things to do so I need to go."

In case things didn't work out the way I wanted them to I needed to see what my options were so I spent most of the rest of the day checking out apartments. From what I saw Annabelle's offer was starting to look better and better.

At five-ten I called Annabelle to see if she was home and she was so I headed over to see her. I'd be lying if I said that the thought of getting even with Beth and Billy by bedding Annie never occurred to me. In fact the idea spent entirely too much time in my head. Annie didn't help things any when she answered my knock in a blouse that showed an acre of cleavage and a skirt so short I knew I would see her panties if she bent at the waist.

I found out that I was wrong about that. She wasn't wearing any. There was no doubt in my mind that Annie was trying to tempt me. She even had high heels on and Annie knew that high heels were one of my biggest turn ons. Yes indeed! Annabelle was most definitely trying to tempt me.

And it was working.

I'd never, not once, during my marriage to Beth given any thought to cheating on Beth. That's not to say that I didn't see ladies I'd love to bed because I did see a great many that I would have loved to put the pork to. But even though I'd had numerous opportunities I'd never taken advantage of them because I was a married man in love with his wife.

That had all changed. Yes, Beth was still my wife, but what she had done had ended our marriage. As far as I was concerned when she broke her vows she released me from mine. The problem was that I wanted to get custody of Laura and I had no doubts that my playing with Annie would put me in as bad a light as the one I would be shining on Beth's adultery.

Annie was on her hands and knees and I was fucking her doggie. It was our third time. The first time had been missionary followed by some sixty-nine and both times had been memorable. A turned on and wound up Annie was sight to behold. Why my stupid brother had cheated on her was a mystery. If she only gave him half of what she gave me he still would have had it way better than most guys I knew.

How did I come to give up my resolve to stay away from Annie? A crying need to get even by taking something that was my brother's coupled with a need to let out the rage I felt after hearing what Annie had to say over dinner.

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