Mamma Mia

by Barneyr

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: What happens when a good Italian Catholic girl tells her husband that there is another bambino on the way? Thanks to soggyacres for a kernel of truth in this story.

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I guess I should have seen it coming long before now, but when you love someone as much as I loved Sophia, then I think I turned a blind eye to some things, or maybe it's that I just didn't see things quite as clearly as I should have. We all kind of wear rose-colored glasses where our loved one is concerned. It takes a major monkey wrench thrown into the works for us to see the truth for what it is.

My name is Roger Moore, yeah like the Bond guy and Simon Templar, the Saint. I'm 67 years old now, and I was a cryptologist during the cold war. I was stationed at a USAF Security Services installation that had originally been a WWII Italian Air Base when what I am going to relate to you, happened. It was San Vito dei Normanni Air Station near Brindisi, Italy. This is down on the heel of the boot of Italy. I understand it is a popular cruise ship port now. This incident happened in 1967 when I was married to the former Sophia Todaro. I met and subsequently married the beautiful Sophia shortly after I arrived in Italy from my crypto school. Sophia is of Sicilian descent. However, as far as I know, not part of the bent nose group, if you know what I mean.

We met in 1963 when I was 19, and she was 17. By '67, we had three wonderful children, and I felt we had had enough so I secretly went TDY to Ramstein in Germany and had a vasectomy. Let's face it, a good Italian Catholic girl would never approve of me being snipped. I had to stay two extra days there, and I came back to Brindisi to my loving wife. She was just about to get out from the local hospital from having Giovanni, our first son and third child. We already had Rosy and Kyara. Rosy was four now and Kyara was two; almost three. As you can see I had very little input with our children's names, although Rosario was Rosario Helen Moore after my mother and Kyara was Kyara Margaret Moore after my maternal grandmother. Giovanni was Giovanni James Moore after my father. Somehow, with Sophia's family, I was never allowed to name the babies except for the middle names and the last name, of course. Sophia wanted Gio's name to be Stefano instead of James, but I balked at that as well as her mother.

I had just gotten back from running my PT test for my annual physical. I went in to work and was still a little out of breath and a little sore from running. I had worn a jock strap for my running since I was only a few days out from the vasectomy, but had changed back into my boxers and fatigues from my running shorts and tee shirt. When I got to work I went into the break area to have a soda and cool off.

Now our break area was in the middle of the building, and all our separate translation and signal desks were scattered all around us. This was a very secure area with picture ID badges and everything as this was a ultra top secret installation. So I plopped down in a chair across from my friend Dave Pinceiotti and promptly passed out.

Everything after that until I woke up in the ambulance going to the local hospital is what Dave told me afterwards.

Dave's story as told to me a few days later:

When Roger came into the break area, I could see that he had been running and since his wife, Sophia is such a good cook, he had put a little weight on and was close to being overweight for our annual PT Test. He had slimmed down some and just got back from a week's TDY to Germany for something. We usually had to go there when we had translated something really interesting or maybe broken some code where we had a debriefing by the headquarters bigwigs.

My Italian background and fluency in Italian, Sicilian, and Latin gave me an edge here, but Roger was more into the Slavic languages originating out of Yugoslavia or actually, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (or SFRY) under President for Life, Marshall Tito. Roger's grandfather was an English diplomat to the Slavic nations. He married a local girl from Zagreb, and that is how the languages came to him. Roger's grandfather immigrated to the US during the war (WW II) where Roger's father, James, was born. Anyway, back to the story about Roger and the day he passed out.

Roger came into the break area, and sat down and then just passed out. I immediately thought heart attack because I knew he had finished running the required two miles for the PT Test. I called the security team and had them call for an ambulance to take him to the local hospital. We just had a small clinic on the base, but there was a very good hospital in Brindisi. So once security was called, we had somehow to get Roger out of the sensitive secure area to the lobby of the building where the local medics could get to him. Now Roger was a big guy, 6'-4" and probably 200 pounds. Moving that much dead weight is no picnic, believe me. Several guys and I tried to manhandle Roger down on the floor from his chair. It was like a skit from the old Keystone Cops. Everyone running around in a panic and bumping into each other, we ended up dropping Roger on his ass and legs as he slipped out of a couple of guy's hands. I had a hold of his shoulders and could get him to the floor without bumping his head too many times.

Then the AP's [Air Police] came in, they were panicked along with everyone else. Finally, the ambulance arrived and a stretcher was brought into the break area. Now seven guys try to lift Roger onto the stretcher. It took five tries to get him on it and strapped down. Needless to say, he was dropped several times in the process. Once on the stretcher and wheeled out to the lobby, the ambulance people loaded him into the ambulance, managing to bang his head into the metal partition, since he was so tall. It was quite the episode.

Once I woke up in the ambulance on the way to the Brindisi hospital, I realized what had happened. When I plopped down in that seat, one of my testicles had moved, and I sat on one of them and passed out from the pain. That pain was actually mild compared to the pain in my head, my ass, and my back. Needless to say, I didn't mention my vasectomy, and I was checked for heart problems and subsequent back and head injuries.

My loving wife Sophia was still in the same hospital, although she was being checked out with Giovanni that afternoon, and this happened in the morning. Once lying in that hospital bed for observation, I could feel three goose egg bumps on my head, one big one on the very back, and one on the top of my head and one on my left side above my ear. My tail bone (coccyx) was a fiery center of pain, and my whole ass was sore to the touch. I had all kinds of wires attached to my body to monitor my heart and brain waves.

Sophia came to see me with Giovanni when she was released and tried to love on me, and she even let me hold my son for the second time. Wow what a feeling, holding a little part of yourself in your hands. Another you; I wondered if he would grow tall like me or be short like our girls. The girls took after their mother in the size respect, but Rosy had light brown hair like mine and a dark completion like Sophie. At four, Rosy is like 3'-4" tall and weighs about 40 pounds. She is kind of short and a little chunky. Kyara is like 3' high and weighs just 28 pounds. Kyara I think will be tall like me; she is 14 months younger than her sister but only 4 inches shorter. I love my girls to death, and Kyara has me wrapped around her finger already - much like her mother.

Anyway, I explained that I had passed out from running too much, and that I must have gotten dropped several times while they were trying to get me on the stretcher. I told her I was fine, and that I would be released tomorrow. Because of the hits to the head I had taken, they wanted to keep me overnight for observation to make sure I didn't have a concussion. Sophie stayed until they forced her to leave. Her mother had come for Gio about an hour after I had arrived. Stephana, my mother-in-law, was still nursing her latest one, Benedetto, who was two, so she could feed Gio when needed. Sophia was their first child, and Benedetto was their fourteenth, there was about two to three years apart between children. Stephana was only 16 when Sophia was born and is now just 37. She had said that this would be her last as she had some complications and the doctors did a hysterectomy to save her life. Rodolfo, her husband, was not happy about that, but the doctor gave him a choice: the hysterectomy or no wife. After talking to the local priest, it was decided that she could have the operation. From what I have gathered from Sophia, it was almost a year before Rodolfo and Stephana resumed intimate relations again.

We fast forward two years: Anyway, life went on. I loved my wife and my children. Gio was growing into a smart young man. I was so proud of my children. There was a school there on the base for military children, almost like a one-room schoolhouse, but more like five rooms with grades kindergarten through third; fourth through sixth; seventh through ninth, and tenth to twelfth, and an office.

I come home one morning from work, and I get a great surprise. I had been working for the past month on nights from eleven to seven. At breakfast, Sophia says, "Credo che la cosa che il mio marito, stiamo per avere un altro bambino." Which translated means, 'Guess what my husband, we are going to have another baby.' Which to me means, 'I have been fucking someone else, you lamebrain.' I sat in shock as I stared at the woman whom I had loved for the past six years that had just told me she was cheating on me with someone else. To top it off, she expected me to just accept it as though nothing untoward had happened. I got up from the table, and went into our bedroom lay down on the bed and cried. Then suddenly, I thought she might have been doing it on this bed, with someone else. I got up, grabbed my duffle bag, and started packing my clothes: my uniforms, my underwear, and everything. I even searched for my dirty clothes and threw them in there too. All the while, Sophia is trying to get my attention and crying, "Che cosa sta facendo il mio marito" which means 'What are you doing my husband?

Finally, after I am all packed, I say, "Who is the son of a bitch that is fucking you besides me? When you were in the hospital with Gio, I went to Germany and had an operation, and I can't have any children, so who is the bastard who is fucking my wife and getting her pregnant, huh Sophia? Who do you bring into this home, MY home and fuck on OUR bed?"

Sophia broke down and cried on the bed, "You will be sorry that you said that to me. Voi bastardi, si paga per questo tradimento. MI hai ucciso per questa beffa." I translated that to be, 'You bastard; you will pay for this betrayal. I will have you killed for that insult.' When she gets excited, she slips easily into Italian, and since I am immersed in the language every day and after six years here, I am fluent in that language as well as several of the Slavic languages I learned during my formative years.

Needless to say, I left and went back to the base and requested a room in the barracks. I had bought a 4-door Lancia shortly after being married. I was not of sufficient rank to be able to live on base, so I had to commute to San Vito dei Normanni. Through Rodolfo, we found a nice house on the outskirts of Brindisi, not too far from their home, maybe five blocks. That was where we lived when I was betrayed.

I phoned Stephana and told her that I heard that Sophia was pregnant again, and I was not the father. I was leaving the whore, and they had better see that she was well, because I was going to divorce her cheating ass. I did ask that they take care of my other children, and that I did hope they were mine. Stephana was crying along with me when I told her, and she said that she thought she was sure that the other children were mine, but now she was not so positive. She said she would try to take care of the children.

The third thing I did upon arriving on the base was to talk to a JAG (Judge Advocate General – military legal office) lawyer we had there. I said I wanted a divorce, and the grounds are adultery. He said he would see to it, but that I might want to go TDY to Germany or maybe to one of the other Security Services bases in Europe. There were two other Army detachments in Italy besides the one here and several bases in Europe that had USAFSS (United States Air Force Security Services) personnel assigned. I told him I would check with my commander, but I thought he was right, and I would need to leave while things were handled in my absence by him.

Remember, this was a time before DNA testing, so a simple blood test was all you could perform. All this would tell you is, if your blood type and your wife's blood type could produce the type of the child. In our case, I was B+; Sophia was a B+ and Rosy was an O+; Gina was a B+, but Gio was an A+, so that meant that Gio was not my child. So, the bitch was cuckolding me for the last two years at least. I knew everyone's blood types as that was a part of the procedures when you had a child so that their records reflected their blood type in case of needing a transfusion. This was all in the children's medical records, as well as Sophia's.

After signing a bunch of forms, I went to see my commander and after explaining the threat to me by my wife and knowing that she was Sicilian, he said he would have orders for me to be transferred to RAF Chicksands, near Shefford in England as soon as he could arrange the transfer. I thought I would end up in Ramstein, but there was an opening at RAF Chicksands, and since I was only temporary, I could fill in until the person coming from Korea could get there. Someone had orders for there but had not finished their tour in Korea yet and would not be there for another three months. I didn't think it would take three months to get my problem solved, but who knew?

Sophia called me at work that night and tried to explain; she said that it had only happened a couple of times when I was on nights. And the two times were two years apart. She had gone to a club with some friends to have a little fun and things got out of hand. It only happened twice, and she was so ashamed. She had gone to the club many times when I was working nights, but nothing happened those other times.

I explained that even though I went to a lot of places, like when I went to Germany to get debriefed, I had opportunities to have fun with other women, but I was married to someone I thought was my whole life, and I would never cheat on even once, let alone twice.

"Was it the same man both times or was it a different man each time?" I asked.

"Yes, it was the same man both times."

"Who was it, Sophia? Who had the nerve to fuck my wife twice and make a baby in her each time ... oh nooooooo!" I screamed into the phone, "You can't get pregnant twice unless you plan for it to happen. The chances for that are too great; you have been fucking this guy for some time, haven't you?" I screamed to her.

All I heard on the phone was sobs and then a clunk. Then I hear a man's voice say "Sophia, il mio amore cosa c'è di sbagliato?" which is 'Sophia, my love what is wrong?' in a voice that I recognized immediately. It was Stefano, our next-door neighbor. I heard some more, but it was mumbled and then there was the click as the phone was hung up.

I called my supervisor over and said, "Bill, there is an emergency at home. I have to run home for a few minutes and make sure everything is alright. I shouldn't be gone more than an hour."

"Sure, Roger, use the time as your lunch break, but if you're going to be longer, let me know."

"No problem Bill, I'll be right back."

I left and drove like a crazy man and slowed and parked about five houses down from my home. I ran quickly to my home and came in the back door. I could hear voices in the front room, and I took my boots off and snuck through the kitchen to the living room door. The couch was on the wall next to the door, and I could see Stefano and Sophia on the couch, cuddling as Sophia cried and the problem I saw was that Sophia was in her nightgown, and Stefano was caressing my wife intimately. So this was the rotten bastard whom my wife was cheating on me with! I walked in and grabbed Stefano's arm that was starting to creep inside Sophia's top to caress her left tit. I pulled and jerked Stefano up from the couch, and as he came up, I brought my right hand in a karate chop to the neck, and he was laid out on the floor. I then stomped on his stomach with my sock covered heel and heard a great 'woof' as the air escaped his lungs.

I then turned to Sophia and said, "If that ass hole ever comes back into my house again, I will kill him and you, too. Is that understood? I can see now that you have been fucking this ass hole for over two years, every time I go on nights. Well, I am divorcing you, and if I could take the kids from you, I would, but I suspect that you will end up with them since we will have to go to a local court to get the marriage dissolved. However, know this, you whore. I loved you so much. You and my children were my whole world. But now you are just some whore that happened to live with me. You wanted to go to America when I left here next year, but no such luck, bitch. You get to stay here with Stefano. Of course, his wife might object to that arrangement, but then, too; she has been putting up with it for over two years too now. Goodbye, bitch, I hope you rot in hell for what you have done to me and your family. Your mother knows and I suspect that your father knows, too. I'm not sure whether you will get any sympathy there or not. You were their first, but you turned out to be their worst."

Stefano, was still gasping on the floor where he had fallen and I raised my foot again to stomp on him when Sophia cry out, "Nooooooo, non di più, egli non è valsa la pena!" Which translated is 'No, please no more, he is not worth it!' She was right. He just wasn't worth my going to jail over, and neither was she. I turned around and grabbed my boots from the kitchen and left. I put my boots on as I sat on the rear steps and then drove back to work. I was only gone a half-hour and, I finished out the rest of my shift and went back to the barracks.

A couple of days later, I was due to go to Chicksands the next week, when I got a message to go to the JAG's office. I was still on nights for the rest of the week, and after that I would be transferred TDY to RAF Chicksands for about three months and return here for transfer to some other base, PCS [Permanent Change of Station].

When I got to the JAG office, Major Montagna had me come into the conference room, and we had a sit down with Sophia, her lawyer, her father and the major and I. A lot of things were discussed, and one of the major things was child support. I said I would support my two girls, but I would never support Giovanni as he was not my child and the one growing in Sophia's belly was not mine either. I refused to pay alimony because it was very evident that she had cheated on me. I also asked for custody of the girls. This raised a huge stink until I said, "Okay then, I want the two girls raised by their grandparents, Rodolfo and Stephana Todaro, but I don't want that cheating, lying whore to raise them to be like her!"

It took a little while to calm everyone down after that bombshell. However, Rodolfo agreed that Sophia was an unfit mother to raise the girls. He was there not in support of his daughter, but in support of me and the children. He once again told Sophia that he disowned her and if he, and Stephana were to get the girls; she would never see them again.

By now, Sophia was beside herself to be ganged up on by me and her father. The two lawyers sent us out of the room and into separate rooms and discussed the case among them. We all were called back into the room about an hour later and there was our church priest and another man in Cardinal red. I assumed he was the highest ranking Catholic entity in our area.

After a little discussion, the Cardinal said, "Con la presente dichiarazione di nullità di matrimonio e dichiarare Sophia Maria Todaro da una sola donna." Which translated means "I hereby issue a Declaration of Nullity for this marriage and declare Sophia Maria Todaro to be a single woman again."

Wow! I never knew that they could annul a consummated marriage before, but this is totally different from a civil divorce. This just nullifies the marriage as far as the Catholic church is concerned. That means that the marriage did not take place in the church and therefore, was not sanctified by the church and was not a covenant with God. Because of the blatant manner in which Sophia treated the marriage with her adultery and bearing not only one child, but about to bear another child by someone other than her husband, who was also a practicing Catholic at the time and was married in the Catholic church, thus sanctifying his marriage as far as the church was concerned. However, to bear a child of another married Catholic man, she disgraced both the church and her family, both present and past, meaning her parents and her marriage to me. So after all was said and done, we only needed a civil divorce which Major Montagna and Signore Giuseppe Ricevuti, procuratore legale or Sophia's civil lawyer, could work out and get going through the courts. The procedure could take as much as six months, and I would need to be available within one day's notice to appear. So, that pretty much blew my TDY to England.

This meant that I would still have to maintain the household and continue to pay the bills, just like any normal husband. However, we would be separated physically with me in a dorm room and her in our house. I could see my children anytime I wanted until the divorce was final. I did tell Sophia that if I found out Stefano had been in the house again, I would make sure that something very bad happened to him, but it would not be me who did the damage. I looked Sophia right in the eyes and said, "Sophia, you know I have many friends in the neighborhood and in many other places as well." I then pushed my nose over meaning I knew many mafia people, which she knew I knew. "I would hate to see you get into any trouble over our neighbor. So stay home, have no visitors other than your parents and we can be fine. What you do outside of my home, I do not care about, but if you involve the children in this, beware."

Suddenly, Sophia had a cold chill run down her spine. She knew that implied threat meant she could end up dead, scarred, or disfigured for life. She, too, knew some of these same people, but they were loyal to me, not her. I had helped several of these men with teaching them some of the self-defense techniques I had learned in the base gym from other men who had come from the other side of the world in Korea and Japan. She knew that if I put the word out as to what she did to me, these people would not be her friends anymore. I had not threatened her while our lawyers were within earshot, only Sophia, Rodolfo and me. I did ask her father if he thought the local court would issue a restraining order and take the girls from Sophia to place them in his and Stephana's custody. He said he would talk to his lawyer of the matter.

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