On the Road Away From Her

by mikoli5763

Copyright© 2014 by mikoli5763

Erotica Sex Story: Cheating wife, interracial lover, disappearing husband

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Pregnancy   .

I looked up to the sky as I left my house at 5:45 AM Friday November the 18th and did not see any stars which told me it was very cloudy. The cloud cover must have been the reason there was no frost on my truck or the blanket that covered the windshield. I began the sixty mile drive to the construction site where I was a journeyman electrician. Lanie, my wife of six years, would not be home until 7:30 AM from the twelve hour shift she had to work in the ER of our local hospital. I hated that she had to work alternating days and nights every other week as an RN since the new administrator at the hospital changed everything around six months ago. I was thirty miles down the road before I realized I had left my cell phone on the charger in the living room of our double wide. I proceeded to work and hoped that Lanie will understand when I did not call her after I have left the jobsite for the day. I could not call before then knowing she would be trying to sleep to be able to go to work that night.

The building we were constructing was not under roof so when the rain came at 10 AM, we all rushed to the company's storage trailer to get out of the weather. The foreman checked the weather forecast on his computer about 10 till 11 and saw that the rain had settled in for the day. He gave us our paychecks and told us to go home. I drove toward home and stopped at my bank to deposit my check in our joint checking account; keeping out the hundred dollars I would need for the next week.

I saw a strange car parked in the drive behind Lanie's and wondered who and why someone was at our house at that time of day. I pulled into the drive that led to the barn lot beside our double wide and had cut across the open field between it and our home. I unlocked the back door as quietly as I could and heard the oh-so familiar squeal that Lanie made when she was coming. I stepped softly into the kitchen and looked through the window in the wall that separated the dining room from it. I saw Lanie riding a chocolate colored man in the mirror of the dresser beside our queen sized bed. She calmed from her orgasmic bliss and laid on the man's chest where they had begun to kiss and talk to each other. I could not hear what they were saying and when they began to untangle, I eased over to the side so I could still see them in the mirror but hopefully they would not be able to see me. Lanie got on all fours and the man got behind her to take her in that position. I saw that it was Dr. Carter, the new ER doctor that the new administrator hired to try and get more of the black population to come to the hospital's ER.

I turned and slipped out the backdoor, closing it just as softly as I had opened it. I did not realize that I was crying until I reached the cab of my truck. I sat and cried for five minutes before the thought that they might finish and Lanie would see my truck came to me. I turned in the barn lot and drove away from our once happy home. As I passed my mother-in law's house a mile from the double wide, I almost lost it again. Since the death of both my parents, she had been my second mom. I would not only lose a wife, but also another parent in the divorce. I drove to the bank and withdraw five hundred dollars from each of our two joint accounts. I drove to the neighborhood I grew up in and sat in my truck outside my old home place and remembered how happy I had been when I had introduced Elaine Granderson to my family when we had become serious in our relationship. I began to think on what I was going to do.

After about an hour of thinking and crying, I decided on a plan. I called my foreman and asked him to call Elaine and tell her I had to work over because the excavator had torn out the underground temporary feed to the building and the other trades would need it for Saturday. I told him I would explain everything on Monday and he agreed to do the favor for me. I drove to the three liquor stores in our town and got as many empty boxes as they had.

I returned to the double wide at 7 PM knowing Elaine was at the hospital. It took me two and a half hours to pack all my work clothes in the boxes. I lifted the hatch on the protective shell on the cargo area of my truck and loaded my tools into the bed up next to the cab and strapped them in so they would not slide around. I loaded my clothes, a couple pairs of sneakers, my extra pair of work boots, and my dress shoes into the bed of the truck. I threw in a sleeping bag and an inflatable mattress at the rear of the bed then backed my truck up to the pop-up camper we had used for hunting and fishing trips. I broke down and cried when I realized I had lost the best buddy I had ever had after the camper is secured to the truck. I drove away from the home I had envisioned living in for the next fifty or sixty years for the last time.

"Hello, is that you Dar? Where are you and why is the camper gone?" Elaine asked me the next morning when I called her cell phone from the pay phone of a convenience store thirty miles away.

"NO! You don't get to call me that, you black cock slut. How long have you been fucking Dr. Carter, Elaine?"

"What, what are you talking about, Dar? I'm not fucking Dr. Carter." Elaine managed to say after her gasp from hearing my black cock slut remark.

"SO, I guess that was your evil twin I heard coming on his cock yesterday about 12:30. Or maybe you're like Sybil and have multiple personalities and one of them was fucking him in our bed. I read your little note on the table. I guess I spoiled your plan to humiliate me by having me eat his come out of your pussy before I got sloppy seconds. How many times has that happened, bitch?"

"NO Dar. I would never have done that to you. I always cleaned myself extra well and douched before you came home." I heard her gasp again as she realized what she had said. "Dar, baby, I love you and only you. Please, it was only sex for God sakes. Dr. Carter doesn't mean a thing to me. Please come home and let's work this out between us. I promise it's over between him and me anyway. I won't do anything like this again, I promise. Please Dar, come home."

"I told you not to call me that. You're right about one thing; you won't do anything like this again to me because I'm gone." I slammed the handset down onto the cradle and started walking to my truck, and ignored the ringing of the phone behind me. I was sure it was Elaine trying to call me back.

I drove to a camp ground ten miles from the jobsite and paid cash for two nights. I was at the foreman's trailer at 7 AM Monday morning and told Rick the whole sordid story between crying jags. Rick and I went to retrieve the tools I had left at the jobsite and I told him to have the company mail my last check to my old home. I climbed in my truck and headed south toward Florida.

I stopped at a camp ground in Georgia when my eyes got too heavy for me to drive any farther. I got the camper ready and fell into the sleeping bag; surprisingly fell asleep right away. I awoke with the first rays of sunshine breaking over the horizon. I had to wait until 8 AM to pay for my night's stay. I was on the road by 8:15 and drove until I reached another camp ground outside of Orlando. I paid for a week's stay and sat up my camper. I did not sleep much at all that night and was out in my truck at day break. I went to nine small electrical contractors before I find one who would take me up on my proposal. I explained to all of them that I was hiding from a cheating wife and did not want to be found. I would work for fifteen dollars an hour cash money and twenty dollars an hour for overtime. The contractor who finally agreed with the deal was still paying his cheating slut of ex-wife alimony from his divorce and was more than happy to help me.

I worked for him from December until April then decided to move on. I had ten thousand dollars in cash when I decided to leave and head farther west. I called my brother, David Glazer; collect from the camp's pay phone.

"Hello David, it's your brother, Darryl. How's everything going with you and your family?"

"Dar. Where the hell are you? Lanie is going insane and nobody knows what happened between you two. Dar, Lanie's four months pregnant and the double wide is about to be foreclosed on. You need to come home now and straighten this mess out."

"Where I'm at is not important. What has Elaine told everybody about me leaving?"

"She said you all had a big fight and you left with the camper to cool off. She thought you'd be back in time to go to work by Monday. She fell apart when you didn't come home that Sunday. The holidays really sucked around here with you gone and Lanie moping around crying one minute and cussing you out the next. Come home, Darryl."

"I'm not coming home to a cheating, lying bitch; Dave. I caught her fucking Dr. Carter that Friday before I left. They didn't know I was there. Dave, you know I've never lied to you so you have to believe me. Elaine is on her own."

"But what about the baby, Dar? What if it's yours? You're not the kind of man to abandon your own child."

"It could also be Dr. Carter's if she's four months along. That's how long I've been gone. I'll not support her and another man's bastard kid. I only called to let you know I'm still alive."

"Darryl, I'm begging you to call Lanie. She's in trouble. Don't you care even a little about her? Please call her."

"Okay, I'll call her. Is her cell phone number the same?"

"Yes, she's kept it hoping you'd call. Thank you, Dar, and I believe you on why you left."

I drove toward Alabama and stopped at the welcome center to use the pay phone.

"Hello, you black cock slut. It's me, the poor bastard whose heart you ripped in two when you cheated on him."

"Darryl, where have you been the last four months? Nobody knew where you were. Darryl, I miss you and I need you to come home. I'm pregnant and the bank's going to foreclose on the double wide."

"Do you miss me or the money train I was before I caught you cheating on me? I'm not telling you where I'm at, where I've been, or anything else. Have you started divorce proceedings yet?"

"NO! I don't want a divorce. I love you and want you back. I'll do whatever you need me to do if you'll come home."

"I want to ask you a question and I want an honest answer from you, Elaine. How many times have you gotten laid in the last four months?"

"Why do you need to know that? I told you it was over when you called that Saturday morning."

"Because I've gotten laid zero times in the last four months. The first couple of months I had to drink myself to sleep and sex didn't even enter my mind. Now whenever I get the urge, I dredge up the memory of hearing you come on another man's cock or the sight of you riding him in the mirror beside the bed and the urge goes away like a snap. Now answer me."

"Four times, Dar."

"I told you that you can't call me that anymore. I'm not your Dar. You threw the right to call me that away when you gave another man what you promised only to me. I'll make you a deal. I'll come back to East Tennessee in five months if the baby you're carrying doesn't come out black AND if you can stay celibate for the next five months. You'll have to have someone I trust verify you've been celibate though because I can't believe a word that comes out of your mouth right now. We got a deal?"

"What about the double wide and my doctor bills? Darryl, please I need you, I miss you, and I want you. I can't help it if you don't believe me, the sex with those other men doesn't compare to the sex I had with you. Please come home now."

"I'm not coming home now. You heard my deal. Take it or leave it. I'll call you again in five months. GOODBYE!" I again slammed the hand set down on the cradle and stumbled to my truck with fresh tears in my eyes.

I sat in the cab of my truck in a daze until the heat became unbearable. I grabbed a cold bottle of water out of the cooler I had bought to store food but mostly beer in four months back. I did not lie about the drinking myself to sleep in the early months and the owner of the company I was working for had to threaten to let me go if I did not straighten up. I also had not lied about getting laid. I was still a married man and I took my vows seriously. Until we were divorced, I had vowed to myself not to be with another woman. I went over to a picnic table in the shade to think.

"Do you still love her?" I thought to myself. "Yes, but she cheated on me and hurt me bad. "It was only sex." She dared to say to me. I can't trust her ever again, I'll always be wondering what she's doing when I'm not with her, and I'll always be thinking about why she did what she did. I don't want to know though so I can't ask her. I can't have sex with her again because every time she squeals in orgasm, I'll remember hearing her do it on another man's cock. I'm not going to pay her another red cent though either. She cheated on me and I shouldn't have to pay anything to her for that. I'll not get cheated on by her and the legal system. I'll live off the grid as long as I have to before that happens."

I drove to Brownsville, Texas and found another owner who had been raped in his divorce that would give me a job under the same conditions as the ones in Florida. After a couple of months, I got tired of trying to sleep in the heat of the pop-up and found a used RV that I bought without having to do any paperwork on. The contractor I was working for used my money to buy a bigger truck with a fifth wheel attachment that would pull the RV. If I move back to Tennessee, I had to register them both and then I would be found.

I called Dave from a pay phone 300 miles from the camp ground I was staying in when Elaine's baby was due.

"Dave, it's me Darryl. How is everything with you and yours?"

"Dar, thank God you called. Elaine had her baby last week."

"Oh yeah. How black was it when it came out?"

"How did you know it was going to be black?"

"I didn't know for sure, but the chances were fifty/fifty that it would be and since Dr. Carter fucked her last, I figured he would be the father."

"Well you were right. To be as light skinned as he was and with Elaine being white, everyone was surprised at how dark Elaine's little girl was. She gave the baby up for adoption, though. Dar, she really misses you and she's been celibate like you ask her to be. Will you come home now?"

"So she told you part of the deal I made to her. I guess the part of the deal about her baby not being black wasn't important enough to mention. I'm not coming back."

"Will you at least call her and tell her yourself? I don't know what you're thinking, but you need to start thinking about the future. Elaine lost the double wide, lost her job, and is living with her mom. If you call you'll have to call Glenda's because Elaine lost her cell phone when she couldn't pay for it."

"I'm thinking Elaine needs to divorce me so we both can move on with our lives. In three months she can file under abandonment and this nightmare will be over."

"It's not that simple, Dar. There are outstanding bills that need to be paid, Elaine's care that needs to be secured and other obligations that need to be met."

"Dr. Carter knocked her up, so let her go after him for the outstanding bills. I told you before that Elaine was on her own. My obligations to her ended when she broke our marriage vows which you were a witness to and your signature is on our marriage certificate. I'll call her, goodbye Dave."

"Hello Glenda, can I speak to Elaine?"

"Darryl, is that really you? Where are you? Elaine is such a mess. Darryl you need to come home and take care of your wife."

"She stopped being my wife when she let another man have her body, the one she promised to me on our wedding day. I'm not telling you where I am and I'm not coming home. Can I speak to her, please?"

"Darryl, I've been waiting on your call for the last week. I had my baby and it was a little girl. I gave it up for adoption though. Darryl, please come home, I miss you. I've been celibate like you asked. You can ask momma, you know she's never lied to you."

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