What's Up, Doc?

by maryjane

Copyright© 2014 by maryjane

Sex Story: Nancy calls her old boss, 25 plus years later.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Doctor/Nurse   Workplace   .

DIRECTOR: This story will be essentially be a conversation between Nancy, sometimes known as Nurse Ratchet, Nance or Sweet Pussy, and her former employer Danny, sometimes known as Dan, Boss, Doc, Doctor Goldfinger or Doctor Strangelove. It will be presented in movie script form, with some flashbacks.

NANCY: What's up, Doc?

DANNY: Who's this?

NANCY: Nurse Ratchet.

DANNY: Holy Shit! I haven't heard from you in over 25 years. How'd you find me?

NANCY: Haven't you heard of the Internet, silly? It's not like your name is Smith or Jones or something like that.

DANNY: How are you? Where are you?

NANCY: I'm fine. A little older, put on just a couple of pounds. Still back here in Chicago. Pete died about ten years ago. I just retired from my City job.

DANNY: Damn! I was really sorry when you left our practice to go suck on the Public Teat. And to what do I owe the pleasure of your call?

NANCY: I was watching a chick flick on TV and there was a scene about a doctor fucking his nurse on an examining table. Guess who I thought of.

DANNY: Oh Jeez, how could I ever forget that first afternoon. You wore those lace panties with the hole cut out of the crotch.

NANCY: Well, I thought that your intentions were something less than honorable.

DANNY: Less than honorable? Jeez, I was so horny for you that I didn't think you could have stopped me.

NANCY: Ooh, that was so nice. When you shoved that monster cock of yours into me, it felt as if you were going to drive straight through me and pin me to the table.

DANNY: Well, you were skinny then. I never knew that a girl with almost no tits could be so sexy. And so horny.

DIRECTOR: Cut to split screen, 10% picture of Danny on left and 90% flashback, both parties made up to appear 30 years younger. The scene will be an OB-GYN examining room with stirrup table. Nancy is wearing traditional nurse's uniform, appropriate for the period, and Danny is dressed in a white lab coat. Very attractive patient, primly dressed, is just finishing up her last button. They both stare at patient's ass as she leaves the examination room.

That's one fine piece of ass, isn't she, Doc? I'll bet you enjoyed having your fingers up her twat.

Why not, Nancy? She's almost as sexy as you are.

Wow, Doc. I never thought that you noticed me that way.

Bullshit! You've seen me staring at your body often enough.

Yet I never thought that you'd say something about it. But still, it is nice to hear you vocalize it.

Would you like me to help you open that top button?

Or two or three.

DIRECTOR: Nancy takes one step toward Danny and he moves forward to take her into his arms. They kiss as the camera zooms in to show their tongues engaged, and then the lens moves down to show his hand on her left breast. After a few moments, they part. Their clothing flies off, each piece thrown in the general direction of a chair in the corner of the room. He is naked first, his cock as hard as that of a young man about to lose his virginity. He gasps as she removes her almost last item, the skirt hiding the cut-out panties that reveal bare pussy. It is shaven cleanly, her labia glistening with excitement. Without a word he lifts her onto the examining table and smiles as she puts her feet into the stirrups.

Danny bends down and his tongue approaches her wetness. His vows of faithful behavior to his wife have long since been cast aside, and he blames his pussy chasing on her refusal to let him eat her during her period. But he loves to go down on a woman, damn near any woman. He inhales deeply, his smile indicating approval of her scent, not that a fishy aroma has ever chased his mouth away.

Her clitoris seems to shine like a beacon, beckoning Danny's tongue. He kisses it and slides his lips around it, his tongue flicking against it as the fluids of her excitement wash his face. Nancy moans quietly, her invitation, no, her command that he continue. And he does, but no man can suck a clit forever, for the semen in his balls scream for release.

He stands up and his fully engorged six inches of meat briefly fills the screen. He knows that his manhood is just average in size, but he has never had a complaint from any woman. The camera angle widens as purple crown approaches pink wetness, and then slides out of sight as he thrusts inside her. We watch for no more than two minutes as they fuck, her hips pushing up to meet every plunge. And then Mother Nature takes over, pushing his cum up his cock to its single eye. Nancy mumbles incoherently as he grunts and spurts inside her cunt. He continues to plunge and with each backstroke, the camera catches view of his creamy gift as it oozes out of her.

More, Danny, more, we hear, as the flashback fades from the screen.

NANCY: I'm always horny, Doctor Strangelove. Even now.

DANNY: Damn, too bad that I'm way out here in Palm Springs. I'd love to cure your problem.

NANCY: Still living with the bitch?

DANNY: Yeah. Still with her. She's out playing golf today. I think she's fucking her instructor. I hope so, anyway.

DIRECTOR: Again the screen splits. The smaller portion shows Danny lazing rubbing his hand against his crotch, his eyes closed. On the right, we see a fiftyish bottle blonde, naked, on her hands and knees on plush carpeting. We can see two hairy legs, toes up, one leg on each side of her torso. The camera is at ground level. Puffy labia from behind catch the eye, as does the face of the ruggedly handsome young man visible over her shoulder. His finger, about to enter her anally, is adorned by a slim wedding ring. The bobbing hair on her head suggests that she is sucking the man's cock.

Swallow it, bitch, we hear, followed by the sounds of grunting and then of slurping as the split screen disappears.

NANCY: Do you know what today is?

DANNY: Of course, it's Thursday.

NANCY: Silly. Today is the 30th anniversary of that very first day you fucked me. It was a Monday then. All three holes loaded with your cum in under two hours and then you finished by splashing another load of your sweet fuck sauce all over my face and tits. I'll never forget it.

DIRECTOR: A brief picture of a young Nancy using a finger to push a glob of cum from her cheek to her mouth, with her other hand stroking herself inside her pussy.

DANNY: Neither will I, Sweet Pussy. Neither will I.

NANCY: So then let's talk, Doctor Goldfinger. Tell me what you would do to take care of your Sweet Pussy's problem.

DANNY: Hmm. First thing I need to do is get into my special Sweet Pussy uniform.

NANCY: Oh, I understand. You need me to help you get naked below the belt. What are you wearing, Boss?

DANNY: I'm glad to hear that you still recognize that I'm the Boss.

NANCY: Of course I do. Tee hee.

DANNY: Don't giggle. I'm wearing pajama bottoms and my bathrobe. What are you wearing?


NANCY: Just a peignoir, nothing else.

DANNY: Just a peignoir? Is there some special guy who you're wearing that for?

DIRECTOR: The split screen shows Nancy on the smaller side, her eyes closed, and an obscene smile on her face. The larger portion is shot from the side, Nancy underneath a man in his forties. His cock is shiny as it plunges inside of her and rapidly withdraws. A full seven inches of shaft are visible on each upstroke, while his crown remains out of sight, always buried inside of her.

After a full minute of moans and grunts, the man pulls out of her cunt and begins to spurt his cream all over her bald lower belly, two, three, four streams. When his balls are empty, Nancy rubs his gift into her damp skin. The camera moves up to show Nancy licking her fingers dry. The screen fades just as the face of the man fucking her gradually morphs into Danny's face.

NANCY: Yes there is, sort of, but I just sent him home to his wife. So let's see. I guess all I have to do is to pull down your pajamas so you can step out of them. Oh my gosh, that beautiful cock is even bigger than I remember. Will it still fit into my mouth?

DANNY: You know it will, Nancy. But you know we can't cure your problem until I get you naked. Here, let me pull your nightie up over your head. Oh Jeez, you shaved your cunt again. Since when was that?

NANCY: Good guess, Boss. I got myself a Brazilian right after my husband died. I figured it would help me on the dating scene. When I would mention it to some good looking guy, he knew that he wouldn't have to do a few drinks to get me into bed. I really needed it. Pete's cock died about ten years before he did and my hand used to get tired. Good thing that was never your problem, Dan.

DANNY: I know what you mean. The bitch and I usually sleep in different beds nowadays. If it wasn't for all the lonely housewives in this development, plus those nubile nurses in the hospital, my right arm would be dead by now.

DIRECTOR: the screen splits, one side to show Danny with his clothing on, speaking on the phone to Nancy, while the other side shows him naked on a couch in front of a large television set, frantically jerking off to a video of two blondes eating each other out. Though the sound is muted, the viewer can tell when they both cum. Danny stands us and, in unison with them, his cum spurts onto the television screen. The camera moves in to a close-up of the creamy discharge dripping down to slowly cover the images of the two women. The video fades.

DANNY: Ooh Jeez, I'll bet your Sweet Pussy is gushing like Niagara Falls.

NANCY: That's because I started working on it before I called you. Actually when I was still watching that movie. In case you weren't home, I still needed to get myself off.

DANNY: I thought you just sent a guy home. Didn't he take care of you, Nancy?

NANCY: Did you ever hear the expression, wham bam, thank you, ma'am'? His cum is still inside me, but that does me no good. There's no way that he can eat pussy like you, Boss.

DANNY: Oh yes, I really did love to eat your cunt. After all these years, I can still taste your sweetness.

NANCY: That's why I called you Strangelove. Because most guys don't like to go down on a girl when she's full of cum, and you did it without being asked.

DANNY: Well, those dumb pricks don't know what they're missing. Especially with your delicious twat.

NANCY: Oh, I'll bet you tell that to all the girls.

DANNY: No comment.

NANCY: Gotcha! OK, you were busy taking off my peignoir.

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