Good Neighbor Policy

by Pettybox

Copyright© 2014 by Pettybox

Erotica Sex Story: Eli and Fontana move into a friendly neighborhood next door to Casey and Linn. After Linn leaves and Casey finds himself horny and lonely a good neighbor finds the opportunity to show him what he might be missing after he seems reluctant to "get back on the horse". However, she has her own reasons for helping him get back in the relationship saddle.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

I remember the day they moved in, it was our 25th Wedding Anniversary the day the van pulled up. The rest of the neighborhood had planned a block party for us and I recall the moving van being parked in front of our house (and theirs, it was so long) when I woke up. The cab was a sleeper and 3 men alighted around 8 o'clock and undid the back doors and the move-in started.

After coffee I went over to introduce myself to the couple who were pointing out to the movers where to place everything.

"Hello, My name is Casey Sperry (the name I always used instead of Keith Cale Sperry) and I guess I'm going to be your new next door neighbor." I said to the tall thin gentleman pointing and gesticulating places to rest the boxes and furniture coming off the truck.

"Eli Colleat! Glad to meet you. Sorry to come in here cold, but we bought this place based on pictures from my realtor and a video tour. We came all the way from Fort Benning, Georgia and flight connections are as much as a house payment. We just had to get into a place that had 4 seasons and New York seemed the best bet." He said as he turned and gave me a firm handshake.

"Oh? Military?" I queried.

"No, but close enough that we had a Fort Benning South mailing address, even though we were actually in the Columbus Georgia limits. My mail carrier explained it once, something about rural routes and that, but, it doesn't matter anymore."

Just then a woman came into the garage raising her pointed finger to make a point to Eli when she stopped and Eli turned to her.

"Fontana, honey, this is Casey Sperry, our new next door neighbor."

Fontana wiped her hand on her pants and extended it to shake hands. "So nice to be greeted so soon. Umm, all those decorations on the block aren't for us, are they?"

"Well, I wish I could tell you yes, but they are for a 25th Anniversary Party the block is throwing for me and my wife Linn. You should stop over later when it gets going, you can meet everyone." I suggested as my eyes surveyed her up and down, trying not to be too conspicuous.

She was thin and appeared a bit muscular in her arms and chest area, but had prominent breasts, nice 88's. (88 is an orange (fruit) size, "medium", I worked for many years as a fruit and veggie buyer for a Buy-Low, a supermarket chain. I worked from my home in the Food Broker business now. It's how the crass men in our field judged breast size. The average fat winter Florida navels are 56's. It's how many you can get in a standard 40 pound crate. Men are pigs, and I'm one of them)

"We'll talk about it and get back to you." She said decisively and walked away. That was when I first noticed her delicious ass. Plump and shifting side to side, just like the beat to Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman". "We'll be there. She seems to think we'll get EVERYTHING moved in as they bring it, and we're already falling behind. I just want the big furniture in place for tomorrow when the kids get here. Her mother is driving them up." Eli said with a proud smile.

"Oh, kids! How many?"

"Two boys, 10 and 11." He told me as I became afraid to ask what an Eli and a Fontana might name their kids. "Joey and Jimmy." He finished.

I was so afraid he was going to tell me "Atlee and Ferguson" or some other odd names to let their kids know how THEY had suffered with "off the path" names.

"Oh? How nice! They will like the block here. Lots of kids, and in their age group, too. Ours are grown and out of the nest, Robert and Sue Ellen. We were about the first house in the development, the down payment a wedding gift from both of our parents. We had been high school sweethearts and got married the year after we graduated, and like I said, today's our Anniversary as well as Linn's birthday, the 6th anniversary of her 39th, heh, heh. (We were each 20 when we married)

Eli nodded but was clearly distracted by the two movers with hand carts of boxes waiting for instructions.

"Well, ELI! Let me let you get back to the project at hand, moving in! I'll be back over later as things with the party develop. You two really should meet everyone." I said sidestepping a uniformed mover and going back home.

That afternoon Eli talked sense to his wife, finally convincing her that there was no way they could have the whole house set up for their boys' arrival the next day. They came to the block party and thus began a mutual admiration society between them and their neighbors. We are a tightly knit group of couples and families who look out for each other all the time, helping each other out, covering for each other, watching our homes when we're away, and taking a general interest in each other's well being. When one of our kids was married we all were there to send them off into life with full support. We had close relationships with many neighbors, but none more so close as we got to Fontana and Eli. Being next door neighbors you tend to know EVERYTHING about them, and they us, and we always shared life's victories and defeats, many times over too much alcohol.

Unfortunately, my marriage with Linn didn't last to our 35th Anniversary. Linn had a mid-life crisis of sorts after a breast cancer scare. After 3 rounds of chemo-therapy that seemed to take care of the dreaded disease she lost her zest for life with me. We seemed to grow apart at all levels and I realized that the woman I married was no longer in Linn's body. I fully expected her to ask me to move out when she told me SHE was moving out to travel the country and find the peace and solace she once knew with me. While I did not want to lose her, it was apparent that the woman I married was no longer in love with me and her life became more and more secretive and private. She hadn't taken lovers or anything like that, she was just dreadfully unhappy. She sought to dissolve the marriage with a one-time pay-off from our savings and IRA's to get her started. I fully expected her to come to her senses, but she left with around 50K and an agreement for another 50K payoff at 59 and a half. (When I could get it out without penalty) She got lawyers to set it in stone with no further possibility of remuneration. I hear from her from time to time, as do the kids, and all I know is that she is working in the medical X-ray field, as she did when we were married, near Las Vegas.

Now with people like Eli and Fontana you tend to become very close to them as you share more and more of your lives. I thought of the two of them as brother and sister. While Linn was here we vacationed together, went out together, and spent many an afternoon and evening together with dinners, BBQ's, and the like. I remembered a few times when we all had too much to drink and the talk got sexy and we said things we wouldn't normally share, outside of marriage. On one particular night when we were all pretty randy and blitzed we put on a porn movie we found in my sons room when we cleaned it out upon his moving. Now, no sexual contact even occurred between any of us, nor was it even suggested. One odd thing was when the movie got to a point where the male lead would ejaculate in the woman's mouth, Eli recoiled, spouting; "That is the most disgusting thing I can imagine! How could any man treat a woman like that!"

Linn and I were both shocked at his revulsion to the act that we thought of as pretty normal during a hot session with your lover. I remember looking at Fontana as he carried on and she seemed to be shaking her head at him and she gave me a little grin. We continued watching the flick after his little tirade and towards the end, the couple has anal sex, where upon Eli got up and walked out, saying it was over the line, dragging Fontana away with him. She protested to him that it was only a movie, and not an endorsement from us. The next day he came over and apologized for his actions saying he drank too much and was just so grossed out at the perverted sex on the screen he couldn't sit there anymore.

Linn and I had tried anal a few times over the years and although not a favorite of hers, she consented occasionally and we never thought it "perverted".

Linn had been gone for about 2 years, a year shy of what would have been our 35th Anniversary, and I was at the Colleat house for burgers and beers, a near regular Summer Saturday tradition, especially since both of their boys were overseas at college (Eli's UK alma mater). This day, however, Eli was finishing painting some doors. It was a job he had fallen behind on and wanted them to dry before heavy humidity was due to move in.

I was sitting drinking a beer as Fontana started the grill and began to sear the burgers. I truly was staring at her ass as it swayed and I guess I got into a bit of a trance on it as she turned and said,

"Geez Casey, would you like a picture of it to bring home?"

"What, the grill? I asked.

"You know what I mean, ... MY ASS! God, are you that lonely?"

"Fontana my dear, a man need not be lonely to look at your ass, he need only be breathing. It's quite lovely and the only reason you haven't known I admired it before was because I wasn't caught."

"You should get back out there. You're not even 55 yet and still a handsome guy. You don't sit home and look at that old porno movie, do you? There are a lot of willing available women to be had, if you look." She scolded.

"Oh Fontana, I guess I'm too lazy to look around for them. Linn had been perfect for me and I know she isn't coming back. It's just at almost 55 there aren't a lot of desirable women my age." I said making my excuse, still embarrassed she had caught me ogling.

"They don't have to be your age. Jesus God! I'd find you attractive if I were shopping for a mate and I'm 10 years, more or less, younger than you. So don't..." She stopped mid-sentence as Eli came out of the basement where he was working.

"Is the grill ready? I can finish from here Fontana." He said as she gave me a cute little smile and excused herself to go in and finish the salad. She did look back to see me watching her walk-away, and she smiled.

I know she wasn't coming on to me and I would never do anything to hurt Eli anyway. She was just trying to encourage me to "put myself out there". But, at 54, almost 55, I really didn't feel the urge to do the chase. I was still in pretty good shape, had all my dark hair, but I just didn't feel the urge to pursue a woman again. I had thought of going out of town and enlisting a prostitute, but the possibility of arrest made me realize that going to Nevada was my only option. Getting laid was going to cost me a couple grand with airfare, hotel, and brothel fees. Just how much better was it over free jerking off?

Over the next few months I have to admit that any time Fontana and I were alone together, she acted differently towards me, as compared to when Eli was around. She never came on to me, never flirted, but her attitude when we were alone was different. It was like that of a long married couple, I guess. The mood would be described as "very familiar".

On the occasion of my 55th birthday my kids came to town to celebrate with me and we had a great time, despite the fact that Linn never showed up as she had promised the kids she would. She had made a pact with my daughter Sue Ellen that she would come with her new man, but he would stay behind in their hotel and not be at the party. My son Bob was pissed that she would even consider showing with another man. Whatever happened in the end, I don't know, but she never showed, leaving both kids in a funk. Sue Ellen told me later that she thought if Linn came and saw the house, me, the neighborhood, and our friends she might pine for her old life. But that wasn't to be.

During the party Eli got a call from his sister saying his mother was close to death (she had suffered from Alzheimer's for years) and he quickly arranged to fly out that evening. My son Bob arranged to take him to the airport when he went to get his own flight home. Sue Ellen and her husband had taken the train and were on the Lake Shore Limited later that night.

So while the weekend and party were real nice and a great joy to see and spend time with the kids, when everyone left I fell into a depression funk. I sat on the back deck with a bottle of Jamesons, a shot glass and a pitcher of iced tea. My plan was to get blotto, go inside and sleep as long as I could escape my depression. I felt I would be OK Monday as soon as I began phoning my accounts. Once I got immersed in work I was always fine.

I had just sipped my third shot of Jamesons when I heard Fontana from the fence near the deck.

"Going to take a trip of your own? That's no answer to your troubles. Be happy the kids were here with all your friends. Sue Ellen told me the whole Linn story. You know she was never going to come back to you Casey."

"I know, and I never expected her to really. I just thought she might at least call. I would like to hear her voice even though I know it's not attached to the woman I once loved, well still do. It's just she doesn't exist anymore. Damn drugs washed her away, saved her life, but washed her away. Had she died I don't know if that would have been better or worse for me." I said bitterly.

"Tell you what, I'll come over and keep you company if I can bring a pot of coffee for us. I don't want to see you passed out on the deck." She said invitingly.

"I suppose. But I hope I don't regret losing this buzz." I said with a half smile, glad I had a friend to talk with.

"Tell you what; I'll bring some Irish Mist over too. It won't go down as fast or be as potent as the Jamesons in hot coffee, and you can control your buzz better, OK?" She said smiling.

I nodded and she went off to make her Thermos carafe of coffee. I managed one more shot of my Irish whiskey before she got here. When she came up the deck steps with the carafe and her bottle she had a conciliatory smile on her face that soothed my mood. It was nice to know someone really cared for me and my feelings.

Fontana was determined to get me to put myself out there and find another woman to love, or at least spend time with. I railed about any woman my age or even 10 or 20 years younger would have baggage that I wasn't sure I could deal with.

"Don't be silly! We ALL have baggage, just like you do. I'm sure you could find someone who would accept you from your own day one together, as you would accept hers. Even if you went to one of those singles get togethers and were seen, the word would circulate that you were interested. There are LOTS of women looking for a good man, and they all talk. Your marriage didn't break up because you were a cheater, a gambler, an alcoholic, couldn't hold a job, or any other common reason. You don't have baggage, really. If you hooked up with a woman who had a questionable past what would you care as long as she had amended her ways, but STILL, I'm sure there are a lot of women in the same situation as you. Single through no fault of their own. Have an open mind." She reasoned with me, her hand on my arm as her eyes fixed on mine.

Fontana really cared for my well being.

"Oh, I suppose you're right. I just don't want to face going through the whole chase, trap, and capture of finding a new woman. I know they are out there and that in the end I would be happy, but, I guess I'm just too lazy to begin to make the commitment."

"Pish-Pash, you're just too lazy and you don't seem to remember the fun of the chase." She said waving her hands to me trying to sweep away my attitude.

Just then she slapped her arm at a mosquito and I brushed one from my leg.

"Come on, I'll help you move our party inside. It's only 8:30 or so. We can talk more inside." She said picking up her carafe and bottle while I got the cups and blew out the candles. (The ones that were supposed to keep the bugs away)

We sat at the dining room table and she picked up the Church bulletin from that mornings Mass.

"You know I saw in church this morning's bulletin that there's going to be a singles dance next weekend in the Parish Hall. You should go. Look, it says 35 and older."

I pushed my chair from the table and waved off her idea quickly and turned my head envisioning the kind of desperate woman who would go to a church gathering to find a date when Fontana suddenly got up and sat on my lap.

"Doesn't it feel nice to be close to a woman? To feel her warm body next to yours, her breath on your cheek as she hugs you?" She said as she did just that.

"Fontana! Don't! This isn't right." I insisted.

"Casey, just tell me it doesn't feel good to feel that rush again." She said with a sly grin.

"YES, it does feel good. You've fed my evening shower fantasy, now get up."

"No, I want you to know the joys of having someone who cares for you to be close. You know nothing could ever come between Eli and I. I'm just trying to help you understand what it feels like again." She said, her mouth close to mine.

She sighed and pasted her mouth to mine as I tried to resist her, but her soft lips and taste was too hard to turn down. I enjoined her kiss.

It was a longer than normal kiss between two friends and her tongue brushed the inside of my mouth as I was determined NOT to engage her that way.

She pulled back from me and looked at me with a sexy smile.

"Underneath me I can feel there is no denying that you like this. You see? There's still life in you and your loins are still interested. NOW, do you think the "hassle" of dating might be worth it?" She asked.

"Yes, for sure. Obviously I like it. Now get up before something happens I'm sorry for." I said forcefully.

"Nothing will happen you'll be sorry for. I'm having fun too. It's nice to know I still have it, ... the allure. We talked baggage, would you think any less of me to know I was best known in high school as EO." She grinned.

"What does EO mean?" I wondered.

"Easy Oral. I made a lot of the boys happy. I was very popular. My girlfriends and I kept our boyfriends that way, without having the risk of getting preggers. Hugging, kissing, squeezing, fingering and then a happy ending." She giggled.

"Eli said he thought that was disgusting. How did you two get together?"

"He didn't like the happy ending, but he loved the blowjobs. I've watched him jerk off into a towel or underwear for 20 years. He has too many great qualities for me hold that against him."

"Fontana! That's too personal to talk about!" I said shocked that she made such an intimate comment.

"Casey, don't be such a prude. I knew Linn well enough to know you were a real hornball, especially when you drank. If you want to talk intimate, what do you call me sitting on your big hard dick?"

She had me flustered beyond the realm of my imagination. I wanted to throw her down on the floor and fuck the stars out of her, but this was my friend, besides being my friend's wife.

"Please Fontana, before this gets beyond where either of us can help what happens." I told her.

She twisted a bit on my dick, inciting me more and kissed me once again saying, "Let me tell you what's going to happen. You need to see what you're missing out there. Now I know you ogle my boobs and my ass all of the time, but my clothes aren't coming off and they won't be any screwing like that. HOWEVER, I plan on going to my knees, undoing your pants and letting that nice cock of yours free. Once I've stroked off the day's lint and whatever I'm going to give you a great big blowjob. Now before you protest, let me talk about baggage. I know you probably think of me as Eli's sexy little wife who might have been somewhat of a virgin on her wedding day, but nothing is further from the truth. (She twists and turns her ass over my cock a little more) On my prom night I gave my boyfriend a blowjob in the limo on the way there and I had cum-breath until he got me some punch. My girlfriend had a fight with her boyfriend at the After-Prom party. While some of the others tried to console her, I took him outside to talk sense to him, he was an old friend of mine. I gave him a blowjob behind the shed in the yard. He went in and made up with her right away and we all had a great night and day the next day at Six Flags. When my boyfriend brought me home my parents and family were at my cousins wedding, that I missed because of the Prom. He took my anal cherry in my own bed that day. You see I was not taking any chances on getting pregnant. So I am NOT the delicate little flower you may think I am." She said finishing with a big wet kiss before she slid to the floor.

She looked up at me and said "Please cooperate with me to show you what you're missing and give me my first taste of that cum juice I've had in over 20 years, and I DO miss it."

At this point I would have screwed a dog on national TV just to get my nut. Fontana was a sexy lady in the first place, but her dirty talk and wiggling on my cock with her beautiful ass had me leaving all of my scruples and morals way back in the dust.

I reached down to get the button on my pants and she slapped my hands away.

"You just sit and enjoy, the only thing I'll ask you to do is to lift your ass when I'm ready to let your shorts down. Believe me, you won't enjoy this any more than me because I can't wait to taste your cock and your cum and I think you won't have any problem enjoying your fucking little slutty neighbor giving you a blowjob. Tomorrow I'll be back to being your prim neighbor Fontana and there won't be a word said about this ... EVER!"

She undid my shorts and then the zipper, reaching over the waistband to pull out my cock and relieve the strain of my shorts against burgeoning she had caused. She lovingly stroked me, one hand after the other as if she were pulling off a condom over and over.

"If this is too exciting for you and you feel like cumming tell me, we'll slow down, unless you think you can go twice." She said with devilish grin.

I felt my lower lip quiver as I said, "Twice hasn't been a guarantee for a while, even though I think you could give me a triple."

"Ooooo, big words for a man who hasn't had it for almost 2 years, but I know you jerk off so I'll trust your instincts." She said as she pulled zipper the rest of the way down and parted the flaps and reached to my waist grabbing my shorts and boxer briefs in her little hands.

"Lift!" She commanded and I did.

My ass was at the edge of the chair and I suppose that was what she wanted as she spread my legs and blew a cooling breeze to the sides of my balls, now that they were free. She proceeded to rub her hands over my cock and my balls as if her hands would clean off the sweat and stray drops of pee that lay in men's undies at the end of a day.

I was watching her intently do her stroking and rubbing with her lips pursed blowing air on me to dry any sweat on my confined organs. She caught me looking at her work and smiled.

After a hesitation she looked up saying, "I love the smell of a man. I suppose lots of women like to get to a man's junk after a shower, but a penis shouldn't smell like soap, it should smell like a man, ... and it should taste like a man too."

She dropped her mouth over the head and swirled her tongue around the head and popped her face back up to me. "Mmm, nice tasting cock."

She brought her hand up to cradle my balls while her other hand held my cock and tapped it on her lips and cheeks, just about making me crazy. I rolled my eyes and she giggled, knowing she had me "by the balls" so to speak. She put the head to her lips and her mouth went over me as far as she could get it, her nose nuzzling my pubic bone while the action of her throat squeezed at the head. She came up and took a deep breath saying, "Now you can see I've done this a few times." Then she went right back to fucking me up and down with her mouth.

I was just enjoying her work when she came off saying, "I taste a little pre-cum so I'll slow down a bit and pay attention to the accessories and she held my cock against me and put one of my balls in her mouth.

My Linn was a great ball sucker often holding my sack with both nuts overflowing her fist and she would slowly bathe them with her tongue and Fontana began the same regime. My ohhhs and ahhs prompted her to look up. "We girls share our secrets you know, Linn and I discussed techniques and I love to suck balls too."

"Linn was my little slut, just like you are. You got it right." I whispered almost under my breath.

She looked up from her tonguing and smiled, "I love being a little slut, I only wish Eli would call me that sometimes too."

"Linn told me you fucked her in her ass sometimes too. I know a lot." She said dipping her head and sucking my balls more.

"How would YOU like to get it in YOUR ass Fontana you little slut, whore." I asked, quivering at the thought.

"No, that won't happen, Casey. It's tempting. Maybe someday if I get a real itch, but that will make us real cheaters. I have a secret dildo I use for that. I use that when Eli has to be out of town, like tonight. I keep it in the hat box my wedding veil is in." She said, not batting an eye at my request.

She went back to sucking my cock and I knew it wouldn't take long to make me spout soon.

"Maybe another night when he's away I could watch you fuck your ass with that and cum all over you, or in your mouth as you do it." I said, not believing my own words.

"Keep that thought, if it will make you cum any more. That sounds pretty kinky, but for now I'm going to fuck my mouth over your cock until you cum and I won't be stopping until you do." She said with a hungry little grin.

She did as she said, closing her eyes and devoting her mouth to the mission at hand, fucking my cock like a wet little pussy. I felt my balls tighten and everything that told me I was coming started to happen. I put my feet flat on the floor and the rush went through me as I spurt over her tongue several shots of watery pre-cum and blobs of the semen I usually saw washing down the shower drain, but this was much more. I hadn't done the deed for a few weeks and her teasing made it all that much more plentiful. The action of her mouth swallowing and seeming to try and get a better mouth-hold had me squeezing every drop from my balls a she hummed approval before drawing her head up to get a deep breath and run the back of her hand over her lips.

"Casey, you are a champion shooter. That was the biggest load I may have ever gotten from those high school and college boys." She said as she squeezed out a few more drops with her hand that she licked up immediately.

"That is SO FUCKING SEXY! Why Eli thinks it's so reprehensible is beyond me, but you got what he doesn't, and you got what you're missing out there. There's a lot of nice lady cocksuckers out there Casey who would trade that for a nice time eating her pussy and fucking her silly." She said scolding me before looking down at my cock again and running her mouth over it as if to get some last taste she may have missed.

"Ohh, Fontana, I'll eat you right now!" I almost shouted out.

"No, Casey I told you nothing else was going to happen tonight and once I step out the door, this never happened. To you, it was all just a wonderful dream. Go out and find a woman and get laid, find someone else to love you. You're a handsome man with a lot to offer and damn tasty cock to suck." She said as she stood and gathered her things. (Her carafe and bottle of Irish Mist)

She left me in my chair, my pants around one leg, my cock limp and tired between my legs, but my body supremely satisfied. I woke up about 90 minutes later in the same position actually wondering it is WAS a dream. I went upstairs and went to bed and slept until after 10:00 the next day, the latest I think I slept in 25 years.

I poured coffee and went out to greet the day in the sunshine on my deck. I brought my laptop to get the day's headlines and was slowly waking up.

Fontana's voice broke the silence of the morning, "Hey, Casey! Good morning! Eli called and his Mom passed last night." She was going through her bean patch and weeding her tomatoes.

"Oh, uh ... so sorry for your loss. When is the wake and funeral?" I asked nervously waiting to see if she would break our bond of silence on the previous night's actions.

"Well, since she was from Indiana and never really knew anyone in Georgia while she lived with us and she was unaware anyway, they've decided to have her cremated and shipped to Indiana. We'll all go back there in the Fall for a service and burial. We planned on going back there for a reunion of his family then anyway." She explained.

"How is Eli doing?" I wondered.

"He's fine. He hasn't really known her for years since the disease took hold, if you know what I mean. But, she WAS his mother. He'll be back tomorrow after he makes all the arrangements. It's just he and his sister, but his Mom had a large family, that's why the big reunion. This actually puts closure on a lot of the unfounded guilt he had in moving from Georgia after he brought her there to live with us. But we had to institutionalize her not long after we got there." She explained as she was bagging ripe beans.

"Be sure to send him my condolences and I'll send a mass card when they have the service and burial." I called out.

"Will do. I've got to get these beans in the house to blanch and freeze. They're coming faster than I can eat them now."

Just hearing her say "coming faster" and "eat" in the same sentence had me pudgy in my pants and I wondered how long any double entendre would affect me that way, hoping to avoid uncomfortable moments.

I mowed and raked, generally keeping busy the rest of the day, trying to avoid any contact with Fontana, but she always seemed to be in my sight line as she weeded, washed windows, and swept, all, I suppose, in an effort to keep herself busy while Eli was away. I had the hose out with a bucket to wash the car and she came over, almost sneaking up on me, calling my name, and startling me.

"WHAT! OH! It's you!" I said to her silent tap on my shoulder. (I guess she had been calling my name, but the sound of the water hitting the car drowned her out.)

"Easy Casey, it's just me. Look, I've got left over salads and a couple knockwursts left over from Saturdays little shindig. I'll grill and you bring the beers, how does that sound?" She asked, leaving me little else to do but consent to join her.

Right away I began to sweat, anticipating another tryst with her until I finally got a hold of myself and reasoned that we had done this before, cooked out, when Eli was away and was just neighborly and in no way a sexual come-on.

"Sure, what time is good?" I asked.

"Make it after 6:00, OK?" She said, quickly turning away and giving me a good look at her walk-away. (Just before I turned back to my car she glanced back to check if I had noticed.)

I really didn't give our little cook-out another thought the rest of the day as I caught up with car wash and chamois dry, yard work, and general puttering.

I showered and threw on a pair of Champion Athletic Shorts for general comfort and a Crew golf shirt and grabbed a sixer of Sam's Summer Ale and headed over to Fontana and Eli's house. She was already on the deck just starting the grill to warm. She brought out an ice chest for the beers and sat on the end of the picnic table waiting for the grill.

"I'm so glad Eli is taking all of this in stride. He's considered her gone for a long time; she hasn't known him, or anyone else in years. But to know she is physically gone is actually a relief and he even told me today that he wanted to mourn for her, but it was hard, since he accepted her as gone so long ago. He hadn't felt any guilt in leaving her there or not going to visit, but now he is doing something out of love and respect, arranging her funeral and burial. Doing it at the family reunion will give closure to all of them as well a fitting tribute. I was going to go with him, but he wanted the alone time in case he felt different once he got there. He and his sister haven't had time together in a while and this is good for him." She said as she had her own little moment thinking about our inevitability and how we can so coarsely trivialize our final moments when the body is alive, but the person is not.

I spontaneously went to her to give her a comforting hug and she embraced me and whispered a thank you for doing so. Holding her and smelling the scent of her that I had gotten from being close to her the night before made my junk jump and I wanted to hurry to sit down to hide it, sorry I had worn the type of shorts that wouldn't hold it in. But one thing became clear to me. It wasn't that I had a "crush" on her, or I was infatuated with her as Fontana, it was being close to a woman. Of course, when I looked at her ass I admired it, but I admired any nice round butt. I didn't feel any special closeness to her because she had given me an awesome blowjob the night before, because there was a part of me that felt "used" by her for her own gratification.

As I moved away from her I know the head of my "problem" hit her knee and I sat down as soon as possible. She wiped away her tear and gave me a little grin.

"Speaking from the other side of the curtain," She said putting both hands up in front of her face and them moving her head in between to loudly whisper, "Sorry if I woke a sleeping giant last night. You just needed that for a reminder."

I took her held up hands in mine, and pulled my face in between them to say, "Don't make like you made a sacrifice, you enjoyed being that whore again. Don't deny it."

She smiled sheepishly and nodded to me, dropping her hands as if speaking of it was OK.

"You're right to a point; I got off as hard as you. I fell asleep with my hands in my jammies."

"You didn't get out the hat box?" I wondered aloud.

"No, I was a little too anxious to get to an end." She said turning red with embarrassment.

Then there was a long pause where neither of us said anything, looking for the right words.

"Be sure of this, no regrets, well maybe only that I didn't get out the hat box, but there's always tonight for me." She said as I nodded uncomfortably.

She got down from the table and opened the grill and started putting the knockwursts and some onion slices on to grill.

"Keep a half an eye on those while I grab the tray with the salads and condiments from inside. Oh, and open another Sammie for me." She said with a little grin, knowing how easy the 1st one went down.

The grill was hot enough that the first turn after just a minute left nice grill marks on everything and it was apparent that they wouldn't take long. As I stood at the grill she came up behind me and picked up the beer I opened for her.

"You don't mind if I let them split, do you? They're pretty tightly packed and when you bite them hot they sort of spurt, otherwise." She asked.

I said no and opened my own second bottle and took the plates from her tray and set them out on the side part of the grill so she could load them when all was ready. As I sat behind her and she moved about the grill turning and moving things it became apparent that she was exaggerating her hip movements to wiggle her carriage for my benefit. She turned knowing she had my attention.

"Casey, I realized after I went in that what I said to you was unfair and provocative saying "there was always tonight for me", you know, with the hat box. I'll make a little proposition for you." She said turning back to give her attention to the grill before turning it off, there clearly being enough heat to finish cooking.

She turned back saying, "If you can promise that there will be no touching of any kind I might be able to give you a ring side seat to my performance. You can do as you like otherwise, as long as I get the happy ending."

"Once again, you're making me think you're doing this all for me, when you know the chance to be "that whore" is driving this car. If we were ever to be caught you want the option to say if was all for me. I won't let you use me that way." I told her.

"Casey, do you want to lose your chance to see this?"

"No, but I just want you to admit that it's not all for poor deprived me. You're getting off on this as much as I am."

Fontana began to turn away from me as if to get the food, but she quickly turned back.

"That IS true, but it really did start yesterday with me trying to show you what you were missing. I never intended to carry it that far. It was only that I knew from my little talks with Linn that you guys were as sexual as me. I used that information to take advantage of you for my own benefit, but I WAS thinking of you. It's not as selfish as you think."

"No," I insisted, "I know that, you really were thinking of me as it all began, but there was a point when your nostrils flared and you were looking for your own little delight. I don't doubt you as a solid friend for a second. I just don't want anyone to think that I instigated a thing, not that it makes any difference since it's only you and I who know."

"Don't worry about that. Eli would never ever suspect anything and to tell you the truth, once it all began the fact that it was you made little difference." She said hoping I might understand.

"Oh, I know and the hunger I had for you would have been with any woman who put themselves in that position." I agreed.

"But, don't think that I don't love you in a special way as a friend and confidant. You weren't just an "object" when it started." She said looking back over her shoulder at the food.

"OK, let's put the wall up and not expound on this anymore. I think we understand each other." I said as I held out the plates for her to fill with the knockwursts and grilled onion slices.

We sat and ate, filling our plates with the macaroni and Cole slaw salads to go with our grille and the 3rd beer we had opened. When she brought the dishes in she came back with 2 little shooters of Sambuca.

"Here's our dessert and after we're done you can go home and I'll call you later. When you come go in through the slider here, I'll leave it open. Remember, no funny stuff. I trust you and it's all my rules." She insisted as I nodded.

"Ummm, Fontana? I want you to tell me exactly WHAT is going to happen here with us later so that there is no mistake and you hear your own words. I value our friendship and that of your husband. I don't want either of us to assume a thing."

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